Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample

Senior Solutions Architects plan, design, and draw up buildings plans. Their responsibilities include meeting clients, preparing structure specifications, giving preliminary estimate costs, managing construction contracts, visiting worksites, and seeking new work by marketing.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Senior Solutions Architect Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Senior Solutions Architect resumes for your reference.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 1

  • Developed and delivered custom solution designs for complex client requirement problem statements; used customer-authorized architectures.
  • Completed ten projects that positively impacted the company’s bottom line by saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual operational expenses.
  • Replaced hundreds of man-hours with automation tools and replaced many on-site visits with remote connections.
  • Collaborated with key internal customers to identify specific needs, prioritize the development cycle, and provide accountability.
  • Recognized by total direct report staff as a role model; consistently encouraged team members to embrace continuous learning, embrace change, and strive for excellence in all aspects of work.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 2

  • Collaborated with key decision-makers in the Installation, Implementation and Migration of 40+ Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and composite applications.
  • Conceived, designed, and built a multi-tiered SOA deployment utilizing ESB technology for an advanced collection of web-based applications.
  • Implemented the SOA Integration of numerous disparate software products for the purpose of automating data transfer to over 600 users at five locations.
  • Designed and implemented the ESB Solution to streamline the integration of various software applications within 3 months, despite limited funding and resources.
  • Achieved the best Return on Investment (ROI) by reducing SOA costs by 95% through standardization and modernization of existing business practices.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 3

  • Reduced the number of defects in new housing developments by implementing energy-efficient designs, including lighting and insulation.
  • Implemented new design standards which reduced energy consumption, cost to build, and maintenance time.
  • Reduced construction time by reducing on-site construction waste through proper construction layout and site services coordination.
  • Collaborated with sales team to develop integrated marketing campaign targeting affluent markets while reducing production costs.
  • Conformed to the company’s “green” initiative by reducing paper consumption, recycling office electronics, and installing water fountain for employee use.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 4

  • Comprised the Construction Team responsible for high-end, property-level planning and implementation of IT solutions.
  • Reviewed design plans to ensure proper configuration of all components and to eliminate potential problems.
  • Developed and managed the construction process to ensure all aspects aligned with client’s expectations.
  • Consistently exceeded goals on site sales through effective marketing techniques, customer satisfaction surveys, and follow-up with accounts.
  • Earned yearly recognition for outstanding performance including company newsletters, customer service awards, customer referrals, sales awards, and performa review by superiors.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 5

  • Established, developed, and maintained systems for production of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications for seven projects.
  • Assisted Development Team in redesigning/re-engineering entire facility management structure with proper seniority level structure and communication channels.
  • Conducted walk-throughs at new facility sites to identify proper placement of equipment and design techniques to ensure proper functionality and avoid future problems; effectively offered strategic building solutions to Managers.
  • Negotiated with vendors on behalf of facilities; effectively resolved any problems that developed during construction phase.
  • Developed, created, and maintained documentation for all systems, structure, and policies.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 6

  • Developed applications/products for clients’ use during managerial planning and architectural design phases of projects.
  • Mentor and coached junior developers through design and development of client-specific software products in a team environment.
  • More than 31% of annual revenue derived from contractors and subcontractors involved in building repairs and construction for clients.
  • Created strategic business plans for senior managers to effectively execute on.
  • Conducted monthly Monday-Friday testing sessions for developers, ensuring that all noted bugs were fixed before release.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 7

  • Mentored, trained, and developed junior Systems and Network Engineers; inspired strong leadership qualities in team members.
  • Produced top quality documentation for departmental projects; contributed to departmental efficiency and accuracy.
  • Recognized for contributing to the innovative designs of new building architecture.
  • Discovered and eliminated system bugs; reduced maintenance costs by $3 million per year.
  • Successfully supervised multiple projects simultaneously with minimal supervision; kept employees from competing with each other for credit.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 8

  • Effectively designed solutions to the daily problems that arose during five years of IT project management.
  • Bottomed out and resolved the misconfigurations of an ERP system that had become insolvent due to a lack of timely upgrades.
  • Composed the code and design specifications for a medium-sized, green office building (LEED “Silver”) after putting together a competitive bid in just three days.
  • Transformed a brick-and-mortar business into an online only enterprise after creating a website and an innovative business plan.
  • Established the best-ever customer satisfaction ratings for a computer hardware and software distribution business.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 9

  • Researched and completed over 1000 computer-aided design (CAD) drawings; implemented design standards, knowledge of software, and effective communication to meet client expectations.
  • Trained to be a Certified Solutions Architect (CSA), completing competency tests in physical security, cyber security, and compliance.
  • Identified and corrected customer needs through a customer satisfaction survey; received award for excellence in customer service.
  • Performed the implementation of new VB Excel macros through the installation of Excel templates by using VB for Windows Professional X6; successfully converted system data files from WordPerfect X2 to Excel.
  • Developed and implemented Quick Books suite with the use of VB, WordPerfect, and Excel; received outstanding quality award.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 10

  • Set up, implemented, and maintained a team of twelve to twenty-five full-time staff.
  • Designed customized requirements to be met with minimum resources and delivered on time or ahead of schedule.
  • Developed an in-house design flow and document set to aid in the implementation of building systems that integrated services systems developed by other companies.
  • Trained staff, including new designers and engineers, for five to eight weeks on complex project management skills.
  • Fostered individual professional growth by providing personal coaching for each staff member at three monthly team meetings.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 11

  • Designed a premier, Internet-based collaboration suite in the building industry by creating an extensible framework for managing construction workflows.
  • Provided technical leadership and project management during the complete re-engineering of an office suite to make it more scalable and maintainable.
  • Collaboratively planned, architected, and implemented a software solution with over 50 configuration settings that utilized two separate database servers.
  • Architected and designed a complete documentation software solution for one of the nation’s largest construction firms.
  • Initiated innovative solutions for building design and management by creating a cost effective method for completing field reports utilizing wireless handheld PDAs.

Senior Solutions Architect Resume Sample 12

  • Collaborated with team members to ensure targeted returns and sustained growth for key business unit.
  • Achieved top sales revenue results in region; received appreciation award from Vice President of Sales.
  • Expertly handled difficult situations that arose during the building out of a major corporate project; recognized by Senior Vice President of Operations.
  • Fostered successful relationships with clients by effectively communicating the company’s mission, vision, and goals.
  • Increased competitive advantage by empowering project managers, architects, builders, and suppliers with product knowledge through custom training sessions.

Wrap Up

To work as a Senior Solutions Architect, a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture is required and to be licensed and pass the Architect Registration Examination. To succeed as a Senior Solutions Architect, it is essential to have excellent analytical skills, communication skills, creativity, organizational skills, technical skills, visualization skills, and attention to detail.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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