Commercial Lender Resume Sample

Commercial lenders provide loan services to clients in a financial institution. Their main tasks include approving loans, assessing the credit score of clients, evaluating loan applications, giving loans, discussing loan payment plans with clients and reporting to managers who approve loan paper work.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Commercial Lender Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Commercial Lender resumes for your reference.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 1

  • Secured loan for a national corporation, exceeding the $2 million lending goal.
  • Negotiated contract to purchase property in an affluent section of town, exceeding the company’s $20 million lending goal.
  • Secured loan for a real estate development project after offering 4% below the asking price, exceeding the company’s $5 million lending goal.
  • Recognized by upper management for securing loan in a timely manner, having demonstrated effectiveness in working independently and with others, excellent follow through and problem solving skills; received highest performance award for branch ’95 due to outstanding productivity within division at time of audit.
  • Achieved award for outstanding customer service; recognized by the Regional Manager for outstanding customer service, however, should have received annual award for best customer service.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 2

  • Received outstanding quality award for following through and resolving the problems of a borrower who was not able to update his information on his loan modification application.
  • Successfully closed a loan during a short time frame; obtained maximum possible interest rate for the customer.
  • Achieved award for outstanding quality; responded promptly and effectively to complaints from distressed borrowers concerning their mortgage loan applications.
  • Attended many training programs related to banking, including seminars on consumer mortgage protection and payment assistance plans in order to become an effective professional in the field.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 3

  • Secured $200 million in long term financing which led to the construction of a new 175,000 square foot office building and parking garage.
  • Provided financial information for a loan on behalf of an owner; the transaction closed in less than 30 days.
  • Provided bridge financing for an out of state debtor on property located in Kansas City; maintained good relationship with lender over five years.
  • Acted as second signature on a $15 million, 12 month loan at Prime + 1%; assisted with all aspects from application through payment including all correspondence with attorney, appraiser, and title company regarding necessary documents.
  • Provided financial information and secured a loan when a lender’s appraisal came in too low; was able to negotiate $50,000 in credit with interest rate of Prime – 2.25% on $2 million.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 4

  • Identified and processed improper information concerning commercial loan applications.
  • Recognized for outstanding performance as a Superstar call monitoring call center representative; effectively handled the needs and concerns of customers while adhering to banks’ guidelines regarding authentication, disclosure, and customer service.
  • Achieved award for exceeding customer service expectations based on customer survey ratings from customers who had applied for loan. Received praise from the Regional Manager for outstanding performance and commitment to improving the company’s mission to meet or exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Adhered to bank’s policies regarding default rates by reviewing credit reports on all applicants within agreed upon time frames.
  • Identified the number of delinquent loans and reported delinquencies to management staff.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 5

  • Earned high quality rating by Commercial Development Department; successfully identified and sold business opportunities.
  • Achieved award for highest revenue volume monthly in the office to qualify for corporate bonus program; effectively closed business transactions.
  • Received outstanding performance award for meeting loan closing customer satisfaction guidelines by exceeding 75% of customer satisfaction rating.
  • Ranked as top performing service representative in branch, based on exceptional sales volumes, new client activity, and call volume increase.
  • Received outstanding award as a service representative to manage new mortgage applications.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 6

  • Executed loan closings in a timely manner.
  • Managed the processing of loan applications; achieved exceptional on time payment rates with extended loan terms.
  • Recognized by regional branch manager for consistently exceeding the goals of controlling costs, maintaining positive cash flow, and excelling in the areas of budgeting, cost controls, credit control and research.
  • Received outstanding performance award for meeting customer satisfaction guidelines based on customer survey ratings.
  • Achieved recognition by national lender for providing special packages to meet customers’ needs and achieving greater asset protection.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 7

  • Produced loan packages within Fannie Mae guidelines.
  • Worked with borrowers to meet deadlines; communicated effectively via e-mail and telephone.
  • Worked with borrowers to resolve title problems, reporting delinquent payments.
  • Resolved contractual disputes between clients; resolved impasses by meeting face to face with clients.
  • Achieved award for outstanding customer service during a promotional period by working directly with customers, examining title searches, and closing loans.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 8

  • Audited financial statements, including credit analysis, in one or more of commercial real estate, business and/or consumer market segments.
  • Acted as a liaison between the borrower and commercial banking and other lending institutions.
  • Brokered capital funds by arranging meetings with lending institutions to review project financing proposals.
  • Created loan packages outlining loan terms, repayment schedules and other financial data in order to secure loans to borrowers through banking credit committees.
  • Assisted in the review of loan applications through independent evaluation of documents provided by borrowers.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 9

  • Performed all major sales activities, including: funding, sales, marketing and service.
  • Identified and qualified potential clients.
  • Developed and implemented a relationship-oriented marketing program.
  • Created and implemented a brochure designed for the sale of real estate.
  • Accomplished goal by exceeding all sales quotas. Set up special accounts, received speaker’s fees on special occasions such as closing sales, conference presentations and retreats.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 10

  • Issued 100+ commercial loans; supervised loan officers in granting several commercial real estate loans.
  • Received appraisal for underwriting in less than 30 days after the date of the survey .
  • Receive “Best of the Best” award from the local newspaper as a result of outstanding performance and quality control.
  • Certified FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac mortgage loan officer by taking an exam given by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). This is a national certification that demonstrates that one is knowledgeable about duties and responsibilities expected from a mortgage borrower in today’s competitive mortgage industry.
  • Received outstanding quality award with exceptional customer satisfaction results on customer surveys.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 11

  • Closed a $100 million commercial real estate loan package after only being promoted for 6 months.
  • Achieved award for bringing in a new line of business by increasing deposit accounts at branch bank by $2 million.
  • Increased lines of credit from a client from $50,000 to $200,000 and significantly increased the amount customers spent on their credit cards.
  • Received award for exceeding all performance goals for the month; recognized for the highest level of customer service with recommendations based on customer surveys.
  • Recommended by peers as an outstanding employee and was an ideal team member who was consistently praised by customers and supervisors; received award as “Employee of the Quarter.

Commercial Lender Resume Sample 12

  • Processed loan transactions in a timely manner according to Bank of America guidelines.
  • Recognized by Regional Manager and received the outstanding performance award for outstanding customer service skills.
  • Participated in three regional events as a Loan Monitor; effectively attended loan review meetings and addressed concerns relating to data collection.
  • Received outstanding quality award; effectively compiled data relating to loan applications, including verifying property liens, escrow statements and employees’ payroll records.
  • Receiving above average sales percent for loans closed within 60 days or less; recognized by Regional Manager for excellent customer service skills and skillful problem solving.

Wrap Up

To work as a commercial lender, you require a bachelor’s degree in finance and a certification in Business and Commercial Lending (BCL) by the American Bankers Association. Commercial lenders must demonstrate listening skills, analytical skills, customer relation skills, excellent communication skills, attention to detail, organizational skills and financial skills

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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