Dog Walker Resume Sample

A dog walker is an individual that helps others care for their pets by taking them on walks. Dogs are by nature energetic animals, and many pet owners are too busy to take their dogs out for walks. Many people depend on dog walkers to ensure that their dogs stay healthy.

How to Become a Successful Dog Walker?

There are no educational requirements to be a dog walker, but generally most individuals regard their pets very highly and want to leave them in the care of someone they believe is trustworthy, so having a clean criminal record is the best start.

Many apps allow you to find people in your area looking for someone to walk their dog, and others will post their jobs online. Seeking out people and getting your reputation established, in addition to getting initial experience, is a valuable first step.

Once you begin to establish yourself as a reliable and caring worker, people may begin to seek you out to care for their own pets. It’s quite important to keep track of all your different customers and their unique needs, so organization is very important.

If you start to have more demands from customers than you can handle, you can look into creating a business of your own, and hiring additional employees to meet the needs of your customers.

At this stage, the most important aspect is hiring good employees who love animals and keeping track of schedules and finances. This way your business will keep pets and customers happy and satisfied.

The Best Dog Walker Resume Samples

These are some examples of job descriptions we have handpicked from real Dog Walker resumes for your reference.

Regular Dog Walker

  • Pick‌ your‌ pet‌ up‌ from‌ its‌ home‌ and‌ take‌ it‌ for‌ a‌ walk‌ outside‌ at‌ a‌ designated‌ time.
  • Ensure that any waste on the roadway or sidewalk is immediately cleaned up.
  • Take care of the dog and make sure they don’t hurt anyone else or any other dog.
  • Give the owner a report on how their dog’s walk went along with photos and videos.

Dog Walker & Groomer

  • Responsible for maintaining assigned walking route, providing the safety of current clients’ pets.
  • Occasionally completes in-house sittings as well as boarding services.
  • In charge of picking up/handing off required keys amongst other company employees and assists in transportation to/from vet, grooming and daycare appointments.

Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

  • Take instructions for walking, feeding and exercise programs from dog owners and ensure that they are being complied perfectly.
  • Pick up dogs from their homes and engage in friendly play to make them comfortable.
  • Engage dogs in physical activities such as play and exercise and part of the dog activity plan.
  • Ensure dogs’ physical safety at all times and make sure that they do not endanger any other animal or human in the vicinity.

Attendant Dog Walker

  • Ensure security of their homes when picking up and dropping off.
  • Walked dogs outdoors in all weather conditions, taking 15 minutes, to 2 hours at a time.
  • Ensured all dogs were getting exercise and bathroom breaks, water and food, ensured safety of the dogs I walked as well as those around them.
  • Record all dogs walked, how long the walks were, and anything abnormal I noticed during the walk.

Special Needs Dog Walker

  • One of two employees; in charge of eight dogs with varying levels of ability, age, and special needs.
  • Entrusted with the keys and access codes to clients’ apartments, and accommodated their specific requests to care for their dogs.
  • Walked about six miles daily in all weather conditions from below freezing to heat advisory temperatures.
  • Provided extended overnight dog care on two occasions; responsible for feeding and walking the dog, and watching over the apartment.

Freelance Dog Walker

  • Conducted new client meetings consisting of: meeting clients and their pets, gathering pet information, answering questions and offering advice, and picking up keys.
  • Discussed each dogs nature and individual needs with its owner; add note of any special instructions or limitations.
  • Picked up dogs from their homes; engaged in friendly play to make them comfortable.
  • Provided dogs with breaks and treats when appropriate.

Local Dog Walker

  • Ensure safety of the dog you are walking and those (humans and dogs) around him.
  • Conduct initial consultation with new clients and fill out client information sheets.
  • Record how long the walks were, anything abnormal that you noticed during the walk.

Dog Walker & Caretaker

  • I am an actor by career looking to be of service to the Dog Owner Community.
  • I have been around animals my whole life and have even taken care of dogs in my own home from 3 weeks up to 3 months.
  • Not looking to house dogs at this time but this shows my dedication and experience to committed and loving dog care.

Dog Walker & Sitter

  • Walked several dogs each day, responding to each dog’s individual needs.
  • Developed long-term relationships with clients and bonded with their animals through regular contact.
  • Fed and cared for dogs and cats while their owners were traveling.
  • Worked with special needs dogs, reactivity issues and socialization.
  • Trained many different breeds using knowledge of breed characteristics, as well as the unique needs of each particular animal.

Dog Walker & Pet Care

  • Responsible for the walking and care of 8-10 dogs per day across the lower Manhattan area.
  • Involves high organizational skills, time management, and hustle to arrive at each appointment on time.
  • Dealt with many types of dog owners to not only keep and maintain them as clients, but to also curate referrals for future business.

Volunteer Dog Walker

  • Caring for and handling animals in a safe, effective and humane manner, especially untrained animals.
  • Solid interpersonal, communication, customer service, and time management skills.
  • Providing a healthy, safe, clean and pleasant environment for the animals.

Part-Time Dog Walker

  • Known for fully utilizing time and providing exercise and affection to every dog.
  • Commanded obedience in accordance with company policy.
  • Frequently acted as liaison between company and client while doing outreach and meeting with prospective clients.
  • Extreme flexibility when last-minute issues arose and often acted as stand-in walker on short notice.


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