Information Technology Careers

Do you want a job in information technology? Then you’re going to need the best IT resume. But writing a resume for an I.T. job is not easy! It requires more than just the basic information on your previous job history, education, and skills.

In Information technology, resumes are different from most industries. Here are some IT resume tips that can help you write the best one yet! If you follow these, your resume will stand out in the crowd of thousands!

List of Information Technology Careers

Access Control Specialist
Application Administrator
Assistant IT Manager
Automotive Service Technician
Business Intelligence Consultant
CAD Engineer
CAD Operator
Call Center Agent
Call Center Representative
Call Centre Manager
CG Artist
Computer Hardware Engineer
Computer Instructor
Computer Repair Technician
Computer Specialist
Construction Estimator
Control Engineer
Controls Technician
Crystal Reports Developer
Data Engineer
Data Modeler
Data Specialist
Data Technician
Data Warehouse Consultant
Desktop Engineer
Director Of Technology
Disaster Recovery Specialist
Document Review Attorney
EDI Consultant
End User Support
Field Technician
Financial Systems Analyst
Freelance Computer Technician
Freelance IT
Functional Consultant
GIS Manager
Help Desk Analyst
Help Desk Manager
Help Desk Support Specialist
Information Officer
Information Security Analyst
Information Security Officer
Information Technology Assistant
Information Technology Consultant
Information Technology Director
Information Technology Project Manager
Information Technology Technician
Integration Specialist
Internet Manager
IT Administrator
IT Admin
IT Analyst
IT Auditor
IT Business Consultant
IT Contractor
IT Coordinator
IT Delivery Manager
IT Desktop Support
IT Executive
IT Help Desk Technician
IT Instructor
IT Intern
IT Professional
IT Project Leader
IT Project Manager
IT Security Manager
IT Support Specialist
IT Supervisor
IT Support Analyst
IT Support
IT Systems Administrator
IT Trainer
Junior Project Manager
Information Systems Manager
Market Data Analyst
Microsoft Exchange Administrator
MIS Manager
Mobile Architect
Net Architect
.Net Developer
Network Manager
Network Operations Manager
Network Project Manager
Network Security Administrator
Network Security Analyst
Network Security Engineer
Network Specialist
Network Support Engineer
Network Support Technician
Network Systems Administrator
Oracle Apps Dba
Peoplesoft Dba
Project Manager Consultant
Salesforce Administrator
SAP FICO Consultant
SAP Manager
SAP Security Consultant
SAP Trainer
Search Engine Evaluator
Senior Java Developer
Senior Linux Administrator
Senior System Administrator
Senior Systems Engineer
Server Admin
Service Desk Manager
Service Desk Technician
SharePoint Architect
Signal Support Systems Specialist
Software Engineer
Solution Architect
System Administrator
System Analyst
Systems Engineer
Systems Manager
Systems Support Analyst
System Support Analyst
System Support Specialist
Tech Analyst
Tech Lead
Technical Business Analyst
Technical Program Manager
Technical Recruiter
Technical Services Manager
Technical Specialist
Technical Support Agent
Technical Support Engineer
Technical Support Executive
Technical Support Specialist
Technical Support Supervisor
Technical Team Lead
Technology Assistant
Technology Director
Technology Project Manager
Telecommunications Engineer
Telecommunications Specialist
Test Analyst
Test Automation Engineer
Test Engineer
UNIX Administrator
UNIX System Administrator
User Interface Designer
VMware System Administrator
VP of Information Technology
WebLogic Administrator
Web Search Evaluator
Windows Administrator
Windows System Administrator

Tips To Make Your Information Technology Careers Resume

A website that offers resume samples for your industry is a bliss. Imagine how much time you could save if you didn’t have to hunt endlessly through job sites or conduct hours of exhausting research, searching for the perfect template? You can find the perfect resume sample in less than a minute.

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#1 Customize Your Resume For the Specific Job Post

When you are applying for a job, it is important to use keywords from the job posting in your resume. Not only will this make your application stand out from the competition, but it will help ensure that you are considered for the position.

# 2 Put Most Relevant Information At the Top

The quality of your resume is a huge factor in landing a job. To make it as simple as possible, you should focus on the most relevant information and put the most important information first. This saves hiring managers time allowing them to review more resumes. After scanning your resume, a hiring manager will make a judgment call based on what they see in the first few seconds of scrolling.

#3 Proofread Your Resume

When you are ready to submit your resume for a job, it is important that you have gone through your document with a fine-tooth comb. Nearly everyone who is looking to find a new job will look at the spelling and grammar of your document before reading anything else. If they see mistakes, then it’s just assumed that the rest of the document will also be filled with errors. Even one small mistake can ruin your chances of getting an interview.

#4 Use a Reverse Chronological Order

Reverse chronological order is a method of organizing one’s resume where the most recent work experience is listed first, followed by the next most recent, and so on. This format generally works because it starts with the reader’s current knowledge about you and then slowly uncovers more information. Reverse chronological order is important for people who are just entering the workforce or have gaps in their employment.

#5 Keep Your Resume Short

A lengthy resume is, at best, a waste of time. At worst, it can make you look less qualified for the job. A lot of people assume that the more content you have on your resume, the better it looks to potential employers. However, long resumes are mostly among the first things an employer will discard when looking for someone to hire.

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