VP Of Finance Resume Sample

A VP of Finance manages the operation and function of a company’s financial department. Their responsibilities include financial planning, budgeting, abiding by accounting procedures, collaborating with CEO and Vice President of company, abiding by local and national budgetary reporting regulations, and leading corporate finance teams.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best VP Of Finance Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real VP Of Finance resumes for your reference.

VP of Finance Resume Sample 1

  • Identified three sources of funding for the company’s $30 million growth plan.
  • Implemented a new IT strategy, project managed the migration of 17 applications to new technology platform over 12 months, and introduced office 365.
  • Successfully led 14 sales executives as they met/exceeded their 2015 revenue goals by an average of 10%.
  • Promoted from Senior Manager of Finance and Operations with P&L responsibility, developed and created systems and process that increased productivity by 50% and cost effectiveness fivefold.
  • Introduced practices that contributed to 100% on-time shipping performance with product quality also improved by 65%.

VP of Finance Resume Sample 2

  • Identified $250,000 of cost savings via efficiency improvement.
  • Executed long-term strategic plan for five years while maintaining profitability and cash flow.
  • Captured $5 million in new business opportunities while driving down turnover by 30%.
  • Spearheaded $200,000 fundraising campaign with 100% participation from employees and customers.
  • Achieved 35% return on investment after personally designing and implementing a corporate mobile application.

VP of Finance Resume Sample 3

  • Direct the preparation, analysis, and presentation of financial records for over $50 million in assets.
  • Curate financial reports by summarizing pertinent information to include in 10K report to SEC; oversee compilation of all data into proper format.
  • Supervise the annual budget process beginning with evaluation of current year’s actual performance through forecasting and planning for future years.
  • Translate business vision into clear strategies that improve organizational design, operational efficiency, innovation, culture, revenue generation.
  • Cultivate team building initiatives by establishing mentoring programs that focused on teaching personal development skills for professional growth across all levels.

VP of Finance Resume Sample 4

  • Achieved budget of $300,000 in revenue with expenditures at 75% of budget.
  • Implemented new procedures for accounts payable system to improve accuracy and productivity.
  • Managed all aspects of the company’s finances including cash management, taxes, financial reporting, credit controls, etc.; oversaw banking relationships.
  • Oversaw the supervision of investments to achieve an appropriate balance between risk and return; identified opportunities for diversification. Identified property that was purchased or sold in foreign countries.
  • Exceeded company-wide averages by achieving 100% on key metrics surrounding revenue growth and profitability ratios; recognized by CEO as “outstanding performer.” Sold a subsidiary at a price that was 30% more than the original purchase price since obtaining position.

VP of Finance Resume Sample 5

  • Managed $750 million in assets and $5 billion in liabilities.
  • Recognized for increasing corporate earnings by $30,000,000 annually.
  • Developed and implemented advertising and marketing initiatives resulting in increased annual revenues by more than $500 million dollars.
  • Acquired a portfolio of delinquent loans worth $15 million; sold to an investor group recovering over 100% of the principal balance after defaulting on payments for two years.
  • Received special recognition from President & CEO for leading company out of bankruptcy while ensuring that employees retained their jobs with minimal impact to benefits and wages.

VP of Finance Resume Sample 6

  • Achieved a 5% increase in sales and a 3% rise in profit over last year with current staff of 40 employees.
  • Oversaw a $9 million budget, ensuring all expenditures were in line with the company’s values and goals.
  • Effectively managed cash flow by developing financial models to assess future cash needs for research and development, capital expenditures, working capital requirements, payables/receivables, interest expense.
  • Maximized customer relationships through proactive account management; successfully resolving disputes without litigation.
  • Managed 9 employees at Fido Dog Inc.; negotiating contracts with major distributors like Walmart to secure better deals on supplies that created savings that were passed onto the customers.

VP of Finance Resume Sample 7

  • Managed a team of six financial analysts and managed all day-to-day activities in purchase to pay process, fixed assets, accounts payable, general ledger reconciliations.
  • Set up budgets for entire departments; developed business plans for new projects.
  • Received appreciation from customers, employees and vendors for consistently going over and above the call of duty during period of disorganization.
  • Improved departmental efficiency by implementing a centralized billing system to increase revenues while successfully reducing operating expenses.
  • Recognized as top sales executive in 2008 after increasing sales 20% within one year without increasing advertising spending or discounts/promotions offered to customer base.

VP of Finance Resume Sample 8

  • Created a team responsible for financial planning, analysis and reporting.
  • Streamlined the company’s financial operations through process re-engineering and eliminated all manual processes in accounts payable.
  • Managed a P&L with $50 million in sales; developed annual budgeting process, reducing variances from plan to less than 1% .
  • Successfully negotiated terms resulting in savings of over $80K on new software licensing agreement with major software vendor after developing an RFI/RFP to gather competitive quotes.
  • Reduced operating costs by nearly 15% by recommending outsourcing office management functions. Company recognized outstanding job performance with top company award.

VP of Finance Resume Sample 9

  • Initiated, planned, and formulated the department’s budget.
  • Implemented company-wide payroll system with integrated human resources management system. Allocated overtime hours to meet production demand.
  • Raised annual revenue by 25% through new client solicitations; recognized for strong leadership skills by senior management team at quarterly meeting.
  • Arranged international business contract emphasizing the foundations of trust, cooperation, mutual benefit, and win-win situations; organized successful event in less than 4 months.
  • Oversaw $7 million capital expenditure projects which increased plant output by 200%; initiated safety standards that reduced insurance premiums by 20%.

VP of Finance Resume Sample 10

  • Assisted the CFO of a Fortune 100 company in developing financial statement analysis for capital investments.
  • Conducted over 100 monthly, quarterly, and annual audits on subsidiaries across the U.S., Canada and Europe; identified and resolved issues related to compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Negotiated contracts and licenses with major corporations such as Microsoft Corporation, Dish Network Corporation, Proctor & Gamble Company; has authority to legally bind the company.
  • Developed sales strategies by understanding consumer demand trends through results of social media marketing campaigns (Facebook community building).
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities fitting for a VP role after successfully managing staffs from 20 departments within a Fortune 500 company.

VP of Finance Resume Sample 11

  • Oversaw day-to-day operations of firm’s finance department, including accounts receivable, payroll processing, deposits, and other non-discretionary tasks.
  • Increased company profits 15% through management efficiency measures.
  • Developed long term financial plans to support the growth of the business.
  • Led a team that improved productivity by 25%; recognized for excellent performance by Vice President.
  • Managed day-to-day administrative responsibilities during 3 month absence of VP who was on leave for medical reasons; received special letter of gratitude from Company president praising my ability handle complex matters under difficult circumstances .

Wrap Up

To become a VP of Finance, you need a master’s degree in finance or a related field, in addition to years of experience in the field. A VP of Finance must be analytical, must be good with numbers, must be detail-oriented, must have excellent leadership skills, must have excellent communication skills, must have excellent business acumen, and must have excellent organizational skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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