Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample

A kindergarten assistant works as an assistant teacher to the head teacher, helping to teach the children and perform various classroom tasks. Duties of a kindergarten assistant include supporting the lead teacher, developing daily classroom plans, participating in classroom activities, grading papers, creating art projects, reading to children, and overall classroom cleanup.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Kindergarten Assistant Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Kindergarten Assistant resumes for your reference.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 1

  • Achieved outstanding attendance by keeping up to date with announcements and keeping children in class
  • Set up every project for the entire unit, including parent volunteer projects.
  • Followed all safety rules.
  • Achieved award for keeping track of the unit’s progress with parent volunteers.
  • Received appreciation award for volunteering to assist younger students with their schoolwork.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 2

  • Achieved achievement of the highest rating for the year by the principal for excellent performance.
  • Demonstrated effective organizational skills and initiative to accomplish daily tasks.
  • Effective teacher who provides positive reinforcement to students.
  • Coaches, motivates, and encourages his/her peers to achieve success in school and beyond.
  • Performed duties as directed or without direction with proficient ability.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 3

  • Provided effective assistance to teacher, Mrs. Smith, in the development of lesson plans involving student comprehension of mathematics, reading, and writing.
  • Developed math worksheets for kindergarten using the methods/algorithms taught by Mrs. Smith; also added enrichment exercises for each lesson to assist students in comprehending certain concepts before moving on.
  • Conducted reading activities with kindergartners based on books selected by Mrs. Smith to assist them in developing the fine motor skills needed for writing.
  • Supervised students during recess periods while assisting them with social skills development; organized activities that have enabled increasing self-confidence levels while increasing their level of agility.
  • Wrote the weekly schedule for the kindergarten classroom, including planning for substitute teaching.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 4

  • Attained recognition with the Director for completing all assigned tasks in a timely manner.
  • Awarded merit award by the principal for outstanding performance; recognized for establishing daily routines with each child, insuring the classroom environment met the child’s developmental needs, and efficiently completing all paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Assessed individual strengths of each child and implemented groupings with an aide to effectively provide instruction in small groups.
  • Covered for an absent teacher when called upon, accurately completed records for substitute teacher pay and provided excellent instruction when called upon.
  • Received excellent quality award; effectively taught each child, maintained classroom conditions, and completed all paperwork in a timely manner.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 5

  • Verified that children were attending their required school days per day, week, and month; reported to office manager for educator partners.
  • Assisted school leader in hosting parent-teacher conferences; assisted in the preparation of class schedules.
  • Assisted with activities such as organizing children’s drawings for the annual art show.
  • Helped arrange for multiple field trips (twice) per year; listed on treasurer’s report due dates.
  • Assisted with activities such as preparing children for the yearly summer art show (painting and drawing), as well as assisting students in preparing for spring play productions.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 6

  • Initiated role in established curriculum established by the Partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs.
  • Recognized by Kindergarten teacher for outstanding performance based on attendance of pupils, classroom discipline, and homework completion.
  • Trained teachers on kindergarten activities; observed teacher’s progress in implementing a new curriculum for parents and children.
  • Received award of excellence; discovered new ways to share knowledge among staff members of different ages and backgrounds.
  • Sought out additional tasks to support teachers; increased awareness on various topics, including child development, social studies, math skills, reading comprehension for kindergarten-aged students.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 7

  • Consistently prepared children for assigned classes; communicated positive attitude and professionalism.
  • Instructed class on manners, respect, and responsibility; high level of energy demonstrated enthusiasm.
  • Motivated students to try new tasks; established classroom rules and regulations.
  • Demonstrated excellent communication, organization, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills; enjoyed my profession as an educator.
  • Performed duties above standard expectations despite challenges with child behavior issues; showed respect for parents by explaining disciplinary actions taken.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 8

  • Worked with the following students daily: Behaviors Problems, Special Education, Speech Impaired.
  • Taught material in the classroom to include Counting to 100, Writing Letters and Numbers, Reading Sight Words, and many more.
  • Participated in the School activities of Book Fair Volunteers, Receptionist for Parent-Teacher Conference Day, Paintings of Education Week Volunteers, Volunteering at Special Olympics Games.
  • Helped create a Kindergarten Newsletter with parents’ names and addresses through the use of envelopes and my home computer.
  • Worked with parents on creating a newsletter for their child’s Kindergarten Year.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 9

