IT Administrator Resume Sample

An IT Administrator oversees and maintains all aspects of a company’s computer infrastructure. Their duties are maintaining computer systems, completing installs and upgrades, managing network security, overseeing data storage and retrieval systems, and managing new hardware and software.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best IT Administrator Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real IT Administrator resumes for your reference.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 1

  • Managed and maintained servers as well as network systems such as e-mail, database, and office automation equipment.
  • Utilized network system to track and schedule travel for employees by anticipating roadblocks due to traffic and weather.
  • Maintained “bounce backs” of voice mail messages so that voicemails could be retrieved and monitored throughout the day without having to call the same number over and over again.
  • Created a Website for clients to contact them by electronic mail; designed it so that it would be updated at least weekly with updated information about available jobs.
  • Created a Customer Service training program for colleagues that included best practices in customer service and e-mail etiquette.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 2

  • Performed special projects on a weekly basis; managed end-user requests and implemented solutions that met business needs.
  • Researched and implemented new technologies that allowed the company to reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • Consistently provided valuable technical analysis and product support to the company and was recognized by team members for outstanding technical skills.
  • Adhered to all company policies; completed company-approved computer training, annual assessments, and certifications on time.
  • Received quality award; effectively worked with contractors to ensure compliance with contract specifications.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 3

  • Managed multiple projects that required strategic planning, resource coordination, and computer support.
  • Managed all hardware, software, web design, user support, and training for the IT department. Additionally, worked with customer services to ensure they received the resources they needed.
  • Awarded for outstanding performance with high customer satisfaction ratings, fast response rate, and minimal errors.
  • Gathered data to determine the cause of server outage; escalated issue to NOC for support.
  • Developed virtualization strategy using Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 that enabled IT department to be more efficient and responsive. Consequently, saved the company nearly $100,000 in hardware refreshment costs alone.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 4

  • Streamlined internal operations within a large company by training staff in the following areas:
  • Increased office productivity; provided office employees with the technology and resources needed to accomplish their jobs.
  • Facilitated job searches for hourly workers; matched workers’ talents to available positions.
  • Created and implemented an employee evaluation system; streamlined HR processes, such as benefits and payroll.
  • Met with and received input from the president; addressed the company’s strategic issues and helped develop a larger HR strategy.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 5

  • Recruited over 100 employees to the group; hired additional staff in various positions; enacted employee diversity policies; brought in new products and extended service contracts into the organization.
  • Implementation of group benefits plan; negotiated benefits coverage with insurance carriers; expanded access to comprehensive medical insurance to employees in development phase.
  • Negotiated and directed the process of outsourcing the group’s computer hardware and software to a consultant; directed contingency planning for unforeseen unknowns; negotiated budgetary constraints.
  • Identified an increase in employee headcount; directed hiring procedures and allocation of resources.
  • Negotiated human resources policies including pay scale, recruitment procedures, and liability coverage.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 6

  • Participated in the creation of an intranet for the marketing department; recognized by the Assistant Vice President for outstanding performance.
  • Created a synchronization program to provide web server load balancing; process received the award for outstanding performance.
  • Demonstrated outstanding performance in creating software test plans; tested seven applications to ensure high quality; awarded three-year contract with the company.
  • Developed technical specifications for all new software installation, including hardware and software designations, file locations, and default file names.
  • Aided in reduction of office space cost through implementation of client-server database application; recognized by management for exceeding expectations regarding data analysis and understanding client needs.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 7

  • Developed reusable scripts for building Web sites including the automated generation of Web pages.
  • Implemented a Windows workstation deployment program utilizing Bootable USB flash drives, enabling the replacement of traditional CD-ROM deployments.
  • Improved Internet bandwidth on company intranet by implementing custom Apache install.
  • Increased on-time project delivery by over 50% through process improvements on SQL server installs.
  • Trained staff on use and operations of installed software and hardware products and created technical reference material.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 8

  • Received appreciation award for exceeding monthly goals in the completion of software development tasks.
  • Identified the root cause of a system failure and designed an effective solution to prevent future occurrences. Trained technical support staff on server maintenance procedures.
  • Promoted to senior-level team member due to exceptional performance in support of company-wide email migration project.
  • Recommended enhancements that resulted in increased efficiency in access, utility, and backup of customer data.
  • Trained fellow team members on new computer hardware, applications, and operating system upgrade.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 9

