Equipment Technician Resume Sample

Equipment technicians are responsible for ensuring that equipment in an organization are working perfectly. Their duties include performing regular inspections to ensure equipment is working effectively, maintaining inventory, analyzing causes of equipment failure, adhering to safety regulations, installing equipment and developing preventive maintenance measures.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Equipment Technician Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Equipment Technician resumes for your reference.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 1

  • Trained in the maintenance, repair and installation of all equipment; accurately completed troubleshooting and created detailed reports for each job.
  • Received award for excellent performance. Repaired complex computer system at one of the most prominent companies in the area!
  • Received an appreciation award for meeting customer satisfaction guidelines based on customer survey ratings from customers who had purchased computers from me.
  • Achieved award for meeting customer satisfaction guidelines based on customer survey ratings from customers who had purchased computers from me.
  • Repaired both mechanical and electronic systems, successfully diagnosing and repairing air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 2

  • Used MS Office Suite applications to create and update charts, graphs, and forms; handled customer problems and inquiries.
  • Handled equipment inventory spreadsheet to maintain accurate records of purchase, sale, and inspection of equipment.
  • Received appreciation for outstanding quality awards from customers who had applied for a service agreement; worked with team in repairing equipment for customers; responded to emergency calls for next business day service.
  • Achieved award for outstanding performance as supervisor in areas of mechanical work; maintained proper safety record (zero accidents).
  • Achieved award for receiving outstanding quality award; effectively caught inventory discrepancies and filed approved expense reports.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 3

  • Researched, selected, and implemented new technologies to improve equipment efficiency.
  • Upgraded machinery by conducting on-site inspections and consulting with vendors.
  • Mentored others; monitored training procedures; trained new recruits on all areas of expertise.
  • Supervised a team of highly skilled mechanics in the daily operation of an emergency maintenance service.
  • Trained newly hired supervisors to handle all emergencies on their own during my absence from the shop; relieved stress from the Teams’ Manager by handling all customer complaints.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 4

  • Streamlined equipment maintenance processes; recognized for saving the organization time & money.
  • Restored equipment to working order in less than four (4) hours by making only two (2) trips to market; decreased average response times.
  • Departed from regular duties while on-call to address a safety concern; received commendation from the Client’s VP of Operations and the Safety Commission.
  • Achieved a zero downtime record throughout 2005, maintaining equipment status at 100 percent through preventive maintenance & repair efforts.
  • Facilitated timely service call resolution; received commendation by Client’s Regional VP of Operations and Safety Commission.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 5

  • Assisted contractors in removing and replacing equipment that had been damaged during the course of its use. Provided estimates for future maintenance needs, and repaired equipment as needed.
  • Established a customer service-oriented approach that resulted in solid customer relations, timely repairs, and excellent quality.
  • Received excellent quality award; a technician/foreman who established a positive reputation for quality in the industry.
  • Recognized as an instrumental member of the staff who consistently provided exceptional customer service in maintaining values and work ethic during his employment at XYZ Company.
  • Handled complaints in a timely manner, and effectively resolved customer dispute with supervisor.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 6

  • Dealt with repair issues as they arose; resolved customer concerns in a timely manner.
  • Maintained department’s inventory of parts and supplies. Assisted in ordering and tracking inventory levels.
  • Received award for exceeding the call-in response time goal of less than 15 minutes during a three-month period.
  • Achieved award for maintaining an accuracy rate of over 95% during the month of May; ensured only accurate bills were submitted to customers for payment.
  • Increased overall customer satisfaction rating by addressing every repair issue within 24 hours; recognized as a Call of the Month winner in June 2009, July 2009, and September 2009.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 7

  • Performed preventive maintenance on equipment used to maintain property grounds; efficiently conducted equipment inspections and organized work orders.
  • Obtained (150) ENERGY STAR® ratings from various buildings and industrial sites for superior energy efficiency.
  • Recognized for achieving highest performance rating of any equipment technician at (company).
  • Received competitive pay increase for exceeding customer satisfaction standards.
  • Achieved award for outstanding customer service by regularly addressing client needs and concerns directly and promptly following protocols.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 8

  • Performed preventive maintenance checks that resulted in decreased equipment downtime.
  • Achieved award for outstanding quality of service by the City of Columbus, Ohio.
  • Received recognition as a hubbing repair team member.
  • Improved production by increasing focus on cleaning up old and damaged parts; discovered decreased levels of detergent usage by re-engineering the process to include more frequent washing steps.
  • Developed innovative techniques to improve efficiencies; improved job performance and established strong relationships with customers and vendors.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 9

  • Proved reliable in addressing the needs of students and staff by maintaining state-of-the-art audio, video, and computer equipment.
  • Trained less experienced employees on the effective use of new instructional technologies.
  • Purchased new Japanese video projectors; received commendation from the principal for increasing instructional technology.
  • Awarded as Employee of the Year for professional ability, dependability, and dedication to quality technical support for classrooms and staff.
  • Recognized by Education Journal for performing above standards related to customer satisfaction; implemented quality assurance measures that resulted in attaining an award from a major technology company.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 10

  • Received “Best Service Award” for availability and reliability; effectively developed relationships with customers.
  • Achieved “Highly Commended” status in annual inspections; recognized by Maintenance Supervisor as a top performer.
  • Received compliment from Flight Operations Manager; developed a career goal of becoming a quality controls technician.
  • An exemplary work ethic on the job was apparent; received recognition from Maintenance Supervisor as well as Management through attendance at Training, conferences, seminars and meetings.
  • Achieved award for outstanding performance in all areas of the job performance during annual inspection; trained others to perform tasks.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 11

  • Conducted routine inspections of diesel engines; identified significant defects that needed immediate repairs by qualified and trained personnel.
  • Assessed and repaired sever old motors; oversaw the remanufacturing process by completing the necessary paperwork and having all required parts onsite.
  • Conducted preventative maintenance check-ups on equipment, vehicles and machinery. Took initiative to monitor security at company facility, ensuring safety of employees and nearby neighborhood.
  • Achieved award for superior sales performance in a job that required completion of sales reports.
  • Received outstanding sales award; participated in monthly marketing meetings for new products, increasing market share for business owner’s product line.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 12

  • Assisted in the training of employees on the proper servicing of equipment; contributed to the organization’s 95% customer satisfaction rating for service.
  • Consistently completed jobs in a timely manner; awarded savings of $45,000 by discovering improper labeling on a machine that was removed from service and returned to routing.
  • Implemented procedures that improved efficiency and raised morale; recognized by management for excellent cost control.
  • Trained new employee effectively and quickly resulting in completion of projects ahead of schedule; led to an increase in levels of equipment breakdowns resolved without service callbacks.
  • Received outstanding quality award for excellence in adherence to company standards and customer guidelines; effectively demonstrated professionalism and leadership to employees.

Equipment Technician Resume Sample 13

  • Established and maintained effective working relationships with customers.
  • Created additions to service plans that provided equipment repairs and preventative maintenance.
  • Developed a written procedure for routine, preventative maintenance on branch vans.
  • Served as the primary point of contact in branch cases by advising customers; submitting preventive maintenance requests to company vehicle managers.
  • Expressed satisfaction with performance according to customer surveys as indicated by the high quality rating received; recognized by the Regional Manager for outstanding performance.

Wrap Up

To work as an equipment technician, you require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or its equivalent. Equipment technicians must demonstrate problem-solving skills, time management skills, organizational skills, physical stamina, creativity, communication skills and customer relations skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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