  • Recognized by the Director of Special Education for outstanding improvement and support of parents and students with special needs.
  • Recognized by the Assistant Director for Student Support for effectiveness in mentoring and creating access to resources.
  • Recognized by the Superintendent for the ability to mobilize resources such as transportation, dining services, etc. in order to accommodate student needs.
  • Received excellent ratings from administrators in an annual performance review; organized and set up numerous school programs and activities; organized volunteer drives; created a materials room, and facilitated an elementary PTA meeting.
  • Provided a service-oriented environment for students and parents by facilitating the resource room.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 10

  • Styled the classroom with positive color choices to enhance learning.
  • Developed activities to assist students in memorizing the days of the week and the months of the year.
  • Supported teachers in monitoring students during lunch; ensured that no student stayed alone in the cafeteria.
  • Concluded each day by reentering gate combination, turning off lights, locking doors, and turning on security system.
  • Assisted with testing and evaluation of new instructional programs for classroom use

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 11

  • Consistently received positive feedback from parents and staff; developed a “special needs” play area for 4-year-old children.
  • Assisted in organizing, planning, and preparing for the annual end of the year Kindergarten concert; organized volunteers to serve refreshments after the performance.
  • Recognized by the principal for outstanding efforts to meet students’ behavioral needs; the school psychologist commended my observations regarding student behaviors.
  • Maintained organized files regarding students’ individual behavioral problems; this information was used by parents, staff members, and administrators.
  • Received award for outstanding effort in achieving objectives.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 12

  • Complied with all federal and state laws, state curriculum requirements, and school board policies. Recognized as a role model for children on campus.
  • Reported incidences of child abuse, neglect, or abandonment to the designated mandated law enforcement agencies for investigation and prosecution of those violations. Refused to alter data in any manner without the prior approval of the supervisor.
  • Conducted activities that helped heal distraught children through direct contact with them as well as activities that developed skills that would enhance their classroom performance. Recognized as a teacher’s helper by fellow teachers and students on campus.
  • Observed and reported safety hazards to supervisors at all levels.
  • Recognized for excellent work in maintaining a safe and clean environment. Received a letter of commendation from school district administration, recognizing my professionalism in child safety matters.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 13

  • Accurately directed a school population of 30 children in a classroom setting while maintaining a positive demeanor.
  • Completed assignments on time, including the daily morning announcements to the class.
  • Collected homework and completed it in accordance with dates/times specified by the teacher.
  • Responded to child’s needs, meeting their individual needs differentiated according to ability or disability.
  • Collaborated with parents in order to complete homework and provide academic support for children’s needs.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 14

  • Ensured that all children had a positive experience with the teacher.
  • Completed many projects on time.
  • Assigned the correct ones to the right individual.
  • Recorded information regarding all of the children’s activities with dates, times, and locations for purposes of reporting to administration.
  • Maintained classroom supplies correctly; correctly coded them based on job description and moved them into the inventory system.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 15

  • Teaches classes of one to five students.
  • Assists teachers with classroom management.
  • Organizes and documents daily classroom activities.
  • Participates in Career Day with the Principal, teacher, and local businesses.
  • Provides assistance with lesson plans for teachers.

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample 16

  • Made the safety bulletin board for the classroom; helped organize and assist with Valentine’s Day promotion.
  • Organized and set up a party for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.
  • Assisted with organizing and setting up a teacher appreciation breakfast.
  • Greeted guests at the front door of the school; organized and set up a retirement party for teachers, including inviting family members.
  • Created bulletin boards to promote reading month, earth week, Thanksgiving & Christmas parties, as well as learning activities throughout the year.

Wrap Up

Educational requirements for a kindergarten assistant requires a bachelor’s degree in early education, and some states may require further certifications. Necessary skills include enthusiasm, compassion, excellent communication skills, early educational skills, integrity, ability to collaborate with others, and a passion for working with kids.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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