Therapy Careers

A career in therapy is extremely rewarding, however it is not easy to land a job! A resume for this type of career path needs to be competitive while still highlighting your skills.

To make your therapy career resume stand out, I did some research and found quite a few tips that you might find useful.

List of Therapy Careers

Behavioral Therapist
Behavior Therapist
Care Aide
Care Giver
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Chemical Dependency Counselor
Clinical Therapist
Crisis Counselor
Direct Care Worker
Family Therapist
Health Care Provider
Health Professional
Home Health Aide
Home Health Care Aide
Home Support Worker
Live In Caregiver
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Outpatient Therapist
Personal Care Aide
Personal Caregiver
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Technician
Physiotherapy Assistant
Primary Caregiver
Private Caregiver
Radiation Therapist
Respiratory Therapist
Speech Language Pathologist
Special Needs Caregiver
Speech Therapist
Student Respiratory Therapist
Mental Health Therapist

Tips To Make Your Therapy Careers Resume

You know the old saying, “look good on paper”? Well, now you can literally look good on paper. On our website we have a wide range of resume samples that are industry-specific and they can help you impress your potential employer with your work experience and schooling.

#1 Customize Your Resume For the Specific Job Post

It is advisable to customize resumes with keywords from the job posting you are applying for, because this shows the recruiter that you know exactly what they are looking for and that you would be a perfect fit for the job. It also demonstrates that you have researched the company and their needs beyond just browsing their website.

# 2 Put Most Relevant Information At the Top

In today’s competitive job market, it is not enough to have a well-written resume. In order to be the most qualified candidate, you should focus on the most relevant information and put the most important information first in your resume. To do this, you need to know which information is going to make the best impression on employers and what will get them interested in reading more of your resume.

#3 Proofread Your Resume

In the age of digital documents and the internet, it is easy to submit a resume without proofreading or editing it. In fact, this could be a costly mistake because many employers will find grammatical errors and red flags in resumes. To make sure your resume is perfect for potential employers, you should proofread and edit it. This will not only make your resume look more professional but make a good impression on potential employers as well.

#4 Use a Reverse Chronological Order

Reverse chronological order is the easier way to read through your work experience with headings that are more easily understood when scanning down the page. If you are in need of a new job, it may be time to update your resume with reverse chronological order so employers will have an easier time reading it.

#5 Keep Your Resume Short

Keeping your resume to one or two pages will allow you to create an impactful document that will make the reader want to learn more about you. It also makes it easier to showcase your skills and experience.
The first thing people notice about your resume is the length, so make sure you don’t do anything foolish like putting everything on one page or trying to fit three years of work history on half a sheet of paper.

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