Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample

An assistant production manager is responsible for supervising the manufacturing or production process. Duties include providing administrative support, acquiring raw materials, acquiring equipment, monitoring the quality of production, hiring staff, interacting with other departments, monitoring costs, and ensuring deadlines are met.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Assistant Production Manager Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Assistant Production Manager resumes for your reference.

Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample 1

  • Gained knowledge of New York’s workers’ compensation laws, enabling me to provide advice and guidance to supervisors on situations related to employees.
  • Coordinated the scheduling of temporary employees in order to meet production deadlines.
  • Successfully completed over 200 hours of College Level Business courses in Production Management, Customer Service, Quantitative Analysis, Management Principles, and Labor Relations.
  • Recognized for managing team morale during an 18-month period that sustained a 97% employee retention rate.
  • Honored with Managing Employee Team Member award; effectively organized daily production pieces for transportation according to schedule requirements.

Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample 2

  • Managed, organized, and maintained inventory for an award-winning office supply store.
  • Organized over 1000 volunteers to staff the largest charity run in Midland County; according to Prairie Dog Magazine’s 2013 article on Top Ten Local Charity Rallies.
  • Oversaw design, creation, and execution of company-wide software training program that increased productivity by 20%.
  • Awarded Employee of the Month (EOM) twice within nine months for customer service excellence during computer mishap days.
  • Consistently achieved sales goals while assuring employee satisfaction through team work and enthusiasm; rewarded with recognition award for 2012 Top Sales Organization.

Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample 3

  • Recognized as one of the most productive employees, placing second highest by completing 120 hours in a two week schedule.
  • Achieved a level of proficiency working with Microsoft Office, social media platforms, and personal computers that allowed me to successfully perform the duties of my job within a short period of time.
  • Effectively trained new production line employees on how to safely operate machines according to OSHA standards.
  • Mentored four co-workers on ways to better organize their work, resulting in an increase in departmental productivity.
  • Received exemplary customer service award from upper management after being presented with rated scores from customer satisfaction surveys that were among customers who had contracted services from us.

Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample 4

  • Successfully trained new employees in processes and procedures for the manufacture of luxury goods.
  • Traveled to production facilities in Europe, Asia, and South America to ensure global coordination between all facilities.
  • Recruited and placed workers at overseas workplaces within specific time restraints.
  • Effectively administered global corporate compliance programs by coordinating with local authorities across five continents.
  • Productively increased personnel productivity by providing training and education to factory workers globally.

Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample 5

  • Completion of website updates to maintain high SEO rankings, including creation of logins and passwords for content managers.
  • Determine status of orders within the system ensuring that orders are orderly to improve efficiency during peak seasons.
  • Initiate production by assigning tasks to graphic designers, draftsmen, programmers, and editors.
  • Resulted in $13,000 profit increase by reducing printing costs through improved use of paper storage facilities; also ensured effective utilization of DCs via streamlined process flow to reduce errors.
  • Obtain insight into human nature to effectively resolve conflicts between departments necessitated by constant inter-departmental contact; realize success based on personal ability to prioritize responsibilities with a high level of motivation.

Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample 6

  • Improved employee retention from 15% to 95%; decreased overtime from 3 hrs/day to .5 hr/week by holding weekly production meetings with staff.
  • Increased productivity by 30% within less than a year after setting new strategic goal of 100% on-time delivery; nominated for employee of the quarter award.
  • Obtained certification in LIDS (Lotus Interactive Development System) 10g Release 2 and successfully conducted company project using team approach.
  • Resolved customer complaints regarding product quality, distribution process, and logistics issues by implementing inventory management system based upon kitting operations.
  • Streamlined operations from ten separate inventory control systems into one integrated system utilizing an open architecture network based upon client-server network design.

Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample 7

  • Interfaced with customers, sales unions, and production managements to ascertain weekly goals for myself and a staff of 15-25.
  • Worked alongside the Plant Manager to develop an effective team building strategy which decreased costs by 20% without decreasing quality or quantity of product output, leading to a promotion from Supervisory Assistant to Assistant Production Manager.
  • Maintained company standards during union strikes through assistance in training temporary workers in relevant skill areas.
  • Invented new processes resulting in 30% decrease in labor hours spent on maintenance tasks while increasing customer satisfaction index by 10%.
  • Instituted plant wide time management workshops focused on goal setting and personal accountability for achieving goals using a computerized time management system.

Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample 8

  • Planned, organized, and coordinated production employees’ work schedules.
  • Maintained a daily record of the number of hours worked by all staff members to ensure payroll was processed accurately.
  • Scanned completed products for accuracy and quality control before packing and shipping.
  • Answered telephone calls from customers reporting computer malfunctions to help identify source of problems within 24-hours or less.
  • Met weekly with department supervisors to create standards to improve office efficiency and reduce costs associated with paper usage.

Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample 9

  • Tracked daily production activities on PC database ensuring compliance with quotas.
  • Aided in the implementation of new production routines, resulting in greater efficiency and higher quality.
  • Received recognition for superior customer service – number one branch performer for two consecutive years.
  • Provided leadership training to 25 new employees resulting in improved staff performance & retention.
  • Encouraged team spirit among office workers by sharing my passion for sports through three seasons of coed volleyball competition at corporate picnics.

Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample 10

  • Used proprietary production scheduling and tracking software to review the status of all jobs, thereby identifying those that were at risk for not meeting deadlines.
  • Reduced overall operating costs by implementing a plan that saved $10,000 in annual materials expenses.
  • Devised strategies that increased productivity by 15% while maintaining employee morale and loyalty.
  • Recognized as the best assistant manager in the company; awarded two years in a row for exceeding customer service expectations.
  • Streamlined processes related to ordering supplies, processing payroll refunds, verifying return policies, and authorizing credit card charges during my tenure as acting store manager.

Assistant Production Manager Resume Sample 11

  • Managed the operations of a small production firm that specialized in printing, converting, assembling, and packaging products.
  • Overcomed obstacles by saving an under-budgeted project, earning appraisal from supervisor for this accomplishment.
  • Trained on new equipment to perform basic machine operations. Alerted immediate team of equipment problems so schedules would not be disrupted.
  • Streamlined workflow by reducing bottlenecks within process lines. Stabilized schedule variance so over time actual performance matched plan targets.
  • Improved efficiency through strategic planning and effective resource management; projects handled were recognized as top performers in their department for four consecutive quarters.

Wrap Up

Education requirements include an associate or bachelor’s degree in production management or operations management. Skills to succeed include good quality control, proficiency with basic office software, able to work independently, analytical, organized, detail-oriented, good time management, good communication skills, and good telephone etiquette.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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