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A grant reviewer evaluates applications from various organizations that request funds from a particular foundation. Duties include reading proposals, selecting organizations to fund, recommending funds to be awarded, aiding organizations in applying for future grants, and responding to inquiries from the public. The top skills for this position are customer service, sales, marketing, public relations, and people skills. A bachelor’s degree is required for this position, as well as a background in business management or human resources.

The Best Grant Reviewer Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Resume Reviewer resumes for your reference.

Grant Reviewer

  • Review grants and proposals from applicants of local DC-based charitable organizations.
  • Evaluate applicants, based on criteria and select applicants, based on the scoring system.
  • Refer recommendations to Review Committee and full United Way of the National Capital Area Board for awards.
  • Recognized ability to “find the needle in the haystack” through superior analytical skills.
  • Sought out areas for improvement, which resulted in improved performance, increased productivity, and a positive work environment.


  • Delivered drug product quality evaluation of more than 25 FDA applications and amendments by implementing regulatory strategies specific to the area of Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC).
  • Created new approaches to facilitate and accelerate revision and documentation of the review files.
  • Played integral roles in multi-disciplinary projects providing regulatory and compliance advice for team members with diverse backgrounds.
  • Acquired thorough knowledge of 21 CFR and current ANDA, IND, NDA, and BLA regulatory guidelines and submission requirements.
  • Covered new territory and developed key relationships that resulted in a company-wide environmental cleanup.


  • Leveraged strong interpersonal skills to successfully build and maintain professional relationships with clients, customers, and co-workers.
  • Achieved outstanding underwriting results and consistently receive top performer quarterly reviews.
  • Responsible for recognizing and alerting any “red flags” or other signs of fraudulent activity on loan applications.
  • Advanced cash-flow analysis of Individuals, S-Corps, C-Corps, Partnerships, Rental Properties, and Trusts.
  • As needed, performed the audit of completed loans, analyzing them for accuracy and preparing a packet of loans for sale.


  • To provisions each assigned loan# per assigned modules (i.e., FHA FORECLOSURES, FHA CLAIM SUBMISSION).
  • To provide documents that are needed per modules assigned to provision with and to search all available documents locations (i.e., Nautilus, Lenstar, and others) and upload all required documents and to saved all documents after worked are complete in the company path saved shared drive.
  • To work under certain deadlines and to answer or communicate with the analyst in regards to any questions.
  • Identified managerial opportunities within the company that allowed the expansion of existing services while increasing sales by approximately 20%.
  • Overseen the production of human resources schedule reports on computerized systems to establish accuracy of time-keeping and efficiency of payroll processing seven days a week.


  • Responsible for the full client interaction; Including inbound and outbound calls, E-mail communication, and secure messaging.
  • Completion of the full review process including fraud detection, underwriting, calculations, and standard operating procedure compliance.
  • Completed Audits and the creation of packets to be handled by investors.
  • Reviewed over 1000 employees’ time cards and overtime while ensuring that they had the proper amounts of time off.
  • Reviewed 70% of those individuals weekly.


  • Average 120% production in loan reviews per day while staying within the accuracy percentages.
  • Operate multiple programs and websites in unison to complete tasks efficiently.
  • Always asking questions to further my understanding of the what and why of different fees I confront.
  • Attend every workday with a drive to accomplish our team’s goals with great accuracy.
  • Reviewed over 400 hundred personnel files on a daily basis and provided recommendations for each individual to meet their objectives.


  • Review and audit loan applications to ensure that they meet SoFi’s underwriting guidelines.
  • This includes analyzing credit reports, calculating free cash flow, analyzing non-standard income sources, and verifying documents provided by applicants.
  • Prepare and present applications that may be eligible for a credit exception to SoFi’s credit committee.
  • Identify common underwriting issues and work with the originations team to improve the origination process to address those issues.
  • Supervised the training and tutoring of a group at a senior center to identify skills gaps that needed remediation.


  • Research and review ICD-9, CPT, and HCPCS Codes for various internal departments to evaluate fraud cases, up-coding, down-coding, miss coding, and incorrect billing.
  • Navigate organizational EHR systems (Sigma Care, Medicare, and MCO) on a daily basis to run reports and conduct chart reviews.
  • Review medical records to validate ICD-9 Diagnosis codes on Encounter Superbills and CMS 1500 Claim forms.
  • Extract, review, and format monthly reports from EHR systems for Medicare (RAPS, EDS) and Medicaid (MEDS) Encounter Data reporting.
  • Reviewed human resource policies, procedures, and procedures with the HR team while implementing new policies and procedures.


  • Reviews evidence for SARs prepared by Investigators for cases including tracing financial transactions, reviewing suspects’ backgrounds and financial profiles using various systems and tools.
  • Ensures that SARs are completed properly and in accordance with the Regulatory Guideline.
  • Evaluates case information and conclude that accurate information is reflected in filings.
  • Makes minor changes to SARs as needed; coordinates with SAR Preparers to communicate issues identified.
  • Reviewed the practices and recommendations of staff professional development plans.


  • Review data for Quality control. Releasing Specifications for Raw material Inprocess, Finished product, Stability of oral suspensions, solid dose forms like Chewables, Extended-release and Vitamins.
  • Review of Calibration data for instruments, Cleaning validation and verification reports, Method development Ruggedness data for Q.C.
  • To conduct training on Documentation, SOP, STP, SPC and initiate change control.
  • Played a major role as a Reviewer in the implementation of Empower 3 over Excel for day-to-day data reporting for HPLC, Dissolution, and GC analysis.
  • Provided developmental feedback to staff on their formal performance reviews.


  • Engaged in document review on various cases with different subject matter.
  • Proficient using document review programs, such as Relativity and Catalyst.
  • Experience includes reviewing documents of various types including emails, word documents, spreadsheets, slide shows, technical information, marketing, and computer source code.
  • Reviewed employee training files for compliance with corporate policies.
  • Established and maintained employee database; structured departmental databases for future use by other departments.


  • Assist the front desk with the intake of clients, manage traffic flow and provide new applications for parents.
  • Primarily responsible for reviewing information received from applicants to determine eligibility.
  • Review all documents received daily from applicants-date stamp and route to appropriate depts. for data entry.
  • Support Voucher Processing supervisor on researching pending applications, deny or approve as applicable.
  • Communicated with employees on official matters.

How to become a successful Grant Reviewer?

You need to have a GED or high school diploma. As a grant reviewer, you need to have substantial experience in the field you decide to work in. There are many different types of concentrations to choose from like healthcare, science, criminal justice, the department of labor or transportation, law, and many others. Your education and experience are essential factors in helping you become a successful grant reviewer.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in your chosen field will help you gain the education and expertise you need to be a grant reviewer in the field you decide for your career. You can gain more experience by taking internships in the field you decide like law or the healthcare industry.

The ideal skills for a successful grant reviewer to have are great verbal and written communication skills, decision making skills and research skills. These qualities are what can help you be a great grant reviewer and later on in the future open new career opportunities.

Wrap Up

A grant reviewer works in the human resources industry and their job is to review and rate grant applications. They process applications submitted to government agencies, collect and review data from the applications and then create a report based on their findings that they give to their employers. Many grant reviewers work for the government but there are some who work for other companies or do freelance work. As a grant reviewer you help your employer decide whether the proposal submitted on an application should be supported or denied.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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