Home Inspector Resume Sample

Home Inspectors provide investigative services to make sure people are up to code before they start projects. Their duties include reviewing blueprints, checking the local ordinances, using equipment to perform inspections, looking at different parts of houses, identifying any problems that need to be addressed, and taking photos of these problems.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Home Inspector Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Home Inspector resumes for your reference.

Home Inspector Resume Sample 1

  • Performed inspection of repair and remodeling projects on a team of 3-5 inspectors.
  • Achieved superior ratings by customers, who rated our work with positive comments that were echoed by the appraiser, when we inspected a home for potential renovation.
  • Met deadlines for completion and received excellent feedback from clients and customers.
  • Recruited and supervised a team of 4-6 inspectors to perform inspections quickly, efficiently, and beyond client expectations.
  • Received awards for exceptional customer service from home owners, which resulted in more financing requests from customers seeking my services after having been satisfied with my previous performances.

Home Inspector Resume Sample 2

  • Effectively inspected single-family homes and condos for defects.
  • Conducted 20+ home inspections in first six months of employment; built a reputation for professionalism and quality work within the company.
  • Received award for quality work, professionalism, and on-time completion rate.
  • Developed networking strategy that expanded customer base by 100+ percent during my first year.
  • Analyzed sales data to identify where market was shifting (upcoming construction projects), allowing me to position my business to take advantage of new opportunities.

Home Inspector Resume Sample 3

  • Achieved award for achieving customer satisfaction in the field of inspection services.
  • Managed home inspection services effectively while adhering to State, U.S. and local codes, and City requirements.
  • Recognized by the Senior Inspector for outstanding quality service; demonstrated an ability to provide realistic opinions and good advice concerning potential problems in real estate transactions.
  • Received outstanding quality award; effectively utilized state-of-the-art equipment to monitor property condition during inspections.
  • Received an excellent rating on quality inspection report from a satisfied customer; coordinated inspections with other inspectors on a timely basis with minimal disruption to customers.

Home Inspector Resume Sample 4

  • Developed and implemented procedures for inspecting, maintaining and repairing homes.
  • Accomplished tasks on time and budget; documented work in a professional manner.
  • Effectively presented projects to clients; was able to obtain referrals from those who had contracted work from me.
  • Achieved award for development of the best quality inspection manual in home repair and reconstructions.
  • Received outstanding quality award, presented by the National Association of Home Inspectors for excellent public relations potential, through media advertisements and magazine articles. This position also required attending an educational seminar sponsored by NAPSI (National Association of Professional Survey Inspectors).

Home Inspector Resume Sample 5

  • Developed a secure and accurate digital inspection report that cleared the system in less than 30 seconds; recognized by Regional Manager for superb performance.
  • Pursued a career as an inspector; certified by Case School of Real Estate, Cleveland Institute of Real Estate, and National Home Inspector Accrediting Council (NHIAC).
  • Helped home buyers who wished to remain close to their friends, families, and work places; recognized for extensive knowledge of real estate in Ohio.
  • Expressed extensive knowledge regarding real estate through daily participation in online forums providing advice to consumers seeking to buy or sell homes.
  • Managed a team of inspectors; recognized for customer service and performance capability.

Home Inspector Resume Sample 6

  • Possessed the ability to identify defects in a variety of construction materials, components and systems.
  • In order to excel in new developments, possessed the ability to identify defects and take corrective action.
  • Identified numerous defects in homes, with most consequential ones being water damage, insufficiency of roofing and foundation problems.
  • Stayed ahead of schedule as a Superstar by completing repairs or improvements on properties at least one day before deadline; garnered appreciation from customer service department for customer satisfaction during repair performance review after completing repair assignments.
  • Recognized by branch manager for providing outstanding customer service during customer satisfaction review; communicated timely status of repairs to customers after completion.

Home Inspector Resume Sample 7

  • Inspected pre-foreclosure homes for buyers who intended to purchase the homes through a short sale.
  • Inspected new construction properties for builders and developers.
  • Inspected homes to assist homeowners in securing mortgage loans.
  • Inspected pre-owned homes for home owners and realtors seeking mortgage loans for the properties.
  • Assisted home owners with obtaining loan modification requests by following up with mortgage companies as necessary; communicated suggestions and recommendations to the homeowners based on inspection findings; used technology when needed to research title information and property conditions; provided printed inspection reports; prepared bill of costs to be mailed to property owners, mortgage companies, and others as required.

Home Inspector Resume Sample 8

  • Assessed residential and commercial properties for their suitability for habitation or use by the general public.
  • Recognized as one of five home inspectors out of the forty in my company to receive the award for best overall performance from start to finish in the processing of a loan application.
  • Recognized by Senior Vice President of Lender as having accounted for over $200,000 in savings due to my qualitative inspections.
  • Earned award as achieving 100% customer satisfaction based on customer surveys and having facilitated over $1 million bank transactions; an integral part of the team.
  • Recognized by Senior Vice President of Lender as having accounted for over $200,000 in savings due to my qualitative inspections; an integral part of the team.

Home Inspector Resume Sample 9

  • Performed full home inspections in order to identify defective components, unsafe conditions, and violations of building codes. (This demonstrates your ability to perform, not what you did. Do not simply write about how you performed the task.)
  • Recognized for conducting client satisfaction surveys; provided clients with an opportunity to evaluate inspection services, home policies and procedures, and general customer service.
  • Proactively developed referral sources through a variety of marketing channels such as newsletter distribution and community events.
  • Selected as a member of the All-Star Team; recognized by the Regional Manager for outstanding performance.
  • Received award for exceeding Customer Satisfaction Survey response rate; effectively obtained information from customers who had purchased homes.

Home Inspector Resume Sample 10

  • Supervised four to five professional inspectors; effectively delegated tasks and troubleshooted issues.
  • Compiled quarterly profit reports, weekly work schedules, and completed time sheets; compiled time and attendance records for Supervisors.
  • Screened customers for the company’s program to aid those in need of home inspections; effectively answered questions regarding necessary repairs through personal references.
  • Promoted as a team player; minimized risks to client satisfaction by maintaining the highest standards of personal hygiene and appearance at all times. Although he was promoted by the company, he felt pressured by management.
  • Conducted and recorded inspections with minimal oversight; adhered to company standards, resulting in a high rate of customer retention and referrals.

Home Inspector Resume Sample 11

  • Reviewed home inspections and completed necessary repairs to the home.
  • Identified and addressed any deficiencies related to the physical structure of the property.
  • Scheduled appointments with homeowners during their absence and performed on-site inspections of the property.
  • Communicated effectively to owners and residents, while explaining results of home inspection findings.
  • Worked along with real estate agent attending a buyer’s open house, providing additional insight during negotiations with prospective buyers.

Home Inspector Resume Sample 12

  • Successfully created and presented a real estate investment seminar, with attendance of at least 100 people.
  • Created a Home Buyers Guide that was distributed to over 1000 companies and individuals.
  • Achieved award as the top producer in my office; closed over $2 million in transactions; was able to assist families with owning their first home.
  • Earned “Award of Excellence” for my outstanding ability to provide quality services, such as scheduling appointments, welcoming clients upon arrival, and effectively communicating with clients throughout the entire inspection process.
  • Recognized and rewarded for outstanding customer service; effectively assisted customers in resolving issues and concerns.

Wrap Up

To be a Home Inspector, you must have a high school diploma and some knowledge of inspections, preferably from a community college; you also must have an inspector’s license. Home Inspectors must demonstrate great analytical, communication, detail-oriented, mechanical, stamina, planning, and dexterity skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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