Horse Trainer Resume Sample

A horse trainer works hands-on with horses in order to teach them different disciplines as well as coach them for future events. Duties performed by a horse trainer include performing training exercises with the horse, grooming the horse, feeding the horse, teaching submissive behaviors, coordinating boarding facilities, and working with clients to update them on progress and desired results.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Horse Trainer Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Horse Trainer resumes for your reference.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 1

  • Trained five horses and ten yearling colts for race horse ownership.
  • Trained four dogs and three miniature schnauzers for agility and obedience.
  • Trained five retired racing dogs; to become obedience/agility/enablement competitors.
  • An in-custody user of the Law Enforcement Extreme (LEX) Program; provided assistance to law enforcement officers and public servants in a violent crime environment while promoting enhanced awareness, understanding, and responsibility.
  • Achieved award for pursuing new career opportunities via competitive events in karate, wrestling, martial arts, shooting sports, horseback riding, and track & field.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 2

  • Trained two-year-old colt to jump and down obstacles with ease.
  • Won award for training and conditioning champion racehorse; an accomplishment that was featured in multiple magazines.
  • Developed new training techniques involving positive reinforcement methods that were implemented in maintaining barn safety.
  • Trained Icelandic Stallion to become one of the best show horses around; awarded 1st place ribbons for a top-performing horse at competitions.
  • Instructed over fifty young riders how to care for and educate their own horse; recognized by many as a leader in equestrianism.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 3

  • Trained horses to perform in walking and trotting patterns to follow a rider on a long rein without resistance.
  • Trained horses to turn left and right in response to the leg signaling of a rider, as well as in response to signals from the rider’s hands.
  • Reined trained horses from a longe line; responded in lateral movements at a walk and trot, forward movements at a canter and gallop, turns left and right, stops, backs up when required; recognized for excellence by trainers.
  • Rode walking a horse through the streets of Baltimore, Md., for half an hour during Memorial Day parade; led horse through crowds of people with no resistance.
  • Trained and supervised a team of 25 horses at horse shows and in the breeding arena.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 4

  • Established effective training programs that earned top awards at the state, national and international levels.
  • Meted out discipline for livestock and horses on customer farms under the supervision of local veterinarians and farmers.
  • Performed detailed analyses of animal health and behavioral patterns for the local community’s horse show.
  • Provided constant attention to animals’ welfare, including daily feedings, grooming, consistent exercise routines, and special care when necessary.
  • Developed relationships with families so that children would be more confident in caring for animals as seniors themselves in their future travels.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 5

  • Trained and helped a customer to heal her horse; succeeded in preventing laminitis and infection that resulted from an injury.
  • Educated, trained, and helped customers to improve the overall health of their horses; provided guidance for proper nutrition and exercise.
  • Founded training program for local 4-H Club Horsemanship Club at a local elementary school.
  • Led monthly Horsemanship Club meetings including the grooming, tacking, and the riding of horses on trails around the school farm.
  • Maintained relationships with customers by developing personal connections during sales visits regarding their needs for horse care products.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 6

  • Trained and rode horses in the show ring, petting zoo, and ad-hoc 4H situations.
  • Rehabilitated several abused animals with a humane attitude and respect for their lives.
  • Led a volunteer service project at a local horse rescue foundation to feed children during summer weekends.
  • Conducted rider training classes for youth with physical disabilities and handicaps; created confidence and self-esteem through the encouragement of activity and achievement.
  • Understood the complex dynamics of exercising, feeding, medicating, grooming, and tacking up horses that were used as therapy animals for older adults with disabilities.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 7

  • Recognized for training thoroughbreds to competitive levels; trained thoroughbreds top speed of nearly 40 miles per hour in record times while maintaining a racing ratio of 2nd and 3rd places.
  • Taught students responsibility and respect for care of animals through three-day Horse Camp, which included grooming, tacking up, exercising on the track, washing down with a hose, and feeding.
  • Educated owners on proper care of horses; diagnosed an injured horse with a fractured leg so that a veterinarian could operate.
  • Volunteered hours in therapeutic riding facilities, exercising horses to prepare them for new riders.
  • Trained and cared for year-round horses on a farm; exercised, groomed, and fed horses.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 8

  • Trained, conditioned, and maintained over 100 horses.
  • Developed numerical and technical skills to establish pedigrees, perform progeny testing, and purchase mares.
  • Conducted daily horse care in summer and winter climates with no heat or air conditioning.
  • Supported the well-being of aging horses by providing exercise, nutrition, and medications while maintaining a safe environment for the animals to live in.
  • Provided training for equine athletes during four years of employment at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 9

  • Assimilated new methods of training; educated students and colleagues on effective techniques.
  • Effectively communicated with people (upwards of 100) to promote the creation and implementation of care plans and programs that reflect the goals and objectives of diverse departments at the shelter.
  • Conducted a thorough evaluation of all animals and maintained records; suggest alternative solutions while configuring large-scale projects.
  • Sculpted a small group of volunteers into an effective team that performed subordinate tasks for the operation, maintenance, and care of horses in an equine-assisted therapy program.
  • Effectively communicated with subordinates in order to maintain high levels of profitability for a therapeutic riding stable.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 10

  • Provided care, exercise, and training for forty horses over a period of six years.
  • With assistance from the owners, trained the horses to trot, canter, and canter-walk for two hours each day in fine weather.
  • Operated a horse therapy program during which children were able to attend school with their pets.
  • Participated in equine safety awareness and training program sponsored by Associated Humane Societies of Pennsylvania and Other Major Leagues (Baseball, Basketball, Hockey).
  • Trained disabled ponies to walk without assistance. Received recognition from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as an outstanding individual trainer.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 11

  • Developed and implemented a training program for four unruly horses including; one stallion, two mares, and an eighteen-month-old filly.
  • Trained the horses to perform in crowd-pleasing horse shows by utilizing kindness, firmness, and patience.
  • Restored the natural balance between four horses through experienced training.
  • Calmed the fearful filly by teaching her to trust humans during long periods of time spent ridden on trails.
  • Earned appreciation from owners by completing complex herd routines while riding each horse in turn at circus performances.

Horse Trainer Resume Sample 12

  • Provided a safe and comfortable home for over 100 horses, camels, donkeys, and llamas at 4 stables; raised money for the organization by selling tack, clothing, and souvenirs.
  • Trained a diverse group of owners and riders to develop responsible horse care and safe riding techniques.
  • Supported the organization’s mission by participating in events such as Saturday Night Risk Racing with the fine riders of San Antonio.
  • Acquired skills to service horses, camels and llamas using powerful medications including Eqyssin-Gram®, Sensipam™ and Sylk-Vin® plus strengthening the immune system with high quality vitamin C supplement.
  • Worked with former racing horses, rescued from slaughter, to rehabilitate them for adoption; provided a happy and safe home for over 30 animals.

Wrap Up

Educational requirements are generally based on experience and equestrian training. Necessary skills include grooming skills, equine first aid skills, clipping, trimming and pulling skills, interpersonal skills, strong riding skills, and a strong understanding of horses.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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