Maintenance & Repair Careers

A good resume is key to getting a job that you want. And when applying for jobs in particular fields, you need to know how to highlight relevant experience and skills on your resume.

For those who are looking for a resume tip or two for maintenance and repair careers, I did some research and found the top tips. Check it out!

List of Maintenance & Repair Careers

Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor
Aircraft Technician
Apartment Maintenance Supervisor
Apartment Maintenance Technician
Appliance Installer
Apprentice Electrician
Apprentice Lineman
Apprentice Mechanic
Audio Visual Technician
Audio Visual Tech
Auto Service Advisor
Aviation Maintenance Technician
Banquet Houseman
Building Maintenance Technician
Cabinet Builder
Cell Site Technician
Certified Welding Inspector
Commercial Electrician
Computer Hardware Technician
Computer Support Technician
Concrete Pump Operator
Control Room Operator
Crane Mechanic
Crane Operator
Custodial Manager
Desktop Support Technician
Desktop Technician
Duct Installer
Electrical Maintenance Engineer
Electrical Maintenance Supervisor
Electrical Maintenance Technician
Electrical Technician
Entry Level Mechanic
Environmental Services Manager
Equipment Specialist
Equipment Technician
Facilities Maintenance Manager
Facility Director
Fleet Maintenance Manager
Floor Technician
Forestry Technician
Garbage Man
Generator Mechanic
Heavy Duty Mechanic
Highway Maintenance Worker
HVAC Technician
Hydraulic Mechanic
Hydraulic Technician
Independent Adjuster
Installation Manager
Instrumentation Technician
Irrigation Technician
Journeyman Electrician
Journeyman Welder
Laboratory Technician
Lab Tech
Laptop Technician
Lawn Care Specialist
Journeyman Lineman
Low Voltage Electrician
Low Voltage Technician
Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Man
Maintenance Worker
Marine Electrician
Marine Surveyor
Marine Technician
Master Electrician
Mechanical Maintenance Technician
Mechanical Technician
Motorcycle Mechanic
Operations Technician
Outside Machinist
Parts Specialist
PC Support Technician
PC Technician
Pipeline Operator
Plant Technician
Plumber Helper
Commercial Plumber
Premise Technician
Printing Machine Operator
Refrigeration Technician
Rig Electrician
Rig Mechanic
Telephone Surveyor
Truck Mechanic
Union Carpenter
Utility Worker
Window Cleaner
Yard Worker

Tips To Make Your Maintenance & Repair Careers Resume

If you’re looking for inspiration to help you put together your resume, take a look at some real-life samples on our website. We have resumes available in many different industries and we can showcase resumes that will inspire and guide you as you create your own.

#1 Customize Your Resume For the Specific Job Post

Customizing your resume can give you a competitive edge for any job posting. It is important to use keywords from the job posting you are applying for in order to demonstrate that you fit the profile of the job. The usage of appropriate keywords will demonstrate that you have relevant skills and experience needed for the position.

# 2 Put Most Relevant Information At the Top

According to a recent study, people spend less time on resumes if they are being shown the most relevant information first. It is important to put the most important information in your resume first so that it stands out and is not overlooked. One should put the most relevant information in their resume first so that they can get noticed for what is most important to them by employers.

#3 Proofread Your Resume

Many people neglect to proofread and edit their resume before submitting it for a job. However, this is a mistake on their part. A recent study found that 62% of people included at least one typo in their resume. When a recruiter searches through a large pool of applicants, they’ll obviously pick the candidate with no mistakes first.

#4 Use a Reverse Chronological Order

If you are a job seeker, having a clear and concise resume is a must. Among the many ways to organize your resume, it is important to use reverse chronological order. This will help employers get a clear understanding of your work history and how it has progressed throughout the years. In reverse chronological order, it is easy for employers to identify what you have been doing most recently and what you did in the past.

#5 Keep Your Resume Short

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, it is important to maintain a professional presentation in order to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is by keeping your resume to one page, maximum two pages. A resume that is too long can show a lack of focus and a lack of understanding about the essentials of a good resume.

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