Hotel General Manager Resume Sample

Hotel general managers are responsible for overseeing the entire hotel operation. Duties include maintaining a safe and clean environment, providing excellent customer service, managing all financial aspects of the business, hiring and training staff members such as front desk agents and housekeepers, resolving customer issues, ensuring that room rates do not exceed per-day limits set by corporate management, and working with local businesses to ensure smooth operations.

The Best Hotel General Manager Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Hotel General Manager resumes for your reference.

Hotel General Manager

  • Provided leadership, strategic planning, and administration in all aspects of hotel operations.
  • Responsible for 122 rooms and day-to-day staff management, purchasing, contract negotiations with vendors, forecasting and yearly business plan, P&L, and budget.
  • In charge of maximizing operations and guest satisfaction by monitoring the performance of the hotel through analysis of guest satisfaction metrics and systems increasing the guest score (net promoter) to 2.2 points during this time I was responsible for the elevated guest occupancy of 11% CY.
  • Organized and developed a team of 26 employees to achieve hospitality objectives, reducing turnover to 20%.
  • Won the award for “Hospitality Excellence in Small to Medium-sized Business” Journal of Commerce and Industry; Awarded by Department of Tourism, Government of Ontario.

Hotel General Manager

  • Oversee all aspects of day-to-day operations of the hotel including sales and marketing, guest relations as well as employee relations.
  • Set an annual operational budget, room revenue budget as well as sales and marketing budgets.
  • Conducted weekly staff meetings with all departments to ensure proper communication to staff.
  • Conducted daily competition analysis to ensure my property was positioned correctly within my market.
  • Oversee the general maintenance of the hotel including scheduled repairs.
  • Increased occupancy by 13% for the past 3 years, increasing revenue by 10% in the same time frame.

Hotel General Manager

  • Represent the hotel in the marketplace, develop and maintain relationships with key accounts.
  • Ensure proper selection, training, counseling, and motivation of all team members.
  • Oversee tracking of leads and results by continuously following up with DOS to ensure leads are actively managed and followed upon.
  • Ensure guest satisfaction with the resolution of complaints or problems and proper delivery of guest’s special requests.
  • Inspection of rooms daily according to quality standards for cleanliness and proper preventative maintenance.

Hotel General Manager

  • Utilized strict organization and hiring of multiple hotel staff for all departments including maintenance, housekeeping, and front desk managers.
  • Hands-on leader for all Front Office duties as well as being Head of Housekeeping and laundry to help cut down total salaries cost of the hotel as required by current P&L.
  • Held Director of Sales position which included cold calling, mining for new leads, and reconnecting with old business.
  • Re-trained all employees to current brand standards and received a 90.3% on a Brand Standards Inspection within 1 month of taking over the property.
  • Held guest services manager position where I was responsible for confidentially of all guest calls, guest relations including active listening and taking care of guests issues with efficiency.

Hotel General Manager

  • Develop, administer and control the property revenue and expense budgets.
  • Responsible for monthly inventories, ordering, and receiving goods.
  • Analyze Profit & Loss and General Ledger statements. Submit P&L Variance Reports on time.
  • Develop and maintain rapport with competitive properties, City Convention and Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, lead sources, clients, etc.
  • Oversee and manage all accounting functions including payroll, invoicing, and accounts payable.
  • Handle Accounts Receivable by processing credit cards, cash, and checks; reconciling daily cash to the bank account.

Hotel General Manager

  • Directed all pre and post-opening hotel operations including hotel management, talent identification and development, systems implementation and training, OS&E procurement and installation, food & beverage operations, forecast & budget management, rooms operations, sales and marketing, and revenue management and pricing for this 132 room upper extended stay hotel.
  • Provided the vision, leadership, and direction necessary to motivate the associates to deliver caring service, provide outstanding product quality, rapidly acquire market share and drive financial results.
  • Opened the hotel on time in accordance will all brand pre-opening requirements.
  • Achieved/maintained top 5 brand rank in Guest Intent to recommend and Customer Service.
  • Handle Accounts Payable by evaluating, determining and authorizing payment to creditors.
  • Manage all employee relations issues and grievances.

