Vice Principal Resume Sample

The Vice Principal works beside the school principal to manage the administrative and education aspects of the school. Their duties include assisting the principal in interviewing selecting and orienting new staff, supervising operations in the principal’s absence, observing employee performance and recording observations, helping plan daily activities, assisting with safety inspections, and communicating effectively with students.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Vice Principal Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Vice Principal resumes for your reference.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 1

  • Developed respect, accountability, and leadership skills in over 130 students at age 14.
  • Supervised two school clubs, supervised student council election campaigns at all three levels of government, led curriculum team to improve curriculum programs for language arts and math.
  • Developed behavioral styles that pupils responded favorably to at ages 13–15; developed team spirit for students throughout Florence County.
  • Promoted boys’ groups in which students established guidelines, rules of conduct, and standards for keeping school grounds clean.
  • Achieved award for excellence by leading a principal’s conference on the implementation of the 8-hour school day in South Carolina’s 2nd largest county.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 2

  • Established an all-female confidence club for chemistry, chess, track, and swimming.
  • Orchestrated library programs for students with reading problems.
  • Adopted fourteen children through foster care in need of attachment to a family unit.
  • Welcomed thirty-eight sets of twins into the school with their parents.
  • Overcame great obstacles in the face of disapproval to establish an annual exhibition in art for grades seven through ten entitled “A Day in Art.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 3

  • Resolved issues, creatively facilitated consensus, and negotiated agreements among teachers, students, parents, administrators, and board members.
  • Mentored students through various extracurricular activities; introduced new concepts using innovative techniques.
  • Adopted mentoring programs for new staff member orientation; worked with colleagues to develop school goal setting initiatives. @4: Implemented an innovative method of teaching English as a Second Language to new immigrant students; helped improve academic performance.
  • Revised school policy handbook according to state requirements after conducting employee survey and analysis of organizational needs.
  • Created and implemented new curriculum, programs, and methods to improve school, classroom, and staff morale.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 4

  • Realized the community need for this program by implementing it successfully at two schools under difficult circumstances.
  • Realized the benefits of school personnel by providing feedback on performance. Discussed topics related to instructional techniques to enhance student success.
  • Realized the potential of developmentally disabled children after building relationships with community resources which facilitated their further instruction.
  • Realized satisfaction through collaboration within staff and students by narrating stories developed from memories about teachers/preceptors/and staff members unknown to them.
  • Maintained positive relationships with parents by being available to discuss concerns, answer questions, and address problems.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 5

  • Mentored 24 students to be responsible, believe in themselves, and reinforced the value of education.
  • Defeated principal who previously was undefeated at public speaking competitions.
  • Fostered community relationships by developing the junior high school’s first After-School Youth Club; connected young people with resources including job resources, sports team opportunities, and leadership experiences.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate through verbal communications; designed programs that were respected by all school staff members.
  • Demonstrated leadership and innovative strategies in managing a school of more than 350 students; assisted faculty to reach higher academic standards.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 6

  • Shared the philosophies of successful principals to inspire and motivate teachers and administrators.
  • Developed teacher-teacher relationship as well as worked as a team member by sharing ideas, ideas, and resources.
  • Motivated parents to support their children’s education by implementing projects that increase student attendance.
  • Influenced staff via positive yet firm directives with enthusiastic support from his fellow administrators.
  • Provided leadership, motivation, and encouragement to students and staff during several months of rebuilding operations after Hurricane Katrina.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 7

  • Increased school enrollment by over 50% through effective marketing efforts; resulting in 15 new faculty hires.
  • Trained 1st-year counselor after transitioning all counseling responsibilities to the school’s guidance department.
  • Led team of 1st-year counselors to exceed students’ expectations regarding graduation preparation, college entrance exam scores, and post-secondary scholarship awards.
  • Mentored several 1st-year counselors; recognized for enthusiastic leadership ability by three Counselors of the Year (2004–2007).
  • Facilitated diversity, growth, and development of the following:

Vice Principal Resume Sample 8

  • Instructed children in self-defense and conflict resolution by performing “Anger Management” training for kindergarten and elementary students.
  • Trained students in Kung Fu skills to reinforce life skills, confidence, and respect.
  • Implemented a popular parent evening series to connect with families and share instructional progressions.
  • Enjoyed personal growth as a lifelong learner by pursuing training such as observing graduate studies at NYU for college administrators.
  • Actively participated in training sessions with school psychologists to assist students in overcoming emotional obstacles.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 9

  • Compelled school board to change school policy by influencing school board members to revise outdated policy regarding tardiness.
  • Earned sincere appreciation from students, parents, and faculty for working nights and weekends during the three-month-long summer vacation period.
  • Created a more caring environment through after-school tutoring sessions for middle school children, which developed better attitudes and study habits.
  • Required parental involvement by implementing parent workshops and stressing the need for parents and teachers to cooperate and build bridges of communication; developed a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).
  • Overseeing the classroom environment while maintaining high school discipline and maintaining the teachers’ health and safety.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 10

  • Ensuring that all student’s academic needs are met while maintaining high school discipline. Promoting diversity, equality belief, tolerance, and social awareness.
  • Assist in the schools academic support team by completing daily report to parents on behalf of secretary of schools.
  • Ensure that all student’s academic needs are met while maintaining high school discipline. Promote diversity, equality belief, tolerance, and social awareness.
  • Ensure that all student’s academic needs are met while maintaining high school discipline. Promote diversity, equality belief, tolerance, and social awareness.
  • Conducted daily administrative activities, including attendance, discipline, curriculum development, and budgeting.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 11

  • Worked hand-in-hand with principal to help institute schoolwide changes to improve educational outcomes for students.
  • Handled financial concerns related to school expenditures.
  • Received formal training in classroom management or teaching techniques.
  • Demonstrated ability to educate and inspire students on academic achievement and personal growth.
  • Mentored and developed school-wide anti-bullying programs.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 12

  • Trained 30 school-wide administrators to strengthen leadership competence.
  • Enjoyed 15 years of leadership experience; always held the vision of the future.
  • Believed in the power of genuine relationships with children, families, and communities.
  • Made many lasting friendships during one year as a substitute teacher at three different schools.
  • Nominated Best Administrator of the Year for influencing positive behavior at school; coached students, assisted families with counseling, and mentored staff.

Vice Principal Resume Sample 13

    • Received award for developing innovative Saturday program to provide additional educational opportunities for students; utilized parent volunteers to supplement teachers.
    • Selected as Mentor Teacher; praised by Superintendent for exemplifying “the teacher as scholar” by publishing articles within professional journals.
    • Chaired faculty meeting to develop plan to increase funding allocation for music program by increasing revenue from fundraising events.
    • Resolved disruptive classroom behavior without punitive action or loss of self-esteem through diverse approaches including positive conversation, peer mediation, and individualized counseling plans.

Wrap Up

To work as a Vice Principal, you need a master’s degree, a teaching license, and teaching experience. The Vice Principal must have interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, strong decision-making abilities, excellent communication skills, organizational skills, desire and passion for working with children, and conceptualize the goals of the school.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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