Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample

Curriculum Coordinator is an administrative position in educational institutions who assist the principal in developing and approving classroom curriculum and monitoring testing results for the school. Their duties creating and updating classroom curriculum, reviewing and approving individual teachers curriculums, verifying state education standards are met, overseeing standardized testing and results, reporting to state government school grades and testing results, and overseeing teacher compliance standards.

To work as an Curriculum Coordinator you must first obtain a Masters or at minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Education, hold a state license, and have experience as a classroom teacher or administrator in an educational institution. Curriculum Coordinators must demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication, strong computer skills, ability to lead, proficiency in document preparation, good attention to detail, multitasking, and ability to supervise multiple people.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Curriculum Coordinator Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Curriculum Coordinator resumes for your reference.

Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample 1

  • Prepared and designed curriculum for pre-primary, elementary, and high school students.
  • Translated the state guidelines into a comprehensive professional development package to be utilized by teachers and administrators across the district.
  • Coordinated with district administration, parents, teachers, students and various community groups to promote an effective learning environment that was both engaging and challenging for all students.
  • Collaborated with department of education staff to review state standards in order to ensure alignment of our curricula with all required assessments.
  • Promoted improved student achievement by overseeing 100% compliance with curriculum changes resulting from new teacher evaluation system; recognized as outstanding administrator by the Board of Education.

Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample 2

  • Wire-bound proofer of training manuals, course outlines, and procedures to be used across all 6 branches; distributed to branch employees.
  • Assisted in the compilation of training documents for new hires; responsible for data entry into company intranet database.
  • Organized layout of new technology displays for use throughout six branches; designed training materials with assistance from graphic design team.
  • Edited unit plans for language arts curriculum; revised text styles and formatting of reading passages to improve readability.
  • Resulted in noticeably enhanced results on instructional tests after revising test questions that had been written years prior with outdated information.

Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample 3

  • Improved student achievement by $150,000+ through the use of differentiation and modification strategies.
  • Grew PSAT/SAT performance by 25% in two years through targeted professional development with teachers.
  • Revamped New Teacher Orientation Program to create a culture of support and learning within school district.
  • Recruited, hired, trained, coached, supported, and developed new hires for Elementary School Principal position from start to finish.
  • Partnered with over ten nationally recognized education organizations who produced state-of-the-art presentations for teachers on ways to improve curriculum standards.

Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample 4

  • Authored and developed new curriculum for the training of customer service associates.
  • Prepared and coordinated materials required by customers to conduct quality audits across facility.
  • Created and implemented a standardized system for tracking, resolving, and reporting all inquiries and complaints related to home equity loans.
  • Evaluated total written correspondence handled by the department; identified several opportunities for improvement.
  • Competently organized, managed, trained, mentored, supervised, evaluated employees from diverse backgrounds in order to meet organizational objectives as lead customer service representative.

Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample 5

  • Developed and implemented new curriculum after researching, analyzing, and assessing school’s curricular needs.
  • Conducted seminars for corporate management to improve communication between staff members involved in the updating of educational materials.
  • Pioneered suggestion program that increased students’ overall academic success by 12%.
  • Obtained additional funding from a private foundation after developing an innovative project designed to engage children with learning disabilities. Preliminary results yielded a 33% decrease in the number of students requiring special education placement at lower grade levels compared to previous years’ figures.
  • Catalogued textbook inventory saving time and money while increasing department efficiency. Commissioned a computerized cataloguing system which streamlined the process.

Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample 6

  • Assigned and distributed duties to administrative assistants and clerks according to daily workload, departmental needs, and deadlines.
  • Promoted company goals by developing new curriculum programs within established guidelines.
  • Developed program review committee; identified methods of improving the curriculum process through research and analysis of results from school surveys.
  • Pioneered outreach program for students with special abilities creating hands-on learning center in the community that was utilized by over a hundred children per year.
  • Selected as employee of the month for demonstrating outstanding customer service at work including going above and beyond for customers consistently.

Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample 7

  • Assigned, monitored, and supervised three instructors in teaching a 25-hour curriculum to an average class of 50 students over a nine month period.
  • Arranged, cleared, and organized a media center to meet budgetary guidelines for a growing school district.
  • Scheduled all campus buses daily for over 1,200 students based on transportation rules and regulations as dictated by the Board of Education.
  • Collaborated with several departments including business affairs and recruitment to provide prospective employees with valuable information about job openings via written announcements.
  • Achieved award for excellent customer service from Parents In Touch offering support services to parents through mailings, newsletters, programs & workshops.

Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample 8

  • Collaborated with team to create and implement a new curriculum of more than forty courses.
  • Responded quickly and accurately to requests for information from faculty, staff, and administrators.
  • Developed more than sixty PowerPoint presentations on curriculum development, assessment, and technology integration.
  • Promoted the use of computerized grading system by creating educational videos for training purposes; recognized as an important contributor in a business magazine award given to senior management in 2008.
  • Received praise from faculty for providing support in a variety of areas including scheduling office space, diplomas, advising students regarding degree requirements, etc .

Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample 9

  • Reviewed curriculums for accuracy in accordance with state requirements.
  • Performed substitute teaching duties when necessary.
  • Provided administrative support to teachers, school administrators, and district staff at all times.
  • Coordinated activities of home bound educational programs by providing correspondence between parents/guardians and instructional personnel.
  • Monitored student progress to ensure academic achievement through monitoring attendance, following up on incomplete work, grading, etc.

Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample 10

  • Curated curriculum for 28 courses that were approved by the Dean, ensuring course content was in line with departmental requirements.
  • Compiled data from students’ transcripts and recommendations from instructors to determine their academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ensured quality control of curricula through regular meetings with instructors to address any questions or concerns they had about the design of their courses.
  • Tracked and monitored student progress throughout the semester through use of a spreadsheet application that allowed cross referencing between grades and credits earned.
  • Revised existing methods of tracking student progress; instituted new methodology to improve tracking accuracy and efficiency.

Curriculum Coordinator Resume Sample 11

  • Participated in budget planning, forecasting allocations for various school programs.
  • Improved the overall organization of department records by revising filing system and procedures.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all materials necessary for student educational experiences had been gathered and distributed to teachers prior to each school day.
  • Reviewed student progress records to make certain students were progressing through curriculum at an appropriate pace; identified students who were not meeting set standards.
  • Revised policies and procedures related to staff schedules, payrolls, coordination of substitutes, parent drop-offs/pick-ups, etc.; received accolades from administrators for outstanding work performance.

Wrap Up

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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