Security Assistant Resume Sample

Security Assistants provide security to the employees, premises, and confidential storage devices. Their duties include managing security clearance for employees, maintaining security databases, performing regular patrol checks, overseeing confidential materials, managing visitations to restricted locations, proofreading and distributing secure messages, and collecting data at intervals for reports.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Security Assistant Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Security Assistant resumes for your reference.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 1

  • Supervised and trained security personnel.
  • Actively participated in the community by initiating, coordinating, and leading youth activities such as basketball games, church functions, and charity events.
  • Participated as a culture-bringer by initiating and spearheading efforts to help build a hospital for impoverished children in another country.
  • Performed professionally as a security guard for six years at the University of Maryland.
  • Volunteered time and resources to perform community service projects such as several years of responsibility for music programs at two churches.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 2

  • Served in multiple law enforcement assignments, which included the arrest of suspects, narcotics investigations, and fugitive apprehension.
  • Participated in multiple tours of duty at United States military bases in Southwest Asia.
  • Trained to pass initial entrance exams for the Special Forces.
  • Participated in two-week training courses on tactics and survival skills for Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).
  • Enabled large-scale military operations through utilization of covert surveillance systems.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 3

  • Participated in over 200 executive and peer reviews in the creation and assessment of security plans in support of base operations.
  • Efficiently managed security team-building activities involving nearly 100 personnel.
  • Achieved fine-tuned skills in assessing and improving personal and professional relationships, negotiations, and civil discourse.
  • Assured recognition for performance by superior leadership; assisted with training safety equipment, tactics, arrest procedures, and professional behavior.
  • Discovered new career possibilities within security through demonstrated leadership capabilities.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 4

  • Provided security for VIPs, heads-of-state, and high-profile celebrities while adhering to all Department of Defense directives for physical protection.
  • Supervised the coordination of security measures including the installation of motion sensors, check points, and surveillance equipment while risking life and limb to protect people in dangerous situations.
  • Developed strategies for emergency preparedness; ensured that the command center was fully operational at all times; provided vital communications to emergency personnel.
  • Installed anti-theft devices on 10 commercial vehicles (trucks); recover approximately $100,000 in stolen cargo while keeping insurance claim limits low through effective crime scene investigation.
  • Accurately investigated 3 homicide cases; located the killer by performing first on-scene investigations.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 5

  • Supervised front desk staff, monitored security cameras, issued passes, escorted visitors, and answered the telephone.
  • Ensured that building was secured at all times and emergency prepared to protect and serve.
  • Met and exceeded customer expectations ensuring security measures were in place.
  • Helped set up incident command order to ensure safety of all employees while assisting in building evacuation.
  • Received outstanding quality award; effectively compiled data relating to safety concerns for surrounding businesses during seven months of day-to-day operations at one location.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 6

  • Continued to grow as a Security Professional; proficient in firearms and martial arts.
  • Instilled discipline, responsibility, and respect as a leader and trainer by setting the example of physical fitness and moral maturity.
  • Performed duties as both a Military Officer/Security Guard & Law Enforcement Officer/Security Guard.
  • Achieved award for job performance excellence by maintaining an overall 99% compliance to any directive given during emergency situations.
  • Reviewed over 100 applications for security guard positions within the military, government, private firms, schools, banks, retail stores, etc.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 7

  • Interrogated suspects held in lockup with a 98.5% conviction rate.
  • Supervised patrol of high-crime area which resulted in a 90% reduction of criminal activity.
  • Negotiated hostage situations with a 95% resolution rate.
  • Restructured shift schedule to reflect the needs of the shift personnel and increase efficiency by 20%.
  • Resolved customer complaints with a 100% satisfaction rating.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 8

  • Achieved award for excellence in defensive tactics and human relations; witnessed by others including other security companies and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Awarded recognition for outstanding performance; praised by management and coworkers for daily scheduling, training, and coordination of duty shifts.
  • Received letter of appreciation from major department store officials; praised by physical presence and active role in deterring shoplifting and other crimes.
  • Trained dozens of security guards to ensure their ability to keep order, public safety, and the rights of individuals under the U.S. Constitution.
  • Equipped and outfitted all security staff with fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire hoses, and industrial air packs.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 9

  • Provide security services for musical performances throughout the world.
  • Served as a security assistant to U.S. Senator, Congressman, and Governor officials during overseas travels.
  • Performed as a security assistant during a U.S. congressional investigation into the murder of Navy sailors.
  • Investigated and apprehended a terrorist who had attempted to bomb a U.S. Naval Base in Italy.
  • Edited and produced over 100 features for local television news broadcasts as a Videographer / Editor as well as provided as a Television Newscaster / Reporter for over 200 programs aired over the past 5 years on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS, and many local TV affiliates.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 10

  • Met a variety of security needs by providing surveillance and monitoring for a small city. Conducted stationary and foot patrol of a municipal water treatment plant.
  • Achieved highest level of customer service satisfaction from the public, police department, fire department, and community perspective for 9 months of law enforcement patrol of 10 miles within a tourist resort.
  • Realized exceptional performance as co-leader of an eight-member unit efficiently implementing emergency services during emergency situations involving fires, shootings, and medicals.
  • Increased professional training through participation in special responses to hazardous materials spills and hostage situations during three years with the Air Force Security Forces.
  • Accomplished exemplary performance in job duties of traffic control and liaison with law enforcement agencies for 6 months with the Federal Protective Service.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 11

  • Uncovered stolen trade secrets from a corporate competitor by carefully observing and recording suspect’s physical setting and patterns of behavior.
  • Secured a highly sought-after fugitive at a D.C. International airport after calmly observing suspect’s movements, discretely following, and phoning in a precise description of suspect from 100 yards away from target.
  • Proved worthlessness to an agenda during an international business meeting when presented with the threat of assassination by accurately assessing suspect’s weaknesses in verbal sparring.
  • Returned to-normalcy to an uproar in the office when parents became concerned that their children were being bullied or harassed.
  • Infiltrated a small office/ laboratory, where I uncovered a new chemical that needed further study and research.

Security Assistant Resume Sample 12

  • Prepared for and monitored security plans, training, and changes in the environment.
  • Enhanced ability to gather, assess, analyze, and synthesize information related to critical incidents.
  • Improved interpersonal skills by interfacing with Operations Officers within the United States Air Force, NATO Air Command Center in Germany, US Defense Coordinating Officers around the globe.
  • Recognized by commanders as an Excellent Military Intelligence Analyst during annual evaluations.
  • Received military commendation for coordinating, processing, and monitoring logistics for Project Open Gate; successfully coordinated transportation of over 20 tons of food rations for Project Open Gate; successfully coordinated airlift of critical supplies to Bolivia.

Wrap Up

To be a Security Assistant, you must have a high school diploma or its equivalent and a C class driver’s permit. You must demonstrate customer service, wide-ranging communication skills, computer skills, organization, attentiveness, ability to work irregular hours, ability to meet deadlines, ability to multitask, and proficiency in Microsoft Office 365 and video communications.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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