Event Operations Manager Resume Sample

An event operations manager coordinates the logistics of an event at a venue. An event operations manager’s job duties are approving client event proposals, procure sources of material required for an event, acting as a liaison between the venue and the vendors, applying for licenses and permits as necessary, ensuring the event is successful, and supervise employees working for the event.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Event Operations Manager Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Event Operations Manager resumes for your reference.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 1

  • Provided on-time support, resulting in zero customer complaints.
  • Expedited customer quotes and custom artwork requests, which resulted in the vendor providing additional design services for an opportunity to grow our client’s business, for at no additional charge.
  • Increased sales closing by 75%.
  • Achieved a new account sale with an increase of over 300% from the previous year.
  • Produced a complete departmental reorganization and became instrumental in increasing the department’s sales amount by 50%.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 2

  • Accounted for the event’s budget line items, ensuring that the event was not over budget.
  • Managed and assisted in operational tasks concerning cash flow including payroll, vendor payments, credit card receipts and even helping to tally the tickets.
  • Maintained a comprehensive database of contacts for the event including vendors and sponsors.
  • Collected detailed reports on expenses for events, allowing managers to see how their efforts as well as those of other departments helped achieve success from an attendance and financial perspective.
  • Tracked expenses to ensure that the event budget was not exceeded.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 3

  • Effectively communicated with clients to determine marketing goals and objectives, and created an action plan to meet those objectives.
  • Developed a comprehensive promotional strategy that included events, social media campaigns, as well as placement.
  • Exceeded sales transaction goals for multiple business-to-business accounts by exceeding call center metrics.
  • Successfully created a single platform for all internal departments to promote our client’s products and services among their existing customer base.
  • Trained on new software programs; developed specialized training techniques for existing employees; received training award for successfully completing the company’s public speaking class.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 4

  • Coordinated event needs with creative and marketing representatives, secured advertising and marketing support, negotiated contracts, planned and scheduled events, maintained company records, managed a staff of 5 employees.
  • Achieved double-digit growth in sales during last year; helped Florida Office to increase advertising/marketing budgets.
  • Developed a comprehensive Web site utilizing Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Developed an email newsletter campaign; arranged for worldwide newspaper coverage of Okeechobee Music Festival during the month of April 2004.
  • Coordinated The Spirit of the Isle Concert Series and served as marketing director for the festival held on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands; published a “How To” manual to aid in the growth of music festivals in the Caribbean.
  • Oversaw event production of the Isle of Dreams Music Festival and the Masquerade Ball held at Buccaneer Hotel & Resort on St.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 5

  • Achieved award for outstanding event quality.
  • Met deadline to design and install 30 uniquely themed trade show booths; recognized as a creative genius by the Millard Advertising Team.
  • Voiced strong opinion about the need for online presence for our client’s product, resulting in the successful release of client’s e-brochure, which achieved high traffic after only two days on the web.
  • Was acknowledged as an expert in running media campaigns; oversaw execution of 500,000+ print advertisements with a budget under $250,000 from conception to completion.
  • Awarded letter of appreciation in recognition of one-year anniversary.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 6

  • Monitored noise levels and ensured compliance with city ordinances regarding decibel levels while managing the technical equipment at a music festival; praised for protecting attendees’ hearing health.
  • Coordinated the transportation of cargo, staging equipment, and any other material associated with an event; established timely delivery to ensure proper setup.
  • Conducted research to determine the best fuel source for a generator used for powering special effects at events for a concert venue; recommended change to biofuel, which saved over $300 in monthly costs.
  • Streamlined workflow process by developing and implementing a new system of managing information received from clients; received an award from Regional Vice President for substantial cost savings.
  • Monitored the noise level at a sports arena, ensuring compliance with city ordinances; recognized by Senior Vice President for achievement.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 7

  • Oversaw the financial operating budget of a major annual convention, including all registrations, exhibits, and payroll. Competed for plans with major hotel venues over the course of seven months in order to secure a contract.
  • Successfully partnered with all companies involved in event production to ensure smooth operation and timely execution of event logistics during the running of the show.
  • Personally oversaw exhibit management to ensure facilities were properly staffed and operational throughout the duration of shows.
  • Compiled entrance list for each show date and determined number of security personnel required for each date; supervised over 100 security personnel during shows.
  • Managed all aspects of pre-and postproduction for the event; managed multiple vendors to ensure the timely construction and installation of exhibitor booths.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 8

  • Achieved award for exceptional performance in planning, organizing, and executing all aspects of an annual event.
  • Ensured a smooth production of all events while maintaining tight deadlines; managed the event from the inception to end result.
  • Developed event structure, designed program, and managed the successful execution of an annual event; oversaw all activities for all functions within the organization.
  • Participated in planning, organizing, and managing events to promote a brand’s image and increase sales; planned events for product awareness, promotions, media relations, and marketing programs; maintained financial records as per internal guidelines.
  • Developed and implemented marketing plans for product awareness and promotions.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 9

  • Recruited employees with strong interpersonal skills and high integrity.
  • Crafted creative concepts and directed creative efforts in order to meet the strategic objectives.
  • Managed events in a cost-effective manner; assisted event coordinators with event management and promotions.
  • Directed the staff to ensure that no files were out of order or lost; ensured that work was completed on time.
  • Performed service, coordination, public relations, marketing, and communications functions; worked with advertising agencies.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 10

  • Created a brand-new position with new duties; analyzed monthly network marketing results and updated the monthly business plan.
  • Recognized for exceptional results by the board of directors. Listed as an executive of great potential by a regional manager due to extraordinary team leadership skills.
  • Designed and implemented strategies to increase total revenues; contributed ideas to the annual reporting process; adhered to budget directives in accordance with company guidelines.
  • Researched and evaluated creative ideas, then created new promotional programs; ultimately gained market share through unique promotions; received a regional award for innovation.
  • Recognized and respected as an exemplary leader who was able to resolve problems on behalf of the client; increased market share and revenue by 20% in first year of leadership.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 11

  • Directed the development of a distinct image and message to promote “The Chartered LifeStyle” while visiting private parties, nursing homes, senior citizen centers, schools, and other venues.
  • Organized and managed a $20 million marketing campaign for The Chartered Life Style; conceptualized, designed, and implemented strategies to target clients’ interests.
  • Recognized as an outstanding management consultant in the development of marketing strategies to successfully penetrate new markets with clients.
  • Developed a plan for attracting new clients with a focus on commercial accounts through the use of different media types such as radio, print, and electronic media.
  • Developed a plan for launching new product lines to promote and market products through the use of different media types such as radio, print, and electronic media.

Event Operations Manager Resume Sample 12

  • Reduced product damage costs by 10% within the first six months of management; recognized for an outstanding effort.
  • Established e-mail distribution throughout South Florida during the tenure of a Hurricane, which resulted in above-average sales for the time period.
  • Managed and directed operations for a national and international project, designed to motivate store employees to sell products; recognized for exceptional performance.
  • Decreased average customer wait time from 3 hours to below thirty minutes; recognized by the CEO as a member of the Sales/Marketing Management Trainee Program at Super Saver Wholesale Grocery Stores Inc.
  • Stimulated sales and improved the credit department; developed a computer program that tracked loan payments, medical expenses, and auto payments to increase collections by 15% within the first year.

Wrap Up

To become an event operations manager, a degree in business or management is preferable. An event operations manager must have excellent time management, excellent negotiation skills, excellent interpersonal skills, detail-oriented, organized, resourceful, the ability to work under pressure, and excellent managerial skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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