Animal Care Careers

If you’re looking for a new job as an animal care specialist, there are some things you should know about resumes. In your resume, you need to convince employers that not only can you perform the duties of the position, but also represent their business well!

I did some research on what resume tips for animal care careers might be helpful. I found some great advice on putting together your resume for this interesting career choice!

List of Animal Care Careers

Animal Caretaker
Dairy Farmer
Dog Trainer
Dog Walker
Horse Trainer
Marine Mammal Trainer
Pet Groomer
Pet Sitter
Veterinary Receptionist
Vet Tech Assistant
Zoo Keeper

Tips To Make Your Animal Care Careers Resume

Many people are unaware of what a resume should look like or how they should format it, this is where inspiration from our website can help. A well formatted resume will always be more likely to impress the hiring manager and convey what you have achieved in your career. Resumes that are made up of a few pages with concise formatting are more likely to be read by the interviewer than resumes that are not formatted correctly.

#1 Customize Your Resume For the Specific Job Post

A resume should contain keywords and phrases from the job posting in order to increase the chances of receiving a call-back. The person doing the hiring is scanning for those words and once they find them, it increases your odds of being selected to compete for the position. It is best to customize your resume by matching your skills and qualifications with those that are desired in the posting, as well as including any additional information that you feel may strengthen your candidacy.

# 2 Put Most Relevant Information At the Top

In today’s competitive job market, it can be difficult to find a job even with a great resume. As such, it is important to focus on the most relevant information and put the most important information first in your resume. This ensures that you are not wasting valuable space on irrelevant details while still highlighting the things that are the most valuable on your resume.

#3 Proofread Your Resume

Proofreading and editing your resume before submitting it for a job is a critical step in the process because the first impression you make will only be as good as your last written words. The resume is an advertisement of who you are, so presenting yourself well with proofreading and editing ensures that your qualifications will be clear to the employer. If not, then someone else who has proofread and edited their documents may show up looking better than you.

#4 Use a Reverse Chronological Order

Employers often judge potential job applications based on the resume they submit. It is extremely important to make sure your resume is formatted correctly to show you are professional, organized, and detail oriented. One of the most important formatting guidelines for your resume is to use reverse chronological order (jobs listed from most recent to oldest). This format will be much easier for employers to review because it chronologically shows them what you have done during that time frame.

#5 Keep Your Resume Short

A resume is an opportunity to showcase your skills, experience, and accomplishments. You want to get the point across quickly and succinctly, but you also want to make sure that potential employers will get a sense of who you are. With this in mind, it’s not a good idea to have a resume that goes on for more than two pages. Rather keep your resume to one page or a maximum of two pages.

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