Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample

Associate Brand Managers are responsible for identifying market trends to build and maintain a product for a company. Their duties include devising market strategies, developing ad campaigns, coordinating with the creative department, formulating long term strategy, monitoring competitive activity and monitoring the budget.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Associate Brand Manager Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Associate Brand Manager resumes for your reference.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 1

  • Collaborated with the management team to formulate and implement a corporate communications plan with an emphasis on public relations, partnering, event planning/management, and design marketing.
  • Created and implemented a Social Media Platform for the company after hiring, supervising, and outsourcing the production of graphics and videos.
  • Expanded the company’s brand awareness through hosting events such as trade shows, seminars/workshops, speaking engagements at universities/colleges.
  • Assigned tasks to production department staff including editing/production of over 200 videos for social media/YouTube channels.
  • Redesigned internal policies across all departments to foster better employee morale from new equipment distribution program.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 2

  • Increased sales 37.3% from a new multi-pack product launch.
  • Won Midwest Customer Satisfaction Award in team competition due to my creativity, knowledgeable recommendations and leadership ability.
  • Presented creative concepts on behalf of the company at client and customer meetings to increase business by 30%.
  • Collaborated with multiple departments to successfully execute a 9-city road show presentation.
  • Educated 48 retail locations in customer service by managing an on-site training class to ensure customer satisfaction standards were met.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 3

  • Increased sales by 50% with new consumer advertising initiative; favorably impacted the reputation of customer services and product lines.
  • Planned, oversaw, and produced local charity branding campaign to assist families with existing financial hardship.
  • Reduced waste through organizational restructuring, reducing employee turnover rate by 10%.
  • Created positive relationships between advertisers and editorial divisions; significantly impacting advertising revenues.
  • Managed company-wide branding efforts for a new product line launch; effectively promoted brand identity in an ever-changing marketplace.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 4

  • Established a new graphic arts and brand management branch to oversee all graphic design, web site design, corporate and promotional material for the company.
  • Managed all aspects of the graphics department including design, production, final copy and proofing by hiring new employees and training existing employees to meet company’s needs.
  • Trained, led, and supported enthusiastic staff on all aspects of brand marketing.
  • Collaborated with other departments to optimize productivity through providing suggestions for product development; ensured that information was accurate in order for the company to be successful.
  • Oversaw 50% increase in total sales accomplished through a new brand of products, brought to market, and sold to customers.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 5

  • Recognized contribution to a team effort to keep the brand image and value proposition fresh, relevant, and consistent through powerful execution of winning strategies.
  • Maintained a competitive edge by developing consistent brand strategies for clients and prospects.
  • Developed innovative new initiatives that gained market share as well as new business relationships with existing clients.
  • Managed major efforts to strategically select, train, orient, and mentor an entire department of new employees in less than 90 days during an industry slowdown.
  • Created comprehensive communication plan that defined the customer value proposition in six languages over a 10 month marketing initiative.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 6

  • Responsible for strategic positioning and key elements of the advertising, marketing, and public relations management functions.
  • Directed the development and evaluation of a massive, multimedia advertising budget while maintaining high-level standards in quality, timeliness, and lead times.
  • Effectively integrated the creative services department with client departments to produce creative materials.
  • Coordinated the production of all printed matter from purchase order to shipping using a variety of computer programs including Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, PowerPoint.
  • Managed three employees at various points in her career; provided satisfactory performance reviews.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 7

  • Developed new marketing strategies for two national companies.
  • Critically evaluated advertising strategies and creative concepts from the perspectives of sales, marketing, and public relations.
  • Directed the development of market research, press release writing, solicitation of product and service samples, publicity production, and media monitoring to accomplish client goals.
  • Managed a broad range of tasks including scheduling meetings with vendors and clients; coordinating press events; and coordinating with copywriters, photographers, printers and marketers on campaign development.
  • Achieved $400K in annual sales in less than three years during a time when the economy was on its knees.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 8

  • Created marketing materials and developed the advertising and marketing campaign for a 3-year-old business that dealt in product development.
  • Coached local clubs on creating graphics to attract a younger adult audience.
  • Implemented an advertising campaign for a new product line, introducing the company to potential customers through print media advertisements.
  • Analyzed data provided by sales representatives and displayed results on a spreadsheet; reported accurate statistics to management.
  • Developed new ways to market the products of a retail operation by forming partnerships with other local independent stores; discovered trends in the demographics of their clientele.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 9

  • Innovated and implemented a campaign to increase company’s share of the market; generated $2.8 million in sales of associated products.
  • Supervised team of four to coordinate $10 million account and develop new advertising concept; generated $3 million in sales, resulting in our firm receiving the business again next year, along with an award for creative excellence.
  • Recognized by firm as expert in Promotional Advertising; provided assistance to national accounts yielding profits of over $7 million .
  • Won national awards from industry associations for forty-one consecutive months (four years) for innovative, effective campaigns resulting in market share lead.
  • Supervised team of four to develop and implement advertising program for account; realized additional $1.8 million in sales.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 10

  • Generated and maintained positive public relations for the company, including but not limited to creating a “Party in the Park” music promotion campaign, featuring a free concert with performance artists from several countries.
  • Produced and implemented media strategies to increase consumer awareness, including combination of TV and cable insertions, web-site development, direct mail campaigns, public events, and product placement.
  • Recognized by peers as a creative problem-solver; mediated disputes between competing agencies.
  • Awarded by the company for increasing number of product registrations by 35%.
  • Proven my leadership abilities while gaining the trust of internal teams and external clients via personal friendships.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 11

  • Recognized as the company’s “Rising Star.” Identified as the #1 leader of all new business; served on “Hot Shot” squad, introduced new clients to firm.
  • Generated over $10M in print and national broadcast ads; entrusted with responsibilities of Quality Control Manager.
  • Led team of four professionals in syndicated publication program design; provided creative direction for company campaigns.
  • Established working relationship with top-level management at leading consumer product corporations.
  • Planned team-building company picnic; raised funds and hosted invitational golf tournament at Pebble Beach.

Associate Brand Manager Resume Sample 12

  • Appointed to cross-functional team of five associates charged with the development of a comprehensive ad campaign for a Fortune 100 corporation.
  • Trained and mentored two entry level associate brand managers in social media best practices and execution.
  • Devised and proposed innovative media solutions which reduced production costs by 5% and increased reach by 25% for assigned brands.
  • Acquired, organized, and retained client contact information in customer relationship management system resulting in 15% increase in business to $5M target revenue goals.
  • Identified strategic overlay opportunities which enhanced retention rates by 30%, average order value by 12%, and average ticket value by 15%.

Wrap Up

To work as an Associate Brand Manager you’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or Advertising, an MBA is preferred, and experience in sales. Associate Brand Managers must demonstrate leadership, organization, critical thinking, problem-solving, clear communication, flexibility and time management to be successful.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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