Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample

A Bilingual Secretary speaks English and a foreign language to help clients with administrative tasks. Their duties include taking phone calls, translating letters and written documents, organizing meetings and booking appointments, researching data and creating reports and spreadsheets, making travel and accommodation arrangements, interpreting for international clients who visit or call over the phone.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Bilingual Secretary Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Bilingual Secretary resumes for your reference.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 1

  • Worked in both English and Spanish; frequently communicated with two other departments in different languages.
  • Promoted to be Secretary III.
  • Her Spanish skills contributed to an increase in efficiency by communicating with the greater number of employees who only spoke Spanish; honored by three separate department heads for her efforts, ability, and enthusiasm.
  • Organized special events while retaining fluency in two languages including translating documents, taking telephone messages, writing memos, and creating presentations.
  • Displayed leadership abilities while helping resolve conflicts between employees who did not speak the same language; bilingualism was highly valued team building asset.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 2

  • Receptionist for a multi-disciplinary medical office with 2 years of client relations experience.
  • Assisted patients in completing their financial and registration forms, quickly and accurately input data, and maintain the front desk area in an organized manner.
  • Coordinated physician schedules and communicated patient feedback to physicians; identified potential problems and provided solutions.
  • Accurately maintained daily patient appointment records by classifying file numbers into numerical order using drop down menus on Windows XP program.
  • Gained customer satisfaction by providing excellent service to Spanish speaking patients who were new to the practice; placed calls over the phone when necessary after additional training from the office manager.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 3

  • Gained knowledge and expertise of medical filing system and procedures, including the ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines.
  • Entertained and assisted patients with diverse linguistic backgrounds in a sensitive manner; efficiently communicated messages via phone calls, letters, etc…
  • Completed bilingual correspondence for departmental associates by translating contractual documentation from English to Spanish.
  • Successfully completed 200+ word translations within 2-3 business days as required for legal proceedings such as affidavits, court documents, wills, powers of attorney; kept proper file record-keeping.
  • Wrote “how-to” manuals for use by non-English speaking personnel; translated technical terms into laymen’s terminology that was easily understood.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 4

  • Met and exceeded all quotas for phone surveys.
  • Proactively managed office workflow, including greeting clients, filing documents, performing clerical duties, sending/receiving faxes, scanning materials, copying paperwork.
  • Expertly prepared presentations in both English and Spanish for company project management meetings.
  • Possess outstanding communication skills both orally & written in two languages to effectively interact with colleagues of various nationalities at the local office level.
  • Performed key role in high profile international project involving legal basis research for Latin American market entry during prime time working hours resulting in achievement of over quota results.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 5

  • Maintain a high level of confidentiality through proper filing and disposal of documents.
  • Assisted Executive Assistant in the preparation for meetings, presentations, special events, and travel arrangements.
  • Responsible for overall day-to-day operation of the office based on established guidelines to ensure continued operations during absence or vacancy.
  • Promoted from Secretary I to Administrative Secretary III as a result of demonstrated exceptional performance over time.
  • Was requested by previous supervisor to continue performing duties as required after departure from position.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 6

  • Handled all aspects of office procedures, including scheduling appointments, making reservations, handling personal mail and faxes.
  • Collaborated with executive officers by providing meeting arrangements for conferences.
  • Trained new secretary on administrative duties by organizing filing system and passing on daily routines involved in running the company’s business operations.
  • Provided executive support to Managing Director by taking notes during presentations, editing documents, tracking department budgets for accuracy, producing reports as needed.
  • Participated in office birthday celebrations by bringing cupcakes to celebrate the team members’ birthdays.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 7

  • Acted as a liaison between customers and sales staff.
  • Provided excellent customer service by greeting all customers, answering telephone calls, relaying messages to the appropriate person, and prioritizing daily work schedule.
  • Improved office productivity by completing miscellaneous tasks such as filing, faxing documents, mailing letters and packages, maintaining supply inventory levels.
  • Maintained a positive company reputation through consistent contact with customers and other external sources.
  • Facilitated the efficient flow of information within the organization by acting as an effective resource for customers and internal employees alike.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 8

  • Proficient in using MS Office suite; proficient in typing at 55 wpm.
  • Exceeded expectations to complete tasks by managing multiple priorities and time schedules.
  • Achieved high degree of accuracy when performing MIS for senior management, including recordkeeping, generating reports, updating databases, organizing conference room details, following up on travel arrangements.
  • Performed many additional duties as assigned which include reading to residents, scanning patient files for physicians’ use, leading weekly fitness programs and bi-weekly activities.
  • Maximized productivity by working solo during work absence of other bilingual secretary; retained all essential responsibilities. Interpreted accurately the meaning behind conversations about personal issues that arose between staff.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 9

  • Responsible for the administrative and clerical duties of a busy law firm.
  • Adept at providing support to an attorney with extensive pre-trial research on various issues, as well as organizing depositions, court dockets, and subpoenas.
  • Acted as liaison between clients and other departments as needed.
  • Provided reception for visitors.
  • Monitored phones and sent faxes to offices, attorneys, paralegals, third parties, etc.; maintained contact list updating names and numbers daily.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 10

  • Efficiently performed all clerical duties to include but not limited to filing, faxing, typing correspondence and reports, make travel arrangements for executives.
  • Acted as an interpreter between Spanish-speaking clients and English speaking potential customers.
  • Updated customer database with new information; maintained existing customer records ensuring accuracy of all data that was collected.
  • Initiated bilingual communication by initiating conversation in both languages at the same time when asked by managers or other employees during meetings or seminars specific to Hispanic business culture.
  • Proactively scheduled conferences, scheduled appointments with designated follow up contacts per appointment made for each client visiting from a foreign country who do not speak or understand English fluently.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 11

  • Performed bilingual correspondence and telephone services.
  • Edited and translated legal documents.
  • Managed all conference calls, meetings and travel arrangements for Executive Board members.
  • Designed flyers, emails and presentations to promote events for campus students and faculty.
  • Authored proposals that garnered over $150,000 in funding from private donors.

Bilingual Secretary Resume Sample 12

  • Presided as CEO to a staff of 5 and supported the production and research efforts of over 10 scientists.
  • Prepared and maintained correspondence and accurate filing systems.
  • Assisted in all aspects of public relations, including clients’ travel arrangements, press kits, news releases, schedules, etc.; available upon request via telephone 24 hours per day.
  • Provided back up assistance for all administrative functions, such as scheduling interviews with key business contacts who were traveling domestically or internationally; often scheduled late evening appointments after normal workday ended.
  • Greeted guests and transferred calls between departments; fulfilled requests from internal staff members concerning various issues related to company’s operations.

Wrap Up

To work as a Bilingual Secretary, you should have a Bachelor’s degree in a foreign language, or a high school diploma or equivalent if they are fluent in the foreign language, as well as business management training. Bilingual Secretaries should demonstrate great attention to detail, excellent written and verbal communication, analytical and interpersonal skills, proficiency with basic computer programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel, and promptness.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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