Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample

A Warehouse Assistant provides support to warehouse manager. Their duties include preparing purchase orders, coordinating deliveries, pulling merchandise, preparing items for shipping, receiving and posting orders on the computer, and keeping the warehouse tidy and organized.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Warehouse Assistant Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Warehouse Assistant resumes for your reference.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 1

  • Fulfilled inventory needs across multiple departments by gathering and distributing supplies per work order.
  • Acknowledged by the Logistics Director for work that eliminated the need for system-wide budget cuts one year.
  • Recognized by the CEO as “Employee of the Month” after discovering a theft of company property, reporting it to management, and providing evidence to apprehend the criminal.
  • Designated by an international logistics firm as one of their “Top 10 Assistants” in 2009; recognized for performance excellence and customer service.
  • Helped to develop a training program to help local businesses in need of professional warehouse management.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 2

  • Responsible for inventory, transportation, and shipping of products in the warehouse.
  • Estimated weight and packed orders for duty-stamped shipments in our global supply chain.
  • Trained new employees on the proper handling and transportation of products.
  • Oversaw the inventory process from receiving, moving to pack to shipping.
  • Recognized by staff before 100% completion and received employee’s appreciation award; earned prestigious title as “Star Employee” by human resource company due to work ethic and quality productivity.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 3

  • Followed a detailed to-do list, keeping all products, materials, and finished goods in a red-tagged area of the warehouse.
  • Maintained an organized inventory for incoming merchandise and outgoing finished goods.
  • Answering customer calls and assisting customers with questions about products, order status, and delivery times.
  • Received a cash bonus on time-and-a-half for completing all assigned duties on schedule.
  • Achieved recognition from the Store Manager for excellence in customer service with special consideration given to managing the financial resources of the company.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 4

  • Effectively handled equipment and material management responsibilities during the course of a two-week supply run.
  • Organized loading and transportation of trucks, railcars, barges, and ships in order to facilitate an intermodal delivery.
  • Resolved shipping discrepancies with customer service support; traced missing parts and delivered replacement inventory on time.
  • Acknowledged for material handling accuracy by receiving the quality award from the logistics manager.
  • Constructed expedited delivery itinerary based on customer requested dates; ensured timely execution due to multiple factors such as weather, traffic patterns, industry conventions and specials.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 5

  • Effectively processed and delivered 1,000 orders within one month. Ordered product, warehoused stock, and completed shipments within one day to avoid overstock fines at the manufacturer.
  • Achieved award for outstanding performance during three months of order processing; recognized by the CEO for maintaining 98% on-time delivery with zero product returns.
  • Met production standards while creating a safe work environment by reducing accidents from 150 incidents per month to five per month.
  • Created a training program that reduced new-employee turnover for a three-year period from 70% to 15%.
  • Achieved safety awards for excelling in forklift operation and warehouse safety awareness.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 6

  • Met production goals in accordance with the budget allocated to me in an artificial environment to store and distribute food products.
  • Expedited delivery of supplies by managing inventory, tracking personnel and equipment, and requesting transportation services.
  • Organized warehouse for efficiency to allow for maximum productivity per person; saved company $15,000 in rent by reconfiguring floor space and curtains.
  • Secured products during shipment by filling out paperwork required by companies that contracted the services of my employer.
  • Maintained a daily log of all activities, errors, and accidents that occurred on or around my scheduled shifts.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 7

  • Mentored new employees on the fundamentals of warehouse management and scheduling; fully implemented M & E computer system for strict efficiency.
  • Prevented a critical delivery problem by identifying a source of misinformation, preventing critical parts from being stolen.
  • Correctly scheduled merchandise inventory preventing stockouts.
  • Organized warehouse floor to maximize the conversion rate, meet goals, and increase volume.
  • Realized the real-life application of enterprise resource planning with regard to balancing work and personal schedules, realizing greater productivity in less time.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 8

  • Responsible for the inventory and control of materials, products, and supplies in accordance with manual, procedures, and company policies.
  • Maintained an accurate count of daily product deliveries.
  • Effectively maintained a clean and orderly work environment.
  • Analyzed the efficiency of employee performance by conducting periodic audits of time used by employees in working within the specified guidelines.
  • Gained attendance points for employee participation in motivational seminars pertaining to job responsibility and benefits.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 9

  • Inventoried, processed, and tracked over 2,000 items for one of the nation’s largest retailing chains.
  • Maintained 99% quality control accuracy on all orders that were shipped in a timely manner to customers.
  • Proactively assisted local management with cost reduction and time efficiency by processing shipments efficiently.
  • Redirected customer shipments, ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Achieved inventory accuracy of greater than 99%.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 10

  • Managed logistics, inventory, and cost controls for one of the largest distributors in the country.
  • Analyzed data to improve packaging and shipping techniques to reduce product returns and increase revenue.
  • Maintained twenty-one computerized inventory systems, obtaining a 98% accuracy rating on production orders.
  • Managed on-time deliveries by instituting a separate cargo truck to ensure all orders received were delivered on time.
  • Consulted with company management regarding policies, procedures, and daily operations in order to continue providing prompt delivery in an effort to meet demands of customer demand. commissioned under pressure while managing resources effectively in a fast-paced work environment.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 11

  • Effectively organized, maintained, and updated data; provided timely product support and attended to customer needs.
  • Implemented new programs to optimize production costs and minimize waste by peak hours.
  • Reduced warehouse staff turnover by 90% through improved communications and participation opportunities for employees.
  • Created a motivating work environment with a fun company atmosphere through team building programs that included bowling, golfing, movies, parties, and more.
  • Raised corporate morale by building rapport with other staff members and consistently encouraging a positive attitude.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 12

  • Contributed to warehouse efficiency in all operational procedures; expedited customer orders, maintained inventory, and ensured proper handling of urgent shipments.
  • Coordinated with vendors to arrange for timely delivery and prompt processing of vendor orders.
  • Collaborated with maintenance staff to maintain the operation of a scanner system used for coding customer merchandise for accurate bulk pricing and efficient inventory management.
  • Assisted management in assessing production and quality control of computer-printed shipping labels; facilitated use of customer software required for handling all incoming returns.
  • Provided superior public service by providing customers with superior customer service through excellent customer service skills, product knowledge, and an enthusiastic attitude.

Warehouse Assistant Resume Sample 13

  • Moved stock in a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse; accurately rotated inventory to prevent damage and obsolescence.
  • Aided in creating an exemplary Safety Program by taking the initiative to order and install major safety equipment.
  • Created a new standard for superior customer service by assisting customers with their inquiries, concerns, and personal shopping needs.
  • Acquired new skills in Customer Relations by resolving customer inquiries via telephone and email on average within one hour of receipt.
  • Fulfilled $500K+ sales goal for the first quarter of 2007 by providing a strong customer service department that responded to all servicing needs within 24 hours of receipt.

Wrap Up

To work as a Warehouse Assistant, you will need to have a HS Diploma or equivalent, 2 years of experience and/or training. A warehouse assistant must have knowledge of gas compression equipment, knowledge of warehouse data systems, must be agile and flexible, able to climb and use balance, able to lift 50 pounds, have great vision, and should have some clerical knowledge or experience.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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