GIS Specialist Resume Sample

A GIS specialist (Geographic Information System) is responsible for spatial data processing, and using data to update existing maps or create new one using geographical data. Duties of a GIS specialist include creating digital maps, drawing files using computer aided drafting, collecting geographical data, analyzing data, performing updates and edits, and troubleshooting.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best GIS Specialist Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real GIS Specialist resumes for your reference.

GIS Specialist Resume Sample 1

  • Employed GIS to create and maintain regional environmental data sets for governmental agencies.
  • Managed relationships with Geographic Information Officer, Water Quality Supervisor, and multiple technical contacts to secure accurate data sets for business operations.
  • Used advanced economic analysis techniques such as spatial interpolation and regression modeling to produce cost benefit analyses for various conservation projects.
  • Developed effective distribution system by researching, acquiring, transferring, modifying, and providing software tools used in all agency departments.
  • Researched new technologies in support of departmental objectives through collaboration with educational institutions and local government entities; applied acquired knowledge during installation of new equipment in preparation for regional environmental project.

GIS Specialist Resume Sample 2

  • Generated information for local government agencies to manage geographic data.
  • Developed GIS applications using ESRI’s ArcGIS platform.
  • Designed custom map products for our customers which included 30-day precipitation forecasts, school district boundaries, and public landuse areas.
  • Researched software titles and attended trade shows to keep abreast of new developments in the industry.
  • Scanned paper maps into electronic format, established coordinate systems, assigned attributes to the proper location layers, then converted them into web application form with JavaScript frontend code.

GIS Specialist Resume Sample 3

  • Enhanced GIS interface by developing user-friendly GUI for polygonal data tools.
  • Conducted accurate spatial analysis to identify, quantify, and qualify land use variables; presented findings in PowerPoint presentation to city council members.
  • Completed department projects on time during four months of contract work; recognized as dependable employee by Supervisor.
  • Oversaw network settings through GPSI AES to improve efficiency and accuracy of mapping technology used daily.
  • Presented excellent team capabilities; developed rapport with project customers during three years of contract work to satisfy their needs and exceed expectations.

GIS Specialist Resume Sample 4

  • Converted GIS data from one coordinate system to another and imported spatial data into a PostGIS database.
  • Designed and developed Python scripts for updating and analyzing geospatial data.
  • Assisted in the adaptation of a regional transportation database into an open source database with improved street centerlines, roads, and intersections that were more complete than those available commercially or through other sources.
  • Participated in automating workflows used by analysts to process large amounts of crime data such as suspicious activity reporting, categorization of incidents, and short-term trend forecasting.
  • Presented research on crime analysis via GIS tools to law enforcement agencies at national conferences; coauthored articles for publication in academic journals and contributed to the development of crime analysis and GIS curricula for college-level students.

GIS Specialist Resume Sample 5

  • Worked with GIS software including MapInfo, ArcGIS, and Global Mapper.
  • Implemented a real-time biotechnology solution utilizing wireless networks and GIS by optimizing the spatial analytical capabilities of a map server system.
  • Created geo-referenced land parcel maps for regional planning purposes providing a new level of geographic accuracy.
  • Entered property lines for over 10,000 parcels of undeveloped land to an online data repository via field collection using Trimble GeoExplorer XP GPS units and ESRI Collector mobile app.
  • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks due to greater efficiency in workflow management by automating customized geoprocessing applications built with Esri custom tools and scripting.

GIS Specialist Resume Sample 6

  • Researched, developed, and tested coordinate transformation algorithms for geodetic networks based on the National Spatial Reference System.
  • Improved the company’s web-based application by updating and improving existing applications such as GIS clients, server components for map publishing, and metadata manager.
  • Improved product quality by validating geometry data using spatial indexing techniques including geometry clustering and geometry hashing.
  • Secured customer confidence through improved data representation with the use of new cartographic rendering styles and symbols that will help to develop a better understanding of GIS products needed in their industry sector.
  • Accelerated development cycle through increased development speed through provision of source code control for all geospatial modules.

GIS Specialist Resume Sample 7

  • Created and maintained data sets by adding, maintaining, deleting, updating, and verifying address information using GIS software.
  • Produced high-quality detailed maps with enhanced cartographic design skills.
  • Added new customers to the server by coordinating efforts with IT staff.
  • Enhanced business processes for employees through utilization of technology tools; recognized as “Employee of the Year”. (Awarded $500 bonus.)
  • Negotiated contract terms by researching issues related to pricing, coverage, maintenance fees, overages/overage rates, termination fees, etc. between customer and vendor. Saved company thousands of dollars in expenses annually.

GIS Specialist Resume Sample 8

  • Demonstrated achievement in GIS software applications of ArcGIS, MapInfo, and Google Earth.
  • Collaborated with a team of dedicated professionals to build a streamlined process for spatial data conversion using ESRI’s Data Interoperability extension.
  • Effectively organized large datasets that spanned multiple metropolitan regions into a single layer format suitable for viewing by customers.
  • Researched and developed the integration of GeoRSS feeds from external sources as new product features requested by clients.
  • Created an outline for a document management solution detailing how to store documents as well as provide access via web services as part of a larger customer system upgrade request.

GIS Specialist Resume Sample 9

  • Developed documentation for a GIS Data Collection Tool, a real-time GPS system used to track and collect spatial data of gas lines.
  • Delivered a presentation at the National Pipeline Mapping Conference on using field-verified pipeline data to create maps which aid in pre-emptive pipeline repair initiatives.
  • Administered four servers as part of the GeoProcessing cluster. Ensured that all server processes were running by performing regular checkups and health checks via SSH sessions from login nodes.
  • Wrote program in Python to allow end user to choose their point projection when exporting shapefiles from ArcGIS project file. This saved a significant amount of time for users who needed to reproject their final dataset.
  • Developed a Python script to automate the detection and digitization of pipeline features so that staff did not have to manually detect each feature.

GIS Specialist Resume Sample 10

  • Wrote software code in Python to produce a quality GIS for storm water management.
  • Oversaw the development of an interactive, web-based application to access and visualize crime statistics from three different law enforcement agencies.
  • Developed a flexible software application that allows users to create custom views according to specific user preferences using ESRI JavaScript API.
  • Provided technical assistance and training on Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop by phone and e-mail to over 1 million users across 38 states.
  • Gained deep knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WCF services, JSON serialization protocols, XML parsing through years of modifying existing applications and creating new ones from scratch.

GIS Specialist Resume Sample 11

  • Technician at heart; effortless troubleshooter for an advanced digital mapping system, including hardware configurations and organizing data structures.
  • Enhanced user experience by revising interface controls to maximize efficiency and enhance graphic readability.
  • Created new mapping applications that significantly reduced business travel time for managers of a multi-billion dollar public utility company.
  • Turned around company disaster recovery plan by creating a professional presentation area, providing documentation on procedures and components, and proposing options for critical expenditures.
  • Designed effective community outreach programs to promote GIS as a useful tool in local education initiatives.

Wrap Up

Educational requirements include a bachelor’s degree in geography, information systems, or a relative field. Skills necessary to do this job include a strong knowledge of data, comprehensive knowledge of GIS, excellent communication skills, ability to collaborate with other team members, organization, prioritization, and the ability to handle multiple tasks at once.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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