Entry Level Programmer Resume Sample

At any company there are many expenses, and an entry level accountant helps to keep track of those expenses and ensures the company isn’t losing any money. They do this by filling out reports for their superiors to oversee, checking payrolls for employees to make sure there are no errors, filling out expenses to make sure employees are compensated and following all company rules, and taking note of all the company expenses.

How to become a Successful Entry Level Programmer?

A bachelor’s degree is required across the industry in accounting or some form of financial field to ensure that a new hire has all the necessary education to fulfill the very math focused needs of the position.

Occasionally, some companies will take experience in the place of education. You can take a job as a bookkeeper, a clerk, an administrative assistant, or another field that will give you experience working with money and taking records for a company.

After completing your education or experience, there are a number of places you can begin to look for a position. Almost every kind of corporation requires accountants to function, so you can choose from a wide variety of positions.

Once you have your placement, it is very important that you keep a very close attention to detail. Missing numbers in your math can lead to financial mistakes for the company, and they don’t want accountants who make regular mistakes.

Keeping organized and clean records will allow you to keep track of everything required and will allow you to work less, as you won’t have to look for missing information if you know where everything is and nothing is calculated wrong.

The Best Entry Level Programmer Resume Samples

These are some examples of job descriptions we have handpicked from real Entry Level Programmer resumes for your reference.

Entry Level Programmer

  • Made edits and updates to the Proprietary program currently being used in the company.
  • Arranges specifications by developing logical sequence; preparing flowcharts; researching solutions.
  • Verifies encoding by performing trial runs, modifying code(Visual Basic).

Entry Level Developer

  • Document technical factors such as server load, bandwidth, database performance, and browser and device types.
  • Install and configure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) servers and associated operating systems.
  • Maintain understanding of current web technologies or programming practices through continuing education, reading, or participation in professional conferences, workshops, or groups.


  • Hibernate ORM was used in the service layer to communicate to DB2 database.
  • Utilized regular expressions to identify non-compliant coding practices in thousands of JSP and java pages.
  • Employed SOA Parasoft to perform Section 508 tests for disabled users and W3C Firefox plugin to identify HTML syntax errors.
  • Designed and created a framework which takes data from Excel files and uses Selenium to populate all the pages in the application with data to validate error messages.


  • Group project built around Web-based programming, service-oriented computing,distributed software development, animation using HTML5, JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • Collaborative projects with work allocated among members.
  • Worked with a team to build a simulator that runs in a Web browser.
  • The simulator simulates a 3D maze environment, one 3D robot with manual controls, and AI built programs using the ASU VIPLE software to navigate the user created maze or the default.


  • Performed both wet and dry lab projects in the field of epigenetics; in the wet lab, worked on general lab techniques specific to seed production.
  • Created a Python2 program exporting a CSV file of all variants in the protein domains of a given a list of transcript IDs or geneIDs of any file type.
  • Program used REST-API functions for ExAC Browser, Ensembl, and NCBI.


  • Worked with offshore teams and internal clients to Design and analyze the requirements of in-house applications.
  • Technical experience with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PYTHON) architecture.
  • Through use of third-party packages, such as Fabric, Django based CMS – Mezzanine and Django-widgy.
  • Developed entire frontend and backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework.

Lead Programmer

  • Worked in all aspects of application creation, from initial product conception to app store deployment.
  • Utilization of AVFoundation for custom video capture in conjunction with Core Animation for combining videos with dynamic images.
  • Incorporation of social media sharing inside of application.
  • Optimization of assets and functionality in image-rich applications to ensure smooth performance across all devices.


  • Rewrote DOS software into Windows software with 98% of clients upgrading to Windows.
  • Developed software in Java, JavaFx, and C# to work with MySQL instead of FoxPro database to satisfy clients’ needs while self-teaching myself new computer language.
  • Quickly respond to clients’ issues due to my knowledge with a variety of programming languages.


  • Modeled renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, photovoltaic solar cells, and polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells for micro-grid installation using MATLAB/Simulink software.
  • Collected performance data of renewable energy sources under various environmental conditions and loads.
  • Examined feasibility of an ocean wave power generator (linear generator) by creating a Simulink model.
  • Compared the ocean wave generator model with existing technology of distributed generation.


  • Used Grails and AngularJS with Oracle and RabbitMQ to develop custom software solutions for our customers and for internal use.
  • Also maintaining and enhancing existing applications written with Java, Spring, Hibernate and Maven.
  • The focus of these applications is the supply chain portion of our business.


  • I’m responsible to program parts /assemblys thru multiple stages of manufacturing.
  • This included the programming of tooling as required.
  • Responsible along with the cognizant ME to meeting all customer requirements while conforming to all in house standards.
  • This includes meeting the customer blue prints, tool prints, creating set-up books, and coordinating with the machinist to yield the best results of conforming parts.


  • Developed a search engine to index, filter, and search websites on the decentralized web.
  • User-friendly front-end featuring explorable tags and regex queries.
  • Powerful Python backend tools to make crawling and management easier.

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