Advertising, Marketing & PR Careers

Are you a public relations, marketing, or advertising professional looking for a job in the new year? Or maybe an experienced PR pro looking for a career change into digital marketing? Either way, resume tips are important to have handy. I did some research and found resume tips from industry experts who know what hiring managers look for when reviewing resumes.

List of Advertising, Marketing & PR Careers

Account Coordinator
Account Planner
Advertising Account Manager
Advertising Assistant
Advertising Copywriter
Assistant Media Buyer
Associate Brand Manager
Branch Sales Manager
Brand Manager
Car Sales Associate
Channel Marketing Manager
Chief Marketing Officer
Client Relations Manager
Commercial Relationship Manager
Communications Officer
Communication Specialist
Community Manager
Community Organizer
Conference Coordinator
Conference Planner
Creative Services Manager
Digital Content Manager
Digital Marketing Consultant
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Strategist
Email Marketing Manager
Email Marketing Specialist
Event Operations Manager
Event Production Manager
Events Coordinator
Field Marketing Representative
Food Blogger
Freelance Marketing Consultant
Independent Marketing Consultant
International Marketing Manager
Internet Marketer
Internet Marketing Consultant
Internet Marketing Manager
Junior Product Manager
Lead Generator
Marketing Analyst
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Communications Specialist
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Executive
Marketing Product Manager
Marketing Project Manager
Marketing Representative
Marketing Research Analyst
Marketing Researcher
Marketing Specialist
Marketing Strategist
Marketing Supervisor
Media Director
Mystery Shopper
PPC Manager
PR Account Executive
PR Assistant
PR Specialist
Public Relations Director
Public Relations Intern
Retail Marketing Manager
Sales & Marketing Manager
SEO Manager
Social Media Analyst
Social Media Consultant
Social Media Intern
Social Media Marketing Specialist
Special Events Coordinator
Technical Marketing Engineer
Tour Director
Trade Show Coordinator
VP Of Marketing
VP of Sales and Marketing

Tips To Make Your Advertising, Marketing & PR Careers Resume

We know how daunting it can be to make a resume. Our professional resume templates and samples will show you what a great resume should look like for your industry, save you time and help you create a flawless resume. One of our templates may be perfect for you.

#1 Customize Your Resume For the Specific Job Post

Most jobs that require a resume want you to customize your resume with keyword phrases from the job posting. This will make it much easier for the individual reviewing your resume to quickly skim and find relevant information. It also ensures that they’ll be more likely to give you a chance to speak with them after reading your resume because you are more qualified than other applicants.

# 2 Put Most Relevant Information At the Top

When you create your resume, it is important to prioritize your most relevant skills and experiences. When you are applying for jobs, it is always best to put your most relevant skills and experiences first because employers look for candidates who have the skills required to perform the job successfully. This will help you stand out from other candidates because your resume will be tailored more specifically to the position advertised.

#3 Proofread Your Resume

When one is submitting a resume for a job, they should spend the time to edit and proofread their resume. The person should make sure all of their information is accurate and well-written, as this is one of the most crucial aspects of it. A person should also be aware that many times, resumes are screened by search engines or scanning software, so doing everything possible to ensure accuracy before submitting will help them succeed in getting an interview.

#4 Use a Reverse Chronological Order

When composing a resume, it is important to present your work experience in reverse chronological order. This provides the reader with an overview of your recent achievements, work history, and education at first. It also helps you stay organized during the writing process since you know that your most recent experience will go first.

#5 Keep Your Resume Short

A resume is a concise document, designed to highlight one’s skills and experience. With the average employer reading 5-7 resumes per day, you want to make sure yours stands out among the rest. You should keep your resume to one page, maximum two pages. Keeping your CV well organized, accurate, and precise will help you grab attention of your employer to your most important achievements and skills.

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