Residential Supervisor Resume Sample

Residential Supervisors work in public and private residential facilities support day to day lives of individuals who cannot live on their own. Their duties will vary based on the facility and reason for tenancy but may include overseeing residents routines (personal care, housekeeping, chores, banking and shopping), observe and document residents behavior, physical condition and emotional development, provide training for group home residents according to each individual’s prescribed plan, and write reports and meet with social workers.

To work as a Residential Supervisor you must have a Bachelor’s Degree in social work or an applied psychology degree and experience working with the target population of the facility (elderly, at risk youth, parolees, etc). Residential Supervisors must demonstrate ability to multitask, strong attention to detail, leadership abilities, empathetic, strong team player, basic computer skills, and excellent communication.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Residential Supervisor Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Residential Supervisor resumes for your reference.

Residential Supervisor Resume Sample 1

  • Provided quality customer service to tenants and visitors through proper maintenance of building, including gardening, snow removal, cleaning, painting.
  • Assisted department managers in training, monitoring performance evaluations for staff members.
  • Maintained accurate financial records by performing monthly bank deposits; reconciled daily cash receipts with previous deposit slip totals.
  • Promoted team morale through support of company-sponsored events such as bowling outings and sports tickets.
  • Improved work flow by analyzing operational procedures after receiving special training from office administrator.

Residential Supervisor Resume Sample 2

  • Managed the daily operations of a single-family residential community, which included supervising and training 15 staff members.
  • Proficiently resolved customer complaints by maintaining positive relationships between residents and management company.
  • Analysed financial records to identify areas for cost savings or revenue generation by investigating utility costs.
  • Delivered exceptionally effective results by increasing monthly collections from $420,000 per year to $720,000 in half the time using new marketing techniques.
  • Earned appreciation from peers as a fast learner after quickly mastering new programs such as Advantage Web and Microsoft Word.

Residential Supervisor Resume Sample 3

  • Direct and manage work team of 3 employees.
  • Manage multi-million dollar renovation; documented project from beginning to end, including weekly reports to the operations manager, daily logs of materials used, and monthly records of labor hours for payroll purposes.
  • Implemented system that streamlined billing procedures and increased billings by 10% within first month; recognized by operations manager as a key factor in company achieving its yearly objectives before deadline date.
  • Accountable for arranging fundraising activities and special events for over 1,000 students through careful planning and coordination with various administrative personnel.
  • Tracked progress and maintained all student file records during summer break; updated information to ensure files are up-to-date and ready for first day of school.

Residential Supervisor Resume Sample 4

  • Supervised and monitored the entire operations for a group of ten residential communities.
  • Oversee all aspects of community maintenance, including landscaping, pool service, and repairs.
  • Widely recognized for excellent customer services abilities; often receive unsolicited thanks from residents and visitors for helpfulness and courtesy.
  • Effectively managed staff through delegation and supervision; observed to possess unique ability to motivate employees while maintaining congenial work environment.
  • Additional duties included assisting in management of staff training and orientation programs along with conflict mediation between co-workers or tenants.

Residential Supervisor Resume Sample 5

  • Trained and supervised two new employees; recognized by company for excellent customer service record.
  • Planned work schedules to meet weekly work goals; maintained morale by maintaining high standards for housekeeping, community relations, and availability of services.
  • Provided support to co-workers in personal matters including recommending reading materials and providing referral to professional counselors.
  • Trained over 15 new residents on participant phone system; recognized by company managers for outstanding service delivery.
  • Instructed management team in the use of automated resident call systems; implemented procedures increasing efficiency of communication devices while minimizing cost associated with repair/replacement of units.

Residential Supervisor Resume Sample 6

  • Organized, implemented and documented the use of new computer programs for an inventory management system.
  • Negotiated a contract with a local institution to provide historic books to the community library. Resolved several problems with billing and late deliveries.
  • Prepared deposits, posted cash receipts, verified accuracy of daily transactions, reconciled accounts and balanced bank statements.
  • Promoted from Office Assistant I to Office Assistant II after demonstrating consistent competency through my positive attitude and attention to detail over my three years of employment with the company.
  • Volunteered as treasurer for non-profit organization dedicated to helping new immigrants assimilate into American culture while fostering sustainable development in their home countries; increased revenue by 300% and balanced monthly budgets.

Residential Supervisor Resume Sample 7

  • Managed the rehabilitation and maintenance of twelve buildings as well as their over 100 residents.
  • Recommended new approaches to improve departmental functions after developing strong systems for document control, equipment inventory and usage, and staff supervision.
  • Efficiently managed a $500,000 budget; created spreadsheet to reconcile credit balances and coordinate timely payment of bills and payroll checks.
  • Improved resident retention for our properties by revising rental procedures, including tenant background screening and late payment processing.
  • Identified areas in which my employer could save thousands of dollars each month through improved scheduling protocols.

Residential Supervisor Resume Sample 8

  • Supervised a team of Residential Advisors and interns ranging in age from 21 to 33 years old. Ensured all assigned daily tasks were completed by end of work day.
  • Streamlined the process for filing invoices and managing work orders with vendors on behalf of more than 12,000 residents using new software system.
  • Acted as a liaison between employees, managers, and executives by resolving issues quickly while maintaining excellent customer service skills.
  • Led group training session for new employees then supervised their activities during orientation period to ensure guidelines were followed.
  • Implemented procedures that reduced duplicative work resulting in an annual cost savings of over $10,000 per year previously spent on duplicate efforts.

Residential Supervisor Resume Sample 9

  • Effectively managed thirteen staff members in an efficient manner to ensure the proper execution of all assigned tasks; recognized for achievement by Area Manager.
  • Organized and maintained activity schedules for sixteen children, ensuring no overlap in schedule; promoted communication between teachers and parents.
  • Recognized among peers as a self-starter, extra effort in times of need to support other employees in completing duties successfully despite being short staffed.
  • Developed comprehensive list of state regulations regarding child development programs for consideration by State University faculty teaching Early Childhood Education courses.
  • Earned recognition from State Board of Education based on recommendation letter from program instructors who valued my work ethic to meet deadlines, maintain confidentiality, and support all students in the program.

Residential Supervisor Resume Sample 10

  • Oversaw residential operations of 980-unit apartment community; managed daily staffing needs and adhered to budget, inspected all exterior grounds for safe play, and planned major holiday events.
  • Recognized as a “Phone Powerhouse” by line staff after consistently processing over 175 telephone calls per shift.
  • Implemented new procedures and maintained high efficiency standards throughout the renovation process; recognized by company president for outstanding performance.
  • Organized and directed all renovations during historic preservation project; gained approval from city inspectors to complete the work on time.
  • Relocated building occupants while providing support to ensure minimal disruption during eight months of construction.

Residential Supervisor Resume Sample 11

  • Managed apartment complex in the Southeast section of Washington, DC.
  • Oversaw conduct and safety of tenants, escorting guests at night.
  • Ensured resident satisfaction through constant communication with residents regarding daily concerns.
  • Unlocked apartments without damage to door locks for emergency fire, police, or EMS responders when necessary.
  • Screened all rental applications for qualification using firm housing standards for credit reporting agencies and past landlords.

Wrap Up

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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