Hotel General Manager

  • Provide the pre-opening expertise that spans the entire gamut of the hotel operation.
  • Build a cohesive team that induces a successful pre-opening and launch, smooth transition to post-opening.
  • Ensure the hotel is managed according to the brand’s quality and service standards and is maintained as an investment by owners’ expectations regarding financial returns, maintenance, and financial risk mitigation.
  • Formulated and managed departmental budgets and performance measures for all operating departments.
  • Established and maintained a safe, secure working environment and ensured regulatory compliance.

Hotel General Manager

  • Strengthened the company’s business by leading the implementation of the project.
  • Trained, coached, and mentored staff to ensure smooth adoption of a new program.
  • Worked directly with departments, clients, management to achieve results.
  • Recommended, selected, and helped locate and obtain out-of-stock products based on customer requests.
  • Manage and direct vendors as appropriate to ensure efficient procurement of supplies and services.

Hotel General Manager

  • Monitors the performance of the hotel through verification and analysis of guest satisfaction systems and financial reports.
  • Maintains product and service quality standards by conducting ongoing evaluations and investigating complaints.
  • Prepares financial reports for management that clearly explain operational effectiveness, trends, and variances procedures.
  • Ensures good safety practices of employees and guests, assisting in the maintenance of proper emergency and security.
  • Maintain a computerized inventory system through the use of a barcode-scanning inventory program.

Hotel General Manager

  • Communication with clients to ascertain their precise event requirements.
  • Working closely with key personnel and vendors to ensure the effective delivery of events.
  • Supervision of the front office functions including customer satisfaction, occupancy management, guest interactions, in person or via digital media (e-mails, Trip Advisor), for solving and rectifying any complaints and/or managing their expectations and requirements.
  • Hired, supervised, scheduled, and motivated a staff of up to 50 employees.
  • Ensured that all employees are trained for their positions to maximize the quality of service, productivity, and efficiency.

Hotel General Manager

  • Responsible for all HR Management related processes including payroll, employee recruitment, training, development, setting performance standards and goals, conducting regular meetings, conflict resolution, and classification and compensation issues.
  • Maintained a high level of guest satisfaction as evidenced by correspondence, internet ratings, and guest satisfaction matrices.
  • Received at least 95% guest satisfaction ratings on all mystery shops for two years, every quarter.
  • Maintained strict adherence to deadlines and displayed excellent time management practices.
  • Collaborate with all departments to implement strong team-building programs and teamwork skills.

Hotel General Manager

  • Contribute to the hotel by suggesting new ideas for promotional offers and marketing possibilities.
  • Ensure compliance with licensing laws, health and safety, and other statutory regulations.
  • Monitor the running of various events that are hosted by the hotel such as seminars, parties, and conferences to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Liaise with various departmental managers from food and beverages, maintenance, front desk, and so on to ensure that they run smoothly.
  • Review, analyze, and produce reports on the hotel’s performance.

How to Become a Successful Hotel General Manager?

Most employers will prefer that you have at least a high school degree, and others will want a bachelor’s in business administration or hospitality services, in addition to any kind of program that will teach you finance and customer service.

Upon being hired, experience will be the most important factor in becoming a hotel general manager, as you will typically start at a position such as working the front desk or assisting the current manager team.

Developing leadership skills will be the most important part of obtaining a career as a hotel general manager due to the oversight of your employees and the need to ensure you can properly guide employees in your care.

Customer service skills are also important to develop, as you will be working with the general public in all parts of hotel employment and you will need your customers to be happy and their problems resolved.

After you gain a few years of experience, keeping your establishment running smoothly by taking notes of the finances and the performances of your employees, as well as ensuring the building is clean and in order.

Wrap Up

Supervisory skills are essential in this role, but top skills also include communication abilities (verbal and written), problem-solving skills under pressure, conflict resolution abilities, basic math skills to balance budgets or track expenses from month to month, multitasking abilities under pressure to keep multiple projects going at once while paying attention to detail on all tasks involved in this role, and flexibility in work hours depending on the needs of the business.

A hotel general manager oversees all the tasks necessary to keep the establishment running, and that may include a facility such as a hotel, or a bed and breakfast, or a motel depending on the business. They keep track of maintenance, employee hiring and scheduling, and finances, in addition to ensuring that customers are happy and that they keep coming back to the establishment due to the quality of service provided.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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