Reports Developer Resume Sample

Report developers are responsible for managing and improving the reporting process and systems within a company. Their duties include creating ERP standard procedures, creating ERP training manuals, providing support to coworkers, creating scripts for specific reports, testing reporting features, and streamlining the company ERP system.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Reports Developer Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Reports Developer resumes for your reference.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 1

  • Drafted reports; effectively processed data for various departments.
  • Reviewed data; designed spreadsheets to enhance consistency and accuracy within the department.
  • Achieved award for outstanding performance; generated reports for investors based on investment portfolios.
  • Produced quality report for internal use; analyzed reports, generated charts, and presented highlights to management team.
  • Received recognition as an asset to the organization; provided information relating to future products that was used in product development meetings.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 2

  • Achieved review and approval of projects within 15 days; effectively compiled data to give customer service representative relevant background on projects.
  • Collaborated with management and fellow developers to improve project schedules and quality by capturing and reporting data to clients.
  • Established a strong team spirit as a team leader; effectively presented project plans and client requirements for client approval.
  • Achieved award for exceptional performance as a software developer; contributed to the development of new processes as well as contributed to the expansion of existing processes through analysis, analysis, analysis coupled with effective analysis methods.
  • Received outstanding quality award; effectively improved quality standards for the company through the use of effective analysis methods.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 3

  • Designed and developed Excel spreadsheets for tracking marketing campaigns.
  • Revamped system used by marketing department to track press releases; received out-of-office commendation.
  • Revised collections system; tracked receivables resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
  • Designed and developed data entry system for inventory management; reducing costly waste of material, money, time, and effort.
  • Developed accounting application for inventory management; reduced mismanagement of stock funds, reducing cost of wasted material.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 4

  • Undertook responsibility and completed project in a specified time frame and within budget; received excellent customer feedback.
  • Trained ten users in the use of new MS Office suite in one day; received appreciation from peers and superiors.
  • Participated successfully in a CAE evaluation, demonstrating skills in business process reengineering.
  • Undertook responsibility and met schedule for emergency software upgrade; received thanks from customer.
  • Successfully completed project that was well ahead of schedule; received award for performance.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 5

  • Created a COBOL system that eliminated the need for data entry.
  • Developed a .NET application that achieved a 99% response time using the SQL Server 2000.
  • Wrote a JAVA application that received an award from Microsoft for quality and performance.
  • Created a Windows server management application, managed user/group access rights, and performed proprietary error reporting.
  • Managed teams of software developers, managed vendor relationships, and reviewed deliverables to meet project objectives with limited resources.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 6

  • Founded company in 2008 utilizing my technical skills to design software that helps businesses integrate data from multiple sources.
  • Recipient of multiple awards for increasing the bottom line, growing the company to 75 employees, increasing revenue by 300% through customer acquisition, and developing innovative technologies.
  • Helped develop the business model and strategy for propelling the company into an ever-expanding marketplace.
  • Developed online marketing strategies that have positioned my company’s solutions into a position that is highly lucrative in its industry.
  • Created technology that enhances productivity amongst its clients by providing them with real-time data monitoring tools.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 7

  • Provided written analysis for reports that were used at all levels of company management.
  • Supported large-scale conversion projects to new database platform.
  • Determined the number of servers needed to host a database application.
  • Designed/performed capacity planning to accommodate system growth without outages.
  • Performed capacity analysis to determine the amount of storage required to power our ERP applications.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 8

  • Directed, coordinated, and executed work in the development of database systems that handled reporting for loan servicing software.
  • Employed Scrum Methodology for Software Development.
  • Performed effective GDD responsibilities on project assignments.
  • Designed system action plans to account for risks associated with new product roll out.
  • Effectively utilized top-down process design to create a functional design document for new product release.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 9

