Inventory Control Resume Sample

Working in a warehouse environment can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you want to be an Inventory Control Clerk, you’ll need to keep track of, sort, and inspect all of the different items in your inventory. If that sounds like daunting work, there’s no need to worry! Follow my advice and you’ll be prepared to excel at the position.

How to Become an Inventory Control Clerk? 

Get Your High School Diploma: Most of the advanced job positions available will require you to have a high school diploma in order to be considered for application. Keep up your studies and make those grades excel! You’ll have the longest requirement out of the way once you’re done with this tip.

Take Smaller Inventory Control Work: Even after finishing your degree, you’ll need a bit of Inventory Control experience before you can become a clerk. Take some warehouse or retail jobs to get firsthand experience with managing a vast inventory. It will make you look more desirable on your job application too!

Improve Your Analytical Skills: A warehouse backroom can look like a cluttered mess to the untrained eye. Some easy ways to improve your analytical skills include doing crossword puzzles, playing puzzle-related games, and taking a situation apart to figure out the best solution. Analysis is crucial to inventory management.

Learn to Drive a Forklift: There won’t be enough space for everything in a warehouse, and there will be many times where something really heavy will be on the highest self. If you learn to drive a forklift, you’ll be more desirable on your application. You’ll be able to deal with the heavy lifting without taking time away to be trained on the job.

To the untrained eye, a warehouse backroom can look like a jumbled, unsolved puzzle. But with the right experience and a keen eye, you’ll have what it takes to manage your inventory effectively.

The Best Inventory Control Clerk Resume Samples

These are some examples of job descriptions we have handpicked from real Inventory Control resumes for your reference.

Inventory Control

  • Stock shelves, racks, cases, bins, and tables with new or transferred merchandise.
  • Take inventory or examine merchandise to identify items to be reordered or replenished.
  • Requisition merchandise from supplier based on available space; merchandise on hand, customer demand, or advertised specials.

Inventory Control Lead

  • Train up personnel on the team by creating and implementing inventory procedure and protocols (SOPs, Lean Training, SOXs).
  • Oversee waves shortages, cycle counts, audits, data collection, shipping procedures, also case and carton accountability, tasking and slotting assistance.
  • Transfer daily findings and adjustments on spreadsheet’s and present to management for approvals.

Inventory Control Clerk

  • Working in Inventory Control at Coupang requires many tasks to be met on a daily basis.
  • Some of those tasks are consolidating the product to clear floor locations, receipt audits, pack audits, disposing of expired or damaged items, cycle counts, replenishment, and supporting both inbound and outbound with whatever is needed.
  • Along with that, sometimes there are miscellaneous projects that have to also be taken care of.

Inventory Control Clerk

  • Obtain customers’ names, addresses, and billing information, product numbers, and specifications of items to be purchased, and enter this information on order forms.
  • Inform customers by mail or telephone of order information, such as unit prices, shipping dates, and any anticipated delays.
  • Verify customer and order information for correctness, checking it against previously obtained information as necessary.
  • Review orders for completeness according to reporting procedures and forward incomplete orders for further processing.

Inventory Control Clerk

  • Maintain quantity of supplies and monitor shelf life on all items based on buyer or management request.
  • Classified, Reviewed and input data in the computer according to product weight, manufactures name, production date, expiration date, part number, stock number of all product through ASC operating system.
  • Inspected all products in their storage location to ensure product is not damaged or expired and that product is in perfect shipping condition.

Inventory Control Clerk

  • Tracking orders, checking shipment received, and returning damage goods to companies Unloading, unpacking, and stocking goods in the warehouse using forklift and other equipment.
  • Coordinating with sales and purchase department and ensuring ‘no shortage’ of running goods Leading, guiding, and training warehouse staff and assisting in the recruitment process.
  • Examined inventory for defects and damage and reported the same to the warehouse manager Compiled and maintained inventory balance, shortage, and usage.

Inventory Control Clerk

  • Collect and sort incoming mail/invoices/packing slips/receivers and distribute to appropriate team member.
  • All food invoices are reviewed line by line for receiving errors, returns, and units of measure errors, signatures, bid errors and math errors.
  • Research with Warehouse/Purchasing/Accounts Payable if there are any issues with invoices.
  • Take the appropriate action to get the necessary corrections to the invoice/or receiving document prior to processing.

Inventory Control Clerk

  • Received, organized, kitted, and transferred hardware, raw materials, purchased parts, machined details and assemblies to support inventory control for production.
  • Inspected purchased parts to be brought into inventory and then closed their respective POs via cross- training opportunities.
  • Created a cost & time-effective transportation/packaging method for cork material to prod. floor ($150k savings/year in waiting time and lost production time).

Inventory Control Clerk

  • Compile and maintain records of quantity, type, and value of material, equipment, merchandise, and supplies stocked in warehouse.
  • Receive and ensure the accurate count of material, equipment, merchandise, and supplies.
  • Document proper counts of inventory records, and adjust count errors or investigate and reports reasons for discrepancies.
  • Compare inventories to incoming and outgoing purchase records, sales orders, production records, or purchase invoices to obtain current inventory.

Inventory Control Clerk

  • Receive and count stock items, and record data manually or using computer.
  • Pack and unpack items to be stocked on shelves in stockrooms, warehouses, or storage yards.
  • Verify inventory computations by comparing them to physical counts of stock, and investigate discrepancies or adjust errors.
  • Store items in an orderly and accessible manner in warehouses, tool rooms, supply rooms, or other areas.

Inventory Control Clerk

  • Answered customer questions regarding store merchandise, department information and pricing.
  • Interviewed and worked closely with vendors to acquire and develop desired products.
  • Established strong vendor relationships to maintain and support the business.
  • Coordinated communication with merchandise operations and vendors for PO creation and maintenance.

Inventory Control Clerk

  • Processed store orders the night before & was trained in handling store shorts.
  • Was also trained in the shipping dock clerk’s responsibilities to fill in for the dock clerk in a time of absence.
  • Worked with loaders and hostlers to run and make sure all pallets of product were shipped off by the day’s end.
  • Also trained in administrative responsibilities such as running the clock and filling in downtime for employees.

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