Document Control Administrator Resume Sample

A document control administrator maintains documents and records, in line with company standards. Their duties include, maintaining document records on a document management system, creating and maintaining templates, responding to request for documentation, reviewing accuracy of records, preparing reports, maintaining confidentiality and coordinating with other relevant departments.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Document Control Administrator Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Document Control Administrator resumes for your reference.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 1

  • Accurately recorded, prepared, and processed time cards according to company policies and procedures; administered pay periods, made payroll deductions, completed General Ledger reports.
  • Maintained all PERS (Performance Reports System) filings including maintaining accurate tracking of each supervisor’s compensation/reviews/statements.
  • Actively increased efficiency by recommending increased automation of the log-in for employee access to various systems.
  • Researched and implemented various forms of security measures, constantly reviewing lessons learned from previous breaches.
  • Successfully managed access levels for all required systems impacting documents received by the organization; reviewed procedures to protect/maintain confidentiality for all sensitive data received & distributed.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 2

  • Accurately documented loan documents in a computerized loan origination system, ensuring the customer’s protection and meeting required timeframes.
  • Implemented a system to ensure compliance with the Company’s document control procedures by relocating duplicate copies of loan documents from closed loans to an approved storage area.
  • Processed public and private documents in a timely manner in accordance with company guidelines.
  • Received recognition for consistently meeting stringent legal deadlines for courier services.
  • Conformed to the highest level of accuracy in processing real estate documents per government requirements; accepted certification from the government regarding accuracy in all categories relating to my job responsibilities.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 3

  • Completed data entry for loan documents in a timely manner; maintain current information on all companies to which I had access.
  • Compiled data on delinquent borrowers to determine appropriate action that could be taken.
  • Developed Excel spreadsheets to accurately count the number of documents in specific file folders; compiled documents to be shredded according to each company’s guidelines.
  • Dealt with multiple claims of a wage garnishment, including collecting items from clients’ bank accounts to pay back loans; successfully analyzed and resolved bounced checks issues after receiving notification from banks.
  • Accomplished work within time constraints and received an award for exemplary performance.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 4

  • Worked with a team of eight employees to coordinate the installation of new software to handle the companies 300,000 annual loan documents with minimal downtime.
  • Coordinated loan approval process when previous team members became ill.
  • Managed departmental expense reports with minimal supervision; developed estimate to reduce cost by $50,000 annually in paper expenditure.
  • Achieved award for answering customer calls in one minute or less; effectively answered incoming calls within company guidelines regarding authentication, disclosure, and quality service.
  • Achieved award for saving $20,000 in postage costs by adjusting company mail handling procedures.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 5

  • Processed, filed, and maintained corporate archives.
  • Provided technical support for a dozen systems resulting in a reduction of overhead costs.
  • Oversaw implementation of the latest technologies.
  • Trained employees to use new technology.
  • Maintained documentation retention schedule according to federal and state guidelines; prepared inventories for records stored off-site.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 6

  • Constructed memos, letters, and other office correspondence; organized office supplies; set up the fax machine.
  • Received recognition for exceptional performance in an occasion when she double-checked to ensure all documents needed to fulfill the VA’s customer satisfaction guidelines were in place to ensure timely processing of claims; also received recognition for exceptional performance when she ensured that centralized systems were functioning properly.
  • Recognized for outstanding performance when she effectively implemented new operating procedures.
  • Earned recognition for effective customer service performance; effectively handled the needs of customers while adhering to banks’ guidelines regarding authentication, disclosure, and customer service.
  • Received award for outstanding quality achievement; effectively compiled data relating to insurance claims.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 7

  • Adhered to all GSA guidelines; participated in the installation of the new system; performed functions of the documentation department.
  • A processed record of employee actions for the creation of payroll disbursement records.
  • Prepared data for the creation of the monthly report.
  • Utilized updated automated systems to capture new employee data; updated immigration authorization forms; promptly updated master file; updated anniversary form (from anniversary date until termination).
  • Completed training on updated systems and utilized updated automated systems for the creation of monthly reports, payroll notices, etc.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 8

  • Effectively handled documents, obtains signatures from company personnel and returns to appropriate departments.
  • Obtained the necessary approvals, approved a 10 million dollar budget for a new corporate office in less than 30 days.
  • Developed a corporate policy for handling documents pertaining to new construction projects.
  • Recognized as Document Control Administrator of the month by the VP of Finance for a 50% reduction in document control expenses.
  • Earned recognition for handling more than 5000 documents per month; consistently save the company $10k each year in safe receipts and filing fees.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 9

  • Accurately processed outgoing mail, answered telephones, and completed binder/files.
  • Accurately entered data into the accounting system and periodically updated records.
  • Accurately maintained 5 years of car ownership information for a customer.
  • Accurately monitored from incoming mail, answering telephones, and completing binder/files.
  • Accurately monitored incoming mail, answered telephones, and completed binder/files.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 10

  • Contributed to the administrative processes of the document control office.
  • Performed document control functions of verifying forms and invoices, ordering supplies, maintaining files, and banking of funds.
  • Evaluated accuracy of signatures of real estate agents and mortgage loan officers to ensure assignment was proper.
  • Reimbursed for postage on documents returned to sender.
  • Provided data for spreadsheet for review by auditors; ensured all files were current and filed in accordance with company policy.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 11

  • Designed and implemented a new compliance software program, which streamlined document tracking and workflow efficiency.
  • Obtained a reduction in a potential lawsuit against the company as a result of my successful efforts.
  • Exceeded sales quota by 20% as a result of the database I created to track information on large accounts.
  • Resolved customer complaints via phone and email, leading to an increase of 10% in customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Reduced processing time by 20%, as measured by quality ratings from vendors who provide services to company clients.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 12

  • Knew how to use distributed databases for maintaining document control of the office.
  • Developed comprehensive internal controls, ensuring document control by processing forms, analyzing performance data of employees, reviewing financial statements on a regular basis.
  • Developed an easy-to-manage document control system by processing forms and performing quality checks of information submitted on computer.
  • Created a training program to train new employees on basic procedures in document control.
  • Brought the new employees up to speed with all documents regarding standards & policies even though their department had not adopted them yet.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 13

  • Received outstanding quality award; actively participated in the development of new training opportunities for existing staff members.
  • Established stellar performance record in the area of loan processing.
  • Compiled data on financial records, including income or loss statements, balance sheets, and or other financial statements for assigned accounts.
  • Assembled reports supporting operations along with submitting them to public accounting firms, auditing firms, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and federal regulatory agencies.

Document Control Administrator Resume Sample 14

  • Assisted in preparation, tracking, and filing of all documentation pertaining to common items that lead to the conclusion that a job has been completed.
  • Received recognition for problem-solving for documentation discrepancies.
  • Possessed excellent oral and written communications skills; effectively communicated information via telephone, email, memo pad, and letter to internal customers.
  • Achieved outstanding customer service award; demonstrated exemplary customer service skills by providing prompt and courteous service for internal customers.
  • Performed successful duties in a specific area while managing multiple tasks which provided an overall positive impact on the Company’s bottom line.

Wrap Up

To become a document control administrator you must have a high school diploma and some experience in documentation control. A document control administrator must demonstrate discipline, attention to detail, organization skills, time management, Microsoft Office skills, communication skills and sensitivity to confidentiality.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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