  • Possessed outstanding skill in the following areas: C/C++, Java, Visual Basic.
  • Attained high marks on all tests for the highest job performance rating on the job interview review.
  • Incorporated best practices in all aspects of my work during work hours.
  • Passionate about software development; knowledgeable about design patterns and design principles of object oriented development.
  • Repaired bugs; ensured data integrity; updated various databases with current information.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 10

  • Completed project on time while maintaining established cost parameters; provided management with comprehensive reports relating to market share.
  • Developed prototype that was subsequently purchased by a competing company. Resulted in significant income for the company.
  • Scheduled training seminars for peers; provided information on up-and-coming technologies for department managers.
  • Selected to present at the European Software Conference; keynoted at leading events which resulted in publications and speaking engagements.
  • Resolved customers’ needs and concerns regarding the company’s products; recognized as one of the top performers in customer service activities based upon customer survey ratings from customers who had used the product.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 11

  • Researched and developed new reporting features; created reports using various software packages including Crystal Reports, Access, and SQL; implemented the reporting features into the company’s intranet site for access by customers.
  • Recognized for skills in report development; developed interactive tools that allowed customers to select data by state or property type.
  • Created a one-of-a-kind property search tool; identified properties based on property type, price range, and location.
  • Developed module to flag delinquent accounts; saved company thousands of dollars in penalties due to timely account status updates.
  • Updated databases; ensured customer information was current.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 12

  • Implemented and designed custom multi-user, multi-platform databases for clients; completed projects on time and under budget.
  • Maintained various programs and computer systems such as UPS, SharePoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Word.
  • Estimated project cost up to $10K; developed training courses and instructor manuals. Designed and developed training materials for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 intern/employee certification program; developed self-paced tutorial courses for SQL Server 2000 and 2002 certification.
  • Maintained database security by implementing, deploying, and maintaining firewall security.
  • Created reports in MS Excel, PowerPoint, MS Word; analyzed budgets, projected costs, and customer needs in business intelligence tools.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 13

  • Employed MS SQL Server, MS Access, and MS Office products to develop data entry screens for an updated database product.
  • Developed a database program for a loan company in the banking industry.
  • Designed an updated database system from scratch using MS Access and Microsoft Data Server Framework API’s.
  • Developed new database tables for a loan company in the banking industry.
  • Revised existing reports for a loan company in the banking industry.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 14

  • Upgraded screens & reports from version x.x to version x.x.x.
  • Achieved outstanding customer service ratings from users of applications I have developed.
  • Implemented a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that resulted in a twenty percent increase in customer retention over the last quarter.
  • Created a new invoicing system, which allowed for prompt and accurate payment on all invoices within 24 hours of receipt by the end-user logging into the company website portal.
  • Developed Oracle Internet Application (OIA) that allowed the company to cut over two hundred dollars of IT cost by eliminating additional users, paying for redundant functionality.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 15

  • Implemented and tracked software application development and maintenance.
  • Developed, maintained, and enhanced IBM systems.
  • Adopted new technology to improve the efficiency of the organization.
  • Assisted in identifying career opportunities or changes that would enable the organization to meet specific work objectives.
  • Promoted and designed new applications and systems.

Reports Developer Resume Sample 16

  • Extensively developed software for a major sporting goods company; created proprietary programs for sporting events.
  • Developed and implemented tracking systems; recognized as the top developer by the company’s CEO and VP of Operations.
  • Responsible for developing and implementing the company’s data processing systems; recognized as a developer by the Director of Finance and Operations.
  • Wrote specifications for new system; received recognition from the CTO, CIO, and President of Multi-State Sports as a leader in creating positive change within the organization.
  • Worked with VP of Operations to create custom reports; identified as an outstanding employee by the VP of Finance and Operations.

Wrap Up

To be a report developer you must have an associate or bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science. Reports developers need experience with common ERP systems (Oracle, SAP, Sage, Syteline, etc.), have computer proficiency, the capability to train coworkers, skill in interdepartmental communication, knowledge of SQL, knowledge of BI, and system troubleshooting.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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