Behavior Therapist Resume Sample

A Behavior Therapist helps people with mental disorders to change their behaviors. Their duties include talking with patients, helping patients understand their behaviors, helping patients change negative thought patterns, helping patients change their reactions to situations, treating anxiety, treating addictive behavior, and giving patients tools to help them cope.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Behavior Therapist Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Behavior Therapist resumes for your reference.

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample 1

  • Discerned disruptive behavior patterns in children and adults and identified the underlying causes.
  • Conducted individual, marital, family, and group therapy sessions with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Developed a comprehensive treatment plan for the individuals I have counseled based on their needs, not my own agenda.
  • Gained recognition as a certified mediator; understanding of both sides of arguments and actively helping parties resolve conflict.
  • Earned respect and trust from everyone I’ve worked with; always giving one hundred percent while exhibiting positive attitudes that everyone enjoyed.

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample 2

  • Answering the open-ended inquiries of parents and students as they interacted with my office.
  • Showed kids how to negotiate with their parents and how to communicate effectively with them.
  • Taught kids coping skills and provided individualized behavior interventions to those who were having difficulty in school or social settings.
  • Collaborated and supported the staff at our school as we worked collaboratively with each student to improve their academic performance, social skills, and ability to cope with stressful situations or individuals, such as peers or parents.
  • Aided in the optimal development of our students by building their self-awareness through reflective techniques and helping them to increase their repertoire of coping skills, thus improving behavior.

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample 3

  • Supported a 4-year old child with Autism spectrum disorder by implementing a behavior plan.
  • Rallied a team of 5 staff members for fundraising activities directed to support family-centered community services.
  • Accurately documented psychoeducational assessments as directed by the evaluation schedule; defined child’s individualized education program to comply with child’s educational rights.
  • Provided verbal and written instructions on appropriate behavior modification strategies to parents of 3 – teen boys enrolled in a residential treatment center for behavioral issues.
  • Volunteered as a mentor to a teen boy with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder.

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample 4

  • Assembled and labeled index cards for therapy sessions; organized therapy room according to patient needs.
  • Created a new assessment tool that was immediately adopted by other therapists; wrote an article on the new assessment tool that was published in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Handled difficult situations with patients and parents professionally and diplomatically; learned to negotiate, compromise and effectively problem solve intense situations.
  • Oversaw peer counseling and support groups and ensured participants did not engage in any patient abuse of emotional or physical kind.
  • Performed in an advisory capacity for peer counselors.

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample 5

  • Treats emotionally disturbed children.
  • Maintains the therapeutic relationship through the development of trust and empathy among parents, children, siblings, and other significant caregivers.
  • Persuades children to accept responsibility for their behavior through explanation of logical consequences of behavior.
  • Develops effective communication skills with difficult or verbally aggressive children, utilizing object-oriented language (e.g., “I want an apple” vs. “I want an apple because I’m hungry”).
  • Empowers families to control destructive behavior through explanations of appropriate consequences (e.g., how to make better choices to avoid behaviors that will likely lead to punishment).

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample 6

  • Helped child overcomes the fear of the dark by staying up again with him for a week.
  • Awarded a “patient advocate” award by a parent for understanding that his son was not simply having “a bad day” and assisting him to work through his problems at home.
  • Offered to stay past her working hours after she had already clocked out, realizing that the extent of the child’s behavior was more than just simple defiance.
  • Effectively handled difficult clients, maintaining professionalism and composure during difficult situations.
  • Recognized as “Employee of the Month” by peers for outstanding customer service; took time to listen to concerns and understand each persons’ struggles.

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample 7

  • Established a schedule for the week for each client to review progress and provide support.
  • Monitored behavior during the subject’s family session and focused on ways to stop undesirable behavior.
  • Identified a creative way to motivate a teenage patient to engage in occupational therapy sessions.
  • Evaluated patient’s progress during an initial interview, gathered information to determine the best therapeutic approach, then planned and implemented a treatment plan that was focused on increasing the patient’s ability to express his thoughts and feelings verbally while reducing his undesirable behavior.
  • Encouraged a young client to sing before an audience; recognized by the music teacher for encouraging the student’s performance.

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample 8

  • Deeply involved in providing insightful counseling for behaviorally challenged children; collaborated with parents and teachers to improve personal, social, and academic skills.
  • Rapidly assessed students’ needs to implement appropriate interventions; patiently taught students new skills to improve school success.
  • Trained parents on how to positively reinforce their children’s positive behaviors to promote long-lasting change.
  • Assured that each student had a behavior plan that was individualized for his/her needs; collaborated with parents, teachers, and other staff members to monitor progress.
  • Stayed abreast of community support services through volunteer work with other professionals in the Autism Speaks organization.

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample 9

  • Led group sessions focusing on anger management; successfully counseled clients through stress management.
  • Led stress management workshop for employees of XYZ corporation; trained staff in relaxation techniques, stress relief planning, and conflict resolution.
  • Developed Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for kindergarten children with emotional problems; created learning activity plans to improve behavior and development.
  • Designed classroom intervention plan for emotionally disturbed students; counseled students following their aggressive behaviors at school.
  • Helped elementary school students deal with learning challenges by providing alternative activities to help them acquire self-confidence and self-awareness skills.

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample 10

  • Demonstrated skills in working with children and adults with autism and other disabilities; received recognition for patient care and skills.
  • Began to develop new techniques for training students; making recommendations to management on how we can improve our employee training.
  • Started the first in-house training program in our state, at a well-known university, which was incorporated into their graduate curriculum. The curriculum has since been used in many other universities across the country.
  • Created effective problem-solving strategies when faced with challenging treatment situations.
  • Demonstrated success in developing strong relationships with various students through good communication, self-confidence, and respect.

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample 11

  • Assisted in developing individualized behavior plans for clients; the plans were successful in encouraging positive behaviors and discouraging negative behaviors.
  • Created “Fear Stimulus Cards;” employed by hospital staff to determine the level of a patient’s anxiety response.
  • Provided behavioral guidance to preschool children, ages 3-5, on a daily basis; the children became more socially adjusted and self-sufficient through my assistance.
  • Built rapport with clients after determining their needs through questioning, listening, and observing their actions; effectively assisted people with autism spectrum disorders to learn more adaptive social strategies.
  • Received recognition as the sub-team leader of the sub-team.

Wrap Up

To become a behavior therapist, you must earn at least a master’s degree and then pass the licensing exam; many behavior therapists earn a doctorate. Skills needed to become a good behavior therapist are empathy, compassion, understanding, listening skills, good oral communication skills, professionalism, and critical evaluation of events.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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