Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample

An Assistant Media Buyer helps a Senior Media Buyer with advertising and marketing campaigns. Their responsibilities include performing preliminary media research of various platforms, negotiating with potential vendors, preparing cost estimates and media purchase documents for clients, managing budgets, and resolving any discrepancies with contracted media purchases.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Assistant Media Buyer Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Assistant Media Buyer resumes for your reference.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 1

  • Effectively coordinated advertising with promotional events at the Convention Center. Kept the client informed by creating reports with media delivery details.
  • Maintained all contracts, agreements, and affiliations of sponsors to ensure efficiency of newly formed partnership by traveling to the Convention Center on an as needed basis.
  • Implemented a data collection system, which reduced administrative time for each department by 15%.
  • Assisted in the development of national campaigns for new products/services used in retail outlets nationwide.
  • Reduced direct labor by initiating employee cross-training for more efficient management.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 2

  • Helped to develop and execute media plans that established an effective public relations campaign.
  • Created advertising campaigns for new product launches including semi-trailer shipments, webisite development, ad hoc national initiatives, and national press releases.
  • Handle accounts in excess of $100k annually including local government clients, small businesses, non-profit organizations, multinational corporations.
  • Analyzed media plans and budgeting for Advertising Agency during start-ups and new business ventures.
  • Monitored competitive environment for major accounts on a daily basis to create effective media plans and maximize profits.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 3

  • Innovatively organized media plans for successful media campaigns, increasing media effectiveness and attracting new clients.
  • Successfully increased radio spot revenue by 42% by implementing a unique, cost-effective campaign.
  • Directed staff of eight in maintaining a positive environment and the production of high-quality collateral for various events.
  • Increased awareness of a prominent event series through the creation and implementation of lead generating advertisements.
  • Promoted interactive partnerships with multiple public relations firms to produce positive publicity for company’s major merger.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 4

  • Generated new client business by selling advertisements to over seven prime-time cable television networks.
  • Managed client accounts for the largest regional cable television provider by developing effective, multi-channel advertising campaigns for various demographic target audiences.
  • Increased revenues by 20% per year through negotiations with major advertisers.
  • Acquired three clients of the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies within one month’s time via telemarketing techniques.
  • Achieved highest sales revenue figures for the company in North America after initiating schedule of on-site presentations at corporate locations, trade shows, and conventions.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 5

  • Effectively developed new business through proficient research of target markets; contributed to company’s sales growth.
  • Learned diverse strategies for media buying; contributed to the creation of new sales channels for national accounts.
  • Assisted sales representatives in developing sales presentations; contributed to revenue growth.
  • Promoted presentations through effective publicity campaign; contributed to the expansion of major accounts.
  • Initiated innovative techniques of media review and cost controls; achieved highest account penetration ratings.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 6

  • Brainstormed and conceptualized the idea for a state-wide, annual happening using a combination of multi-media event marketing.
  • Coordinated with the clients and created the finalized media prospectus.
  • Negotiated and negotiated media placement for event sponsorships according to client specifications.
  • Notified other departments upon completion of all contracts and business transactions.
  • Worked closely with the accounting/collections department to resolve any issues that arose concerning write-offs, agency fees, or outstanding balances.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 7

  • Implemented daily media buying schemes designed to meet sponsor’s goals.
  • Assisted in the administration of a competitively-priced media plan to promote a client’s product.
  • Developed an innovative sponsorship strategy that produced over $5,000 in client recognition awards.
  • Worked with a brand new client to turn a once-dormant account into one of the most profitable accounts in the agency while maintaining its independence from parent company.
  • Met and exceeded sales targets for custom-produced advertising efforts including posters, advertising cards, and banners.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 8

  • Evaluated, negotiated, and selected advertising media for clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.
  • Conducted research on advertising trends to ensure no creative was left behind.
  • Created daily media kits to drill down on individual clients with creative samples of print and broadcast media.
  • Consistently achieved top 30% work efficiency in the group setting; kept up with all relevant tasks; said “yes” to 90% of assignments.
  • Handled a high volume of advertising projects and secured 54% of the time in the media buying area.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 9

  • Worked with advertising agencies and companies to plan, coordinate, and implement all aspects of media buy campaigns on behalf of clients’ business goals.
  • Created monthly media kit that contained promo materials for targeted media buys, media kit budget, media kit schedule, and payment schedule.
  • Coordinated the distribution of print materials on dates set forth in the standard bookings.
  • Negotiated with advertisers’ print shops to ensure guaranteed delivery dates for all printed material.
  • Implemented changes in strategy for media buys using new research techniques required by clients.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 10

  • Advertiser of the month; proficient in evaluating, researching, and recommending creative and media services.
  • Created and implemented advertising campaigns for clients; determined media effectiveness and estimated impact on sales.
  • Organized and taught continuously to students in advertising courses; performed public service at agency conventions.
  • Troubled by irresponsible reporting that threatened national security? Appointed by the President to chair a special task force to create a government-wide strategy for combating such fraudulent reporting.
  • Designed campaign strategy for clients including campaign launch recommendations to target specific market characteristics, company products or services, and price points.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 11

  • Created and implemented a media buying plan for $250 million in yearly budget.
  • Developed and implemented a media buying strategy that generated $35 million annually in revenue.
  • Trained employees on conducting media research, using poll analysis, and creating public relations campaigns.
  • Effectively created social media campaigns for companies including BMW, Virgin Atlantic, The United States Air Force, Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
  • Developed a campaign strategy for a client to generate more than $100 million in revenue from the sale of used cars over ten years.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 12

  • Scheduled, coordinated, and managed a local media buys for national corporations to achieve desired advertising campaign goals.
  • Rejected over 300 media companies from bids submitted in four states to keep our company competitive.
  • Planned and conducted multiple advertising campaigns to target specific markets according to sales objectives, time frames, and budget restrictions.
  • Created a new comprehensive media buying process that gathered data from over 100 market studies within a few days of request to complete the weekly production of research packet printouts.
  • Achieved award for being the highest programmer in our organization having sold more than $20 million in advertising services during my tenure.

Assistant Media Buyer Resume Sample 13

  • Negotiated contracts with media outlets in NYC for advertising, marketing, and public relations campaigns.
  • Structured bid strategy for media buying campaigns in multi-state market.
  • Prepared pitch deck in accordance to format guidelines for pitch, consultation, and final bid presentations.
  • Developed monthly media planning calendar using app to track monthly activity and projects that required attention; used Hootsuite to schedule social media activities.
  • Created weekly ad schedule and coordinated daily posting on social networks including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn; created promotional content such as videos and images for company website.

Wrap Up

To work as an Assistant Media Buyer, you should have at least a high school diploma or equivalent with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, or a relevant field. An Assistant Media Buyer should demonstrate proficiency with standard Microsoft Office and email programs, excellent negotiation and communication skills, experience with sales or marketing, strong research and analytical skills, and business insight.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.

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