Senior Designer Resume Sample

Senior Designers oversee the projects of a team of designers. Their duties include ensuring the design projects map to marketing goals, reviewing the work of junior designers, maintaining currency on industry developments, understanding the basic concepts of design, occasionally designing original pieces, and most importantly overseeing design projects.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Senior Designer Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Senior Designer resumes for your reference.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 1

  • Recognized as a top designer by the director of Marketing and Publicity; promoted to the Senior Designer position.
  • Provided hands-on design services relating to art direction and graphic design for the marketing department; developed promotional material for trade shows and conventions.
  • Created logo designs and cover designs for company brochures; developed cover graphics for publications.
  • Acquired CAD knowledge to become proficient with computer aided design software; 1 of 2 designers who became database Certified users.
  • Organized and presented a successful workshop related to using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in graphic design, for students at a local college; received positive feedback from faculty.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 2

  • Shipped two-dozen portfolios to prospective employers; earned the attention of Design Director at New York City firm.
  • Increased sales by 20% over previous year; recipient of Gold Star Award for outstanding sales performance.
  • Helped design exhibit that earned grant grant; recognized for creative thinking and adherence to strict guidelines.
  • Earned accolades for superior design skills; consistently met deadlines while maintaining quality control standards.
  • Achieved award for designing prototype of new product; developed effective plans while negotiating deadlines with Production Manager.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 3

  • Created the company’s holiday video production; received award for outstanding job.
  • Recognized by General Manager for outstanding leadership performance.
  • Received generous recognition from CEO for creating best practices in graphic design; promoted to Senior Designer.
  • Helped design team achieve highest production in company history; led team in setting graphic standards, publishing procedures, and creative potential development.
  • Met with General Manager to discuss increasing departmental pay by two percent; led successful project management meetings.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 4

  • Accomplished journalist; responsible for the successful launch of a new email newsletter.
  • Accomplished marketing manager; responsible for the development of marketing strategy and implementation to increase membership.
  • Accomplished copywriter; responsible for producing outstanding media materials.
  • Accomplished editor; responsible for leading a team in the revision and proofreading of E-Books and related marketing materials; raised awareness of newly-released publication to community and corporate stakeholders.
  • Accomplished designer; responsible for producing engaging media.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 5

  • Directed staff in organization of an exhibit for the Center for Children’s Arts and Learning. Created a sophisticated cornucopia garden inspired by the works of renowned artist Niki De Saint Phalle
  • Initiated, created, and implemented the program “Art Appreciation Day”; led over 30 staff members who painted over 16,000 children’s artworks.
  • Introduced “Planning/Organizing & Evaluation” methodology to present changes in staff programs; evaluated effectiveness of programs through staff interviews.
  • Reviewed potential media outlets for presenting local artists’ work to community members.
  • Initiated/wrote plans for a professional development workshop for studio assistants.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 6

  • Designed cover art for the guitar band “The Message”.
  • Designed for a Fortune 500 company in Missouri.
  • Applied for an internship at the New York State Council of the American Institute of Architects.
  • Researched design ideas, worked with consultants, and prepared presentation documents in preparation for awarding a university’s baccalaureate degree to an architectural student.
  • Designed ad banners for college placement flyers, business cards, post cards, and printed materials related to event planning/management.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 7

  • Awarded Best in Show; designed and detailed a new product for Microsoft for the third year and received award and commendation from top designers.
  • Received award of excellence; substantially improved quarterly sales through improved product design and redesign.
  • Received outstanding sales performance nomination; recognized as an excellent sales representative.
  • Awarded sales excellence award; recognized as a top sales representative.
  • Recognized as a top designer; designed new products for several departments, and received a Commendation Letter from the department manager.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 8

  • Received top honors for designing multi-million dollar homes; created comprehensive designs with inspiration from the west coast, Europe, and beyond.
  • Awarded the Home Builders Association award for outstanding design; exhibited creative skill in identifying needs and desires of clients.
  • Obtained excellence at interiors awards winner; utilized my experience in managing complex projects to evolve my creativity in design.
  • Developed design software tool used to make life easier for architects; efficient planning enabled me to stay on track with deadlines.
  • Managed my team in creative ways; created innovative work environment by using our passion for design to excel in an age of high-tech equipment.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 9

  • Provided customers with quality work when creating logos, brochures, business cards, and web pages.
  • Participated in the design process by taking into account the client’s business goals in order to create a product that enhances their image.
  • Conceived ideas for advertisements that were inspiring and innovative.
  • Achieved award for meeting customer satisfaction guidelines based on customer survey ratings from customers who had received services.
  • Increased revenue for company by selling several logo designs to existing clients.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 10

  • Achieved marketing goal of booking 50 new clients during first six months on the team.
  • Maintained 100% customer satisfaction rating on all design jobs, despite deadlines and difficult clientele.
  • Earned customer referral award for converting five existing design customers into further marketing prospects.
  • Promoted to Senior Designer for exceeding sales goals yearly since 2013; scheduling more than 2,000 hours in project management, graphic design and web development.
  • Creative idea led to business-to-business referral opportunity; increased repeat business tenfold within one month after implementation.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 11

  • Recognized as a creative genius for creating award-winning designs according to customer specifications.
  • Developed innovative designs to be patented.
  • Achieved award for facilitating a contest to choose the best design from among outstanding performers.
  • Received a Merit Award for implementing an efficient design concept, thereby saving the company thousands of dollars based on saved labor and material costs.
  • Recommended a new product that generated a profit of more than $500,000 first-year sales at one of the company’s largest East Coast accounts.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 12

  • Designed and developed artwork for a regional landscape architecture firm’s advertising campaign.
  • Designed and developed a children’s book.
  • Landscaped Chisholm Hills, a golf course in South Austin, Texas, helping to beautify the community.
  • Invented a business plan for Magazin Gama – a European style apparel store – which was ultimately sold to an international company.
  • Developed an outdoor commercial billboard; worked closely with the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, to obtain permits and plan for construction.

Senior Designer Resume Sample 13

  • Helped develop an e-commerce business that grew revenues by 47% while reducing online development expenses by 47%.
  • Took on additional responsibilities to grow traffic for a start-up business. Increased monthly unique visitors by 40% while decreasing monthly operating expenses by 25%.
  • Increased total design services revenue 15% in 1 year while lowering overhead. Created an online marketing channel to increase marketing presence via industry advertising channels.
  • Answered all customer service inquiries promptly, professionally, and accurately to help ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Planned and directed photography for integrated campaigns; successfully captured atmospheric images as well as aspirational lifestyle shots for clients/retailers to use across multiple media channels.

Wrap Up

To work as a Senior Designer, you need a bachelor’s degree, preferably in an art related subject. Senior Designers must demonstrate collaborative skills, the ability to manage others, communication skills, program management skills, understanding of aesthetics, understanding of design software, and an understanding of the other functions of the company.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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