15 Supervisor Cover Letters That Will Get Hired (NOW)

Are you are looking to write a cover letter for Supervisor jobs that will impress recruiters and get you noticed by hiring managers? You need one to apply for a job, but you don’t know what to say.

Cover letters are an important tool for any job seeker, as they can provide a chance for the applicant to sell themselves without having to come into the interview. It’s also an opportunity to ensure that your qualifications are relevant, which increases your chances of being considered for the position. An effective cover letter should be about two pages long, and should include a brief summary of your experience in relation to the job, why you want it, and how you think you can make a valuable contribution.

Here are 15 amazing Supervisor cover letters that are professionally written and will help you stand out and get that job!

Supervisor Cover Letters

Each cover letter is written with a different focus. Review all of them and pick the ones that apply to your situation. Take inspiration from multiple samples and combine them to craft your unique cover letter.

Supervisor Sample 1

Dear ____,
I believe that I am the perfect candidate for the Supervisor position you’re looking to hire for. I come with a solid work experience in customer service and in management. I am hard-working and responsible, and your company would benefit from my skills. I look forward to hearing from you soon about when we can set up an interview appointment.
Thanks in advance for considering me!
Sincerely, __________

Supervisor Sample 2

I am very interested in your Supervisor position. I bring many years of experience in management, evaluation, and leadership to the table.  I have always had a keen interest in systems development and implementation; hence my expertise is implementing new strategies for improvement, restructuring programs to better meet objectives, evaluating the effectiveness of programs and initiatives. Additionally, I am adept at conducting research surveys with quantitative data collection methods that involve sampling techniques such as random digit dialing or stratified random sampling to obtain samples representative of population groups.  Finally, I am eager to learn more about your supervision requirements so that I can tailor my skillset accordingly.

Supervisor Sample 3

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter because I am interested in the position of Supervisor at your company. I would like to tell you about myself and why I believe that I am qualified for the position. At my current job, I manage a team of four employees and have successfully supervised them for three years now. As a supervisor, I make sure that all tasks are completed timely and efficiently without errors to ensure quality assurance in the work place. My current responsibilities include budgeting, scheduling, assigning daily tasks accordingly with deadlines, tracking progress on all projects through reports submitted by my team members every work day during our morning meetings. If you are interested in my services please feel free to contact me via phone or email at any

Supervisor Sample 4

I am seeking a position as a Supervisor at ___________. I have over 10 years of experience in retail and inventory management, and can assure you that I will be able to successfully manage your company’s business operations. My resume is attached for your perusal. If you would like to schedule an interview with me, please contact my email or phone number below:

-email address
-Phone Number

Supervisor Sample 5

Dear ____,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the Supervisor position you are hiring for. I have 12 years of experience in supervising employees at various levels of responsibility and have been successful at every job I’ve held. My leadership skills and strong work ethic make me a great candidate for this role. As such, please consider me as a candidate for the Supervisor position you are hiring for. Thank you for your time and consideration, _____

Supervisor Sample 6

I am writing to express my interest in the Supervisor position at _____. I am confident that I would be an asset to your company, and genuinely interested in this opportunity. I am confident that my qualifications and experience make me a great candidate for this position, and would welcome any opportunity to learn more about this role by talking with you. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at (202) 555-1234 or email me at [email protected]

Supervisor Sample 7

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Supervisor at _____. “Qualifications” I have over 10 years of experience supervising employees within a wide range of capacities. My strong work ethic and leadership skills will be an asset to your company. Please reach out if you would like to discuss my qualifications further.

Supervisor Sample 8

I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. As such, I am looking for an entry-level position in the field of human resources or management that would enable me to use my knowledge and skills. Please consider my qualifications when you are hiring for your supervisor position at _____.

Supervisor Sample 9

Dear HR Department,

I am a hardworking and motivated individual with a strong background in customer service. I have 10 years of experience working with customers, and I am excited to apply my skills in a new position. I am qualified for this Supervisor position and would welcome the opportunity to be interviewed. Thank you for your consideration.

Supervisor Sample 10

Dear [recipient],

Thank you for your consideration. I am a [insert relevant qualifications] with [insert relevant experience] and have been in the field of [insert applicable field] for over 10 years. The skills that I can bring to your company are excellent organizational skills, proven leadership abilities, and a high level of customer service skills. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email if there is anything else you would like to know about my qualifications or experience before making a decision on who will fill the Supervisor position at your company.

Sincerely,   [signature].

Supervisor Sample 11

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am applying for the supervisor position. I possess a strong work ethic and am able to meet deadlines. I am also able to work well on a team and take constructive criticism without getting defensive. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills, which would make me an asset in this position. My experience includes managing staff, scheduling employees, dealing with vendors, providing training courses for new hires, and providing customer service for clients on the phone.

Supervisor Sample 12


I am applying for the Supervisors position at the company. I have extensive experience in this role, having supervised a team of 20 people on a regular basis for over 15 years. I am confident that my skills and qualifications are well suited to this role, specifically my experience overseeing staff recruitment, training, coaching, motivating staff to perform better and execution of projects. I am available for an interview any time that suits your schedule.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Supervisor Sample 13

Dear Mr. James,

I am excited to apply for the position of Supervisor at your company. I am currently completing an Associate Degree in mechanical engineering and have been working as a Mechanical Engineer for 10 years with a focus on technical and manufacturing industries. My qualifications include:
· 10 years of experience working in manufacturing and technical industry; 8 of those 10 years was spent as a Mechanical Engineer who focused on automation systems, pneumatics, hydraulics and CAD design; And
· I am currently enrolled in an Associate Degree program for Mechanical Engineering at Penn State Harrisburg which will be completed this coming summer. To read more about me or my qualifications please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/cher

Supervisor Sample 14

Dear Mr. or Ms. ________,

I hope that this email finds you well and that the new year is off to a great start! I am currently seeking a supervisor position and I think my skills would be an excellent match for your company’s needs. As such, please let me know if you have any openings available at this time.
I appreciate the opportunity to share my qualifications with you and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for taking the time to consider me as a potential candidate for your team!

Supervisor Sample 15

I am writing in response to your job posting for a Supervisor position. As the sole proprietor of my own business, I have proven time and again that I am able to handle this type of responsibility.

-My corporation’s revenue has increased by 100% in the past year alone –
-I currently employ over 10 full time employees (ranging from administrative staff, marketing professionals, accountants)  
-After responding to an increase in demand for our services at home and abroad, I expanded my company’s operations with an additional manufacturing facility which is now fully operational. This new chapter in my company’s growth was accomplished through careful planning and diligent execution.

Get Hired!

Recruiters and hiring managers receive hundreds of applications for each job opening.

Use the above professionally written Supervisor cover letter samples to learn how to write a cover letter that will catch their attention and customize it for your specific situation.


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