Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample

A Medical Office Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a medical office. Their duties include patient scheduling, filling out medical records, counseling patients, collections, data entry, patient registration, cash posting, and supervising employees.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Medical Office Supervisor Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Medical Office Supervisor resumes for your reference.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 1

  • Provided outstanding customer service to patients and their families.
  • Received award for outstanding administrative assistant performance.
  • Came up with new list of codes for insurance billing and typing according to the new ICD10 coding system.
  • Increased inpatient and out patient productivity through improved scheduling resulting in an increase in revenue for the hospital.
  • Completed 6 month trial period and excelled in all phases of Administrative Support, demonstrated aptitude for leadership, communication skills, organization skills, prioritizing work to achieve desired goals; received Letter of Commendation from Hospital Administrator and Hospital Chief Financial Officer at end of six month trial period.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 2

  • Maintained a clean and professional office environment.
  • Achieved recognition as an outstanding employee through annual performance appraisal.
  • Received excellent service award; exceptional customer performance.
  • Adhered to all organizational policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Developed positive working relationships with clients and staff, accomplished in one month at the request of the client’s physician.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 3

  • Responsible for processing tax refund checks and issuing check vouchers.
  • Maintained various forms/records including, but not limited to, medical records, patient certificates, and patient charts.
  • Accomplished work in a timely manner to a point of perfection; never late on any job.
  • Achieved outstanding performance award.
  • Continued to increase the quality of work received from patients with satisfactory ratings; adhered to company procedures and met deadlines.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 4

  • Hired, trained, and supervised medical office staff.
  • Revised and documented Bylaws; established procedures for medical record keeping.
  • Achieved award for reduced expenditures by establishing a generic drug purchasing program.
  • Received outstanding quality award; established systems to ensure that all claims were reviewed in a timely manner.
  • Reviewed and evaluated patient’s files to determine eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid services.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 5

  • Provided customers with accurate and prompt service; effectively handled information and telephone calls.
  • Recognized for outstanding performance; closed major accounts, ensured timely processing of claims and correspondence.
  • Assisted in development of new procedures that reduced expenses by over $50,000 per year; recognized with annual award for performance.
  • Achieved recognition as a Quality Control Star; trained personnel in new system resulting in improved quality reports.
  • Received commendation for excellence in work performance; effectively processed medical documents resulting in timely closure of files.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 6

  • Trained medical assisting staff to handle procedures, such as taking vital signs and examining patients.
  • Maintained supplies of all medical office supplies, including syringes and bandages.
  • Monitored the use of all equipment to ensure compliance with OSHA standards; recognized by the Medical Director as a “Best Practice” role model for her proactive stance in assisting the employees in maintaining safety.
  • Achieved award for demonstrating outstanding customer service skills by addressing customer concerns and solving problems on the spot.
  • Maintained sound knowledge of equipment in order to conduct daily, monthly, quarterly and annual inspections; reviewed reports from two inspectors regarding effectiveness of sterilization procedure.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 7

  • Created an online calendar for employees to post personal schedules and updates.
  • Organized a “virtual” staff meeting and passed out updates on new computer software through email in order to save the company money on postage and paper.
  • Streamlined the scheduling of doctors by directly contacting the doctors’ offices to ensure that there were no schedule conflicts.
  • Met with each employee to discuss their individual goals and concerns. Identified untapped potential of several employees by offering them more challenging tasks as a way of motivating them. Encouraged creative thinking by holding staff meetings that encouraged ideas from all members of the team, not just managers.
  • Conducted several staff meetings, each one focusing on a different subject.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 8

  • Supervised staff of 8 nurses and two administrative assistants to oversee and coordinate the daily operations of the medical office.
  • Directed staff with proper recording, documentation, and reporting.
  • Handled staffing issues with utmost professionalism.
  • Ensured quality medical care for patients by training staff and taking complaints from patients regarding their treatment.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 9

  • Mentored, trained and supervised a staff of 14 workers while providing quality customer service to patients, physicians and support staff.
  • Oversaw the opening and closing of 6 locations; troubleshot issues related to equipment failures.
  • Resolved staffing issues due to illness or absence of other employees by negotiating schedules with other managers.
  • Maintained compliance with state and federal regulations by coaching employee on proper procedures.
  • Received Outstanding Supervisor Award; recognized for excellence in management, communication and follow-through in ensuring that daily tasks are completed correctly, on time, by directing appropriate action when needed.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 10

  • Supervised quality control procedure for laboratory department; established guidelines for microbiological infection control; conducted training sessions for employees.
  • Excelled in customer service with an 85% repeat customer approval rating, recognized by the Regional Manager.
  • Recognized by hospital management as key contributor in reducing laboratory turnaround time by 50%, recognized performance award.
  • Improved waiting time to fifteen minutes; earned recognition as a star performer in Quality Assurance Department.
  • Promoted to the position of Supervisor at only 25 years old after guiding staff members through the implementation of quality control standards and the development of a new computer system.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 11

  • Achieved 95% accuracy in answering the phones.
  • Won customer service award for greeting and directing customers; implemented positive image of company to customers.
  • Assisted patients in completing forms with ease and courtesy; addressed questions and concerns, answered questions about coverage, provided pertinent information about next steps for appointments.
  • Led a group of employees who received an award for providing the best customer service; provided leadership by setting an example and supervising the daily activities that helped improve services entailed.
  • Trained employees in customer service skills; initiated an employee appreciation program to ensure quality customer care for customers.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 12

  • Experienced with the office management and clerical duties, including the filing systems, typing documents, and preparing for meetings.
  • Produced a productive and timely workday with an effective use of time.
  • Implemented a successful new sales process with coworkers, increased cash flow by $10-15K annually and increased profit by 12%.
  • Prepared for quarterly firm reviews for the Hospitality/Tourism industry based on performance.
  • Increased revenue through effective communication skills in face to face interactions.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 13

  • Supervised three full-time and one part-time employees in a fast paced environment.
  • Participated in organizations that focused on motivating employees to reach their full potential by providing recognition and rewards.
  • Accomplished the task of documenting field service calls for the office with accurate, concise, and complete reports within the required time frame.
  • Organized filing systems for all forms in a well maintained manner.
  • Received two awards for outstanding performance evaluations; recognized by others as an excellent supervisor.

Medical Office Supervisor Resume Sample 14

  • Maintained a well-organized and efficient medical insurance office; recognized by company president for superior performance.
  • Provided exemplary customer service to all patients, physicians, and employees; received award for meeting customer satisfaction standards.
  • Exceeded production quotas while maintaining high accuracy in billing claims.
  • Handled a large volume of incoming telephone calls in a professional manner; responsible for answering questions regarding insurance coverage, copays, deductibles, and prescription drug prices.
  • Developed an innovative system to increase productivity by automating the assignment of patients to medical assistants by physician preference; honored for facilitating an increase in annual profits of $600k.

Wrap Up

A medical office supervisor needs to have at least a high school diploma and on-the-job training, but many employers would prefer certification as a Certified Medical Manager. Skills needed to be a medical office supervisor are management skills, leadership, organization, responsibility, detail orientation, communication skills, knowledge of medical terminology, and financial management skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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