Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample

A low voltage electrician maintains and repair low voltage systems in residential and communal environments. A low voltage electrician’s responsibilities include understanding blueprints, abiding by building codes, diagnosing low voltage electrical issues, installing low voltage systems, collaborating with other electricians, and ensuring safety at all times.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Low Voltage Electrician Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Low Voltage Electrician resumes for your reference.

Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample 1

  • Successfully completed and documented required documentation of all workmanship.
  • Identified and corrected faulty wiring and related equipment issues that caused a major motor to cease functioning.
  • Wrote specialized procedures for the maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of telecommunications equipment; reviewed procedures with department supervisors on weekly basis.
  • Redesigned new data cabling layout plan as requested by the Telecommunications Manager after he approved my new design as best fit for space availability and improvement in signal quality.
  • Recommended changes to our repair processes resulting in an increase of customer satisfaction via an improved first call resolution rate; recognized by district managers as outstanding contribution to company’s philosophy and mission statement.

Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample 2

  • Regulated voltage to required level and restored service after power failure.
  • Installed lighting; repaired faulty terminals, wiring, and switches; installed new rooves and repaired rooves using copper piping.
  • Repaired ground faults in office building kitchen area; developed permanent corrective actions by tightening loose bolts on panel boxes.
  • Trained fellow workers on the construction of pre-engineered metal building structures to meet blueprints specifications, reviewed engineering calculations and met with suppliers for layout and materials.
  • Completed project within time frame and under budget by developing a team approach that integrated all trades involved including the client’s desires where applicable. Developed informal communication between client and contractor as it related to the final project.

Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample 3

  • Performed all electrical work in residential, commercial and industrial settings; including panel upgrades, service changes, lighting systems, installation of equipment for tenants.
  • Accomplished 100% Inspection on all materials to complete Completion Bond Projects within schedule; received appreciation letter from Project Manager.
  • Solved challenging problems involving the use of .NET programming language to develop web-based Electronic Display Sign software that allowed customers to input different date ranges for easy visibility of daily data.
  • Provided mentoring assistance to apprentice electricians as part of a certification course resulting in a perfect score for their proficiency exam.
  • Expertly installed fire alarms communicating complex issues with clarity and technical accuracy while receiving praise for outstanding work ethics and abilities.

Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample 4

  • Responded to multiple emergency service calls following severe storm damage, restrung aerial lines and installed replacement transformers.
  • Installed audio video equipment in residence of executive, including remote control lighting system and security cameras.
  • Completed all tasks assigned from head electrician on time or before due date; received positive feedback from company president.
  • Planned a three phase installation requiring a two month lead time to coordinate with third party utility provider.
  • Ensured zero power outages during severe summer storms by proactive monitoring of incoming voltage levels and making timely repairs prior to demand surge.

Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample 5

  • Maintained customer satisfaction ratings at 98%; honored by the executive staff for dedication to duty.
  • Evaluated damaged low voltage power lines, informed management of necessary repairs, and provided information to all parties involved.
  • Resolved electrical issues in a timely manner throughout assigned properties according to local, state, and federal guidelines.
  • Performed effective work during emergency conditions while maintaining safety precautions; recognized by the Chief Electrician for outstanding job performance.
  • Identified opportunities for improvement in operating procedures impacting efficiency within an established schedule following annual budget cuts.

Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample 6

  • Installed and relocated new telephone systems, intercoms, digital keyless security system, paging systems, fire alarms, data cabling, fiber optic cabling.
  • Repaired burned-out ceiling light fixtures; repaired electric garage doors.
  • Grew company profits by 30% after demonstrating effective project management abilities to streamline business process flow.
  • Plugged in outlet for co-worker whose computer shut down during mid-day slump resulting in increased productivity for the rest of the day.
  • Discovered faulty wiring that resulted in an electrical fire after identifying issue within the last 8 months of working on a home remodel.

Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample 7

  • Repaired and installed a variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional low-voltage lighting systems.
  • Modified low-voltage control circuits for energy management systems.
  • Troubleshoote(d) damaged wiring for emergency egress lighting to ensure fire alarm system’s safety compliance.
  • Installed a new security communications system inside a correctional facility under the direct supervision of senior staff.
  • Assembled and tested emergency generator equipment then programmed/installed the automatic transfer switch system into emergency power generators.

Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample 8

  • Installed lighting, sound, video equipment and performed minor repairs to technical functions at Center Stage with guidance from Lead Electrician.
  • Identified malfunctioning electrical components in the auditorium by following a schematic diagram during a scheduled performance; recommended rewiring to maintain safety standards.
  • Operated specialized equipment during rigging load-ins and outs of sets for off-Broadway productions while assigned to a team of 3 electricians.
  • Improved efficiency of all heating, ventilation, AC units on stage including portable AC units which can reach 105 degrees Fahrenheit by adding an auxiliary fan inside the unit intake ducts.
  • Rebuilt damaged fly system consisting of 2 motorized winches and 9 lines that transport equipment to the fly floor in under 45 minutes while maintaining safety standards.

Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample 9

  • Constructed light fixtures, completed work on time and under budget.
  • Successfully executed all wiring connections in accordance with local codes for new construction.
  • Prepared documentation required by state for permit requests related to the installation of fire sprinkler systems.
  • Installed foundation lighting in historic homes; conducted temporary rewiring when necessary.
  • Placed in top 10% in company-wide sales contest in 2003; recognized by Regional Vice President for exceeding goals and expectations during difficult economic times.

Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample 10

  • Diagnosed and repaired telecommunications equipment to resolve customer complaints such as low voice quality, distorted sound, hums and buzzes, interference near high-current electrical equipment.
  • Detected and resolved cable television problems by testing cables for continuity, detecting faulty connections by using cable tester, and rerouting or replacing cables as needed.
  • Identified and provided solutions for technical issues on display monitors of computers by performing diagnostic tests on internal circuitry; served as first line support technician providing timely resolutions before escalating to third party vendors.
  • Locating faulty circuits by tracing power lines using test meters; repairing damaged wiring within walls using pin connectors; removing old mounted equipment such as keypads from walls or ceilings.
  • Installed new phone wiring, configured voice mail system, and reconfigured telephone systems for different locations within the company.

Low Voltage Electrician Resume Sample 11

  • Improved physical plant electrical system by co-coordinating “Task Force” plan with building reprographics, drafting room, MTS/EMS, and main conference room.
  • Completed project in less than two weeks; recognized for superior performance by hiring manager.
  • Installed a new digital phone system within tight time constraints to ensure security of the infrastructure during a transition period.
  • Resolved several major issues involving coordination between power, cable TV, telephone wiring and other physical components of the installation.
  • Successfully supervised crew responsible for rerouting telecommunications equipment while simultaneously repairing wire theft damage within five days.

Wrap Up

To become a low voltage electrician, a high school diploma or GED is required. Some companies require licensure. A low voltage electrician must be an expert with electricity, must be detail-oriented, must be safe at all times, must have excellent interpersonal skills, must be able to manage projects, must be a problem-solver, and have a knowledge of color codes.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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