Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample

Juvenile Probation Officers supervise youth who have been accused or convicted of crimes and are placed on probation. Their duties include performing assessments and researching their family and social background, making regular visits to the youths’ homes , preparing pre-dispositional reports,filing motions for probation violations, interviewing parents, guardians, or lawyers, and crisis intervention.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Juvenile Probation Officer resumes for your reference.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 1

  • Metered crime, counseling, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation needs of over 3,000 juveniles through over 3,000 visits and interactions.
  • Established rapport with juvenile probationers, handled problems effectively, and maintained positive relationships with probationers, their families, and community.
  • Coordinated and monitored community court services, ensuring offenders were made aware of their court dates, probation requirements, and court process.
  • Evaluated and recorded cases of probation violations, in-home or in-school services, or incarceration needs of juveniles.
  • Monitored, planned, and implemented community service projects to assist juveniles in acquiring vocational skills and preparing for future employment.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 2

  • Established trust and confidence with minor criminals, including juvenile delinquents, as well as the family and community.
  • Obtained and maintained superior results in school-related and other counseling programs, including Drug Abuse Resistance Education.
  • Effectively developed family and community relations, using a combination of hard work, knowledge, and wisdom.
  • Recognized for leadership skills by achieving rank in a probation officer’s club.
  • Received excellent evaluation from both juvenile and adult probation officers.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 3

  • Promoted community development by becoming involved in the local school board and coaching baseball.
  • Increased the number of court dates by developing effective community relations.
  • Made the court calendar more efficient by developing strategies to manage it more effectively.
  • Proven organizational skills and communication ability by establishing community-based meetings and implementing guidelines for establishing new community partnerships.
  • Evaluated police records and performed criminal background checks to determine the appropriateness of court referrals.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 4

  • Enforced law and judicial orders in court for three years, and attended more than fifty jury trials.
  • Developed relationships with state, county, and federal judges to assist in the provision of efficient and effective juvenile justice.
  • Won the title of “Most Valuable” for the department for which I worked.
  • Received the “Employee of the Year” award for the region in which I worked. Assigned probationers to court cases and scheduled their sentencing.
  • Was nominated by the court to represent juveniles on the “Youth Court” panel, where I developed rapport with judges, attorneys, and parents.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 5

  • Established trust and rapport with children, parents, and their families; gained the trust and respect of juvenile court judges and attorneys.
  • Learned criminal justice principles by being a judge’s law clerk; acquired knowledge of the law by studying with juvenile attorneys and police officers.
  • Established an effective means of reaching juvenile delinquents by using a well-known television show, which portrayed the seriousness of the juvenile justice system.
  • Fostered children to develop an attitude of empathy for other children in the juvenile court system by participating in court activities.
  • Won praise for a successful presentation to the juvenile court board. Managed an extensive data base of delinquent probationers by researching court records and assessing previous work histories.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 6

  • Observed juvenile offenders, evaluated probation records, and recommended court intervention for all pending cases.
  • Successfully managed community relationships and gained a positive reputation among youth and parents.
  • Educated and motivated youth for the safety of the community through the courts and the Juvenile Justice system.
  • Improved education and job readiness for inmates by teaching vocational classes and community employment.
  • Supervised a group of three interns in a legal practice environment.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 7

  • Adhered to the guidelines and recommendations of the juvenile justice system.
  • Educated young adults in terms of basic human rights and legal concepts, such as the presumption of innocence and fair trial.
  • Attended educational and training sessions to learn the law, crime, and punishment of juveniles, as well as the laws of legal guardianship and the powers of the state.
  • Advised and consulted with juveniles to ensure they were protected by the law, as well as to make sure that they understood their legal rights and obligations.
  • Attended training sessions to learn the laws of mental health and the legal rights of mental health patients.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 8

  • Promoted and maintained a 100% record of juvenile arrests.
  • Served on the Juvenile Detention Advisory Council.
  • Led the formation of the juvenile court diversion program in my jurisdiction.
  • Initiated a national model juvenile justice system to establish a court-community partnership.
  • Promoted the expansion of juvenile court services.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 9

  • Observed, monitored, and documented compliance with judicial and probation orders. Attended and completed court-ordered and community-based treatment programs.
  • Assigned and supervised court-ordered and community-based programs. Fulfilled mandatory community service requirements.
  • Focused on managing probationers and coordinating social services. Provided legal counseling and case management services.
  • Used case management, community supervision, and motivational interviewing skills to encourage and enable the offenders to live a productive life.
  • Recognized for community service accomplishments by local, state, and national judges.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 10

  • Successfully rehabilitated over 200 children and adults, some as violent as possible, into community and productive citizens.
  • Recognized for excellence by being named the best juvenile probation officer in the state of Oregon, and the only officer to be presented with a shield and ribbon for outstanding service.
  • Earned recognition for consistent, effective, and compassionate management of juvenile offenders by being named an exceptional probation officer by the county’s juvenile judge.
  • Achieved recognition by the state for exceptional service and commitment to rehabilitation through a written citation from the juvenile judge.
  • Met national standard for effectiveness in juvenile probation by participating in national training for juvenile probation officers.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 11

  • Served as a juvenile probation officer for 3 years. Mentored at-risk youth and worked with them to complete court ordered community service.
  • Organized a fundraiser for a church outreach program and raised over $2,000 for a good cause.
  • Achieved out-of-court-disposition for a client and served as a mediator for other cases.
  • Reduced time of probation and incarceration for an individual and saved taxpayers’ money.
  • Developed long-term goals for a juvenile in terms of living on his own, making better decisions, and remaining law-abiding.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 12

  • Supervised over 400 juvenile probationers; enhanced and organized daily program; maintained strict guidelines for discipline and safety; and facilitated growth in adolescent self-respect and responsibility.
  • Recognized for performance; awarded for effectiveness in community service. Achieved award for superior service; displayed commitment to probation and criminal justice.
  • Recognized for innovation in adolescent intervention; held position as lead supervisor.
  • Initiated a new approach to probation supervision; created educational and therapeutic goals for probationers; and provided immediate guidance to young offenders.
  • Helped establish juvenile justice training center; and contributed to planning and preparation of three separate curriculums for juveniles.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 13

  • Responsible for supervising a population of delinquents and providing rehabilitative services to these juveniles.
  • Supervised five to six inmates at the same time; organized, taught, and disciplined these inmates.
  • Successfully completed rehabilitation of delinquent juveniles in one year and seven months.
  • Participated in training for certification of corrections officers.
  • Implemented probationary programs for juveniles. Established relationship with juvenile and family court judges, resulting in more successful supervision of juvenile offenders.

Juvenile Probation Officer Resume Sample 14

  • Interviewed, evaluated, and placed hundreds of juvenile offenders in the custody of the probation department.
  • Monitored juveniles with dangerous histories and sought to modify their negative behavior and future outcomes through probation supervision.
  • Recognized for proactive enforcement of juvenile laws and protecting the community from juvenile delinquency.
  • Received outstanding quality award for work in specialized, comprehensive, and demanding juvenile corrections programs.
  • Attended national training seminar to prepare for juvenile corrections officers.

Wrap Up

To work as a Juvenile Probation Officer you must hold a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or Social Work, you must complete a state training program and pass a certification exam, then work as a trainee for up to one year before becoming permanent. Juvenile Probation Officers must show emotional stability, communication, organization, decision-making, critical thinking, writing, and listening skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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