Zoo Keeper Resume Sample

Zookeepers are responsible for taking care of assigned zoo animals and exhibits. Their duties include cleaning and maintaining animal habitats, monitoring animal behavior and health, answering questions and interacting with visitors, keeping detailed feeding records, assisting in animals’ medical treatment, and performing light maintenance tasks.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Zoo Keeper Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Zoo Keeper resumes for your reference.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 1

  • Maintained and improved over 100 animals’ health, welfare, and well-being.
  • Instructed Zoo Animal Care classes for children at various elementary schools.
  • Assisted in the care of over 120 animals and humans with unique, specialized needs; granted conditional release to Zoo staff members and volunteers.
  • Encountered a problem that required immediate attention; solved the problem in a timely manner by searching for wildlife contacts after a significant storm damaged our animal facilities.
  • Demonstrated decision making skills by rescuing two mortal wounded animals during a severe weather event where staff members were unsuccessful in their attempts to locate the animals’ sources of injury.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 2

  • Supervised zoo animals at the Cincinnati Zoo, learned their individual needs, and enforced proper animal care.
  • Assisted in the training of animals in public exhibits.
  • Maintained a clean and orderly environment at the zoo.
  • Developed an education program for children to instill appreciation for animals in an educational setting.
  • Developed a year-round program schedule with students to meet new schedules and extend classroom hours while maintaining regular attendance records.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 3

  • Trained and informed zoo patrons on state law and animal care issues in an attempt to develop a better understanding of the role that law plays in animal care.
  • Corrected behavioral issues of primates with limited aggression.
  • Trained African elephants to use a long stick to graze on plastic bottles, which developed beneficial behaviors, including cleaning skills and food selection.
  • Extensively researched contagious diseases within an animal population due to being exposed to rabbits infected with diphtheria.
  • Successfully operated the sprinkler system for three years after gaining experience through a summer position as a volunteer assistant at a local farm.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 4

  • Provided care to a diverse group of animals including dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, snakes and fish.
  • Trained pets for obedience, agility and pet therapy courses.
  • Raised chicks from hatching to flight for release into the wild.
  • Trained and educated visitors about wildlife conservation as part of the zoo’s education program.
  • Assisted in cleaning facilities and exhibits; cleaned cages, pools and ponds daily; fed animals; rotated stock; sanitized animal areas; maintained records.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 5

  • Prepared animals for blood tests, feedings, and vet care.
  • Researched and developed enrichment activities to stimulate animal curiosity, i.e. puzzles, toys, or games; used positive reinforcements to reinforce search-for-food behavior to increase hunting skills of herbivores.
  • Trained zoologists on animal handling and observation techniques through lectures and hands-on experience; helped implement safety precautions for public interaction with large predators
  • Explained the natural history of animals while maintaining objectivity during feeding presentations; led tours through the zoo’s exhibits and conducted educational programs for visitors.
  • Helped ensure humane treatment of other animals and human visitors by reacting to incidents or injuries with the professionalism and compassion necessary.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 6

  • Handled African lions, Tora and Nala, feeding and cleaning cages at the zoo.
  • Entertained visitors in the Education Department of the zoo by answering questions about animal life cycles and natural history.
  • Conducted animal census on a daily basis for an entire year to assist with effective planning of exhibit reconstruction.
  • Used zoologist skills such as pest control, habitat management, animal behavior studies, nutrition monitoring, and reproductive patterns to aid in scientific identification and preservation of endangered species.
  • Studied zoology at a post-secondary level; achieved a near-perfect 4.0 grade point average during two years of study in this field.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 7

  • Served as a substitute teacher and dance instructor; provided guidance and love to young children.
  • Trained and accompanied staff to teach strict animal care techniques to care for endangered animals.
  • Developed techniques to maintain educational exhibits in climate-controlled buildings.
  • Preserved educational displays by establishing strong indoor/outdoor relationships with various native flora and fauna, including a large population of monkeys.
  • Proved that professional animal care workers can be paid for their unique activities such as veterinarian assistance, animal husbandry, or conservation work by demonstrating good job performance throughout employment.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 8

  • Preserved endangered North American bird species through expert breeding, research and marketing efforts.
  • Executed complex aviary systems and animal care programs during public opening hours, including daily feeding of 775+ birds and animals.
  • Arranged for hospitals to accept injured wildlife for treatment after locating animals in the wild or in private facilities.
  • Tracked and conserved development of zoo infrastructure through innovation and management of capital acquisition.
  • Collaborated with current exhibit designer to create new habitat for endangered Asian elephants, as well as initiate preliminary design of Zimbabwe lion exhibit with long term vision to introduce new species into zoo.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 9

  • Handled health and behavior problems among the animals in a zoo setting while working overtime.
  • Identified animals that needed veterinary attention; removed ticks, parasites, and other impurities from fur.
  • Realized potentials for career opportunities at zoos after traveling to twenty-two countries to train with animal care professionals and observe animal care practices in other countries.
  • Trained a team of four individuals as zoo keepers to assist with the care of animals and maintenance of the specific area of responsibility.
  • Deployed as an Animal Ambassador to foreign countries, traveling internationally to conduct seminars on zoological techniques for other animal care professionals.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 10

  • Designed and implemented a rehabilitation program for severely injured zoo animals in complex cases requiring both physical therapy and surgical skills.
  • Developed a health management system to reduce costs, increase staff productivity, and enhance animal health and safety.
  • Managed the on-site veterinary clinic at the zoo’s veterinary clinic, which provided diagnostic services to over 100 species of animals.
  • Owned 60% share of a local business that created an in-house animal housekeeping service for commercial clients throughout South Florida.
  • Consistently ranked among “Best Places to Work” by the Tampa Bay Business Journal in the area of Animal Care & Management.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 11

  • Trained Fido, an impala, to be a perfect pet; kept him clean, brushed his fur regularly, and let him out in the yard three times a day.
  • Helped re-release four bald eagles into the wild by feeding them daily and giving them exercises to strengthen their wings.
  • Kept snakes happy and healthy by frequently feeding them mice at feeding time.
  • Hand fed baby lion cubs with a bottle, raised them from birth until they were wild enough to explore on their own.
  • Cared for animals that were injured or sick; comforted them until help arrived from the veterinarian’s office.

Zoo Keeper Resume Sample 12

  • Stood by panda’s sides to prevent them from getting sick, helping them reproduce at a ratio of 1:100.
  • Tended to zoo animals of all types and kept the park clean.
  • Visited museums to educate zoo visitors on animals and their habitats.
  • Provided for sick and injured zoo guests by following accepted guidelines of euthanasia should emergencies arise.
  • Elected into the Zoo Veterinary Society as a member of the board of directors.

Wrap Up

To be a Zoo Keeper, you need a Bachelor’s degree in zoology or equivalent work experience in dealing with animal behavior and care. Desired skills include the ability to follow safety procedures around wild animals, a pleasant and enthusiastic attitude, customer service skills, ability to work in a team, and ability to follow directions precisely.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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