  • Maintained system/server documentation; deployed new programs and enhancements according to approved schedules.
  • Maintained networks; provided technical support for data entry, printer services, security, external network connectivity, application server, remote access services, etc.
  • Diagnosed hardware/software problems; implemented new technologies using corporate standards.
  • Effectively responded to customer questions regarding problems with hardware/software/network issues.
  • Achieved award for outstanding quality management practices on an annual basis for three consecutive years by the company’s senior leadership team.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 10

  • Accelerated system response time by optimizing the hard disk space.
  • Reconfigured PC port for faster data transfer rates.
  • Upgraded documentation process, improving workflow efficiency resulting in improved operational performance.
  • Tested server performance after upgrading to new software system; performed necessary hardware upgrades to ensure the database met critical processing demands while minimizing downtime.
  • Received customer appreciation award for outstanding technical support.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 11

  • Installed, configured, and managed all systems including mainframes, remote terminals, extranets, intranets. Implemented network security measures.
  • Rooted out security issues to ensure the proper functioning of systems.
  • Completed projects on time and to budget.
  • Processed equipment requests for entry into the facility.
  • Received outstanding quality award for outstanding performance of projects from clients and peers alike.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 12

  • Determined the operating environment/systems required for web application development while providing support for other departments.
  • Proactively communicated risk assessment results to management during a network security assessment.
  • Received recognition from management for developing a strategy to add value to an existing product while minimizing risk to the company during a pivot from one market segment toward another.
  • Achieved goal of increasing productivity by five percent while minimizing downtime and enhancing internal processes.
  • Developed a practical business solution that was adopted by other departments after presenting it at a departmental meeting.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 13

  • Practiced effective supervisory techniques as a senior administrator to keep pace with the demands of the department.
  • Maintained the application system and made improvements, which reduced uncollectible accounts by $200,000.
  • As a leading administrator for upgrades and maintenance, reduced downtime dramatically.
  • Managed many different areas of technology to support an organization’s needs.
  • Designed web content, working on IT programs that generated savings of approximately $500,000 annually in salary expense across 3 locations.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 14

  • Administered web-based accounting software for a private company. Identified errors and omissions swiftly.
  • Provided accurate end-user equipment support for all business applications. Implemented software interface upgrades to minimize downtime.
  • Administered a multi-site network using Cisco hardware running multi-vendor operating systems. Administered domain controllers, file servers, and a network load balancer
  • Administered the company’s paging system, ensuring effective communication between employees and contractors in the field covering a 250 square mile footprint. Established relationships with vendors to ensure that customer service levels were maintained despite growth in the number of employees and contracts.
  • Administered the company’s IT department, ensuring that all systems are secure, with sufficient access, and that customer service levels are maintained.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 15

  • Awarded IT Administrator’s Certificate for completing IT training course to implement new technology.
  • Designed, planned, and implemented three new programs to handle increasing workload.
  • Reduced average time spent on accounts payable processing by ten percent; brought accounts payable department within budget by reducing overtime.
  • Trained staff on new payroll software; increased speed of payroll processing by 15 percent.
  • Awarded the Customer Service Excellence Award for innovative performance.

IT Administrator Resume Sample 16

  • Addressed and resolved user complaints and issues; determined the cause of problems and provided technical assistance for training purposes.
  • Assisted in resolving computer hardware, software, and network problems; helped to maintain high standards for performance among users.
  • Presented demonstration of new technology products; developed product-specific training programs.
  • Earned Outstanding Achievement Award based on exceptional handling of time-sensitive projects; identified opportunities to streamline operations.
  • Received recognition for outstanding contributions to the company’s success; developed benchmark metrics for measuring performance standards.

Wrap Up

To work as an IT Administrator, you need a bachelor’s degree in information technology or a similar field. An IT Administrator must be able to assess existing network services, upgrade hardware and software, install security manage data backup, implement security systems, possess strong communication skills, organizational and problem-solving skills, familiarity with project management, manage teams, and apply analytical skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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