Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample

An e-commerce business analyst monitors and analyses online sales data and trends for a company. Their duties include, analyzing sales figures and metrics, sales reporting, analyzing sales trends, analyzing post promotional changes, coordinating with internal stakeholders, calibrating pricing decisions and managing site appearances.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Ecommerce Business Analyst resumes for your reference.

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 1

  • Worked with client to develop a new eCommerce Web site that exceeded client goals and increased customer base by 40%.
  • Led redesign of business strategy and road map; received letter of congratulations from CEO for project results.
  • Achieved E-Class designation for designing a marketing strategy to harness the power of social media networks, online videos, and blogs in order to strengthen company brand loyalty with the target audience.
  • Designed a strategic plan to re-engineer the finance operation which resulted in a 14% increase in operating margin from $46MM to $50MM. Received award from CFO for outstanding performance in developing & managing key initiatives.
  • Designed and implemented systems to monitor key financial indicators; accomplished with minimal cost overruns, enabling the company to lower its overall operating expenses by $1MM per year.

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 2

  • Provided analysis and recommendation to enhance the security of public access to the Internet as part of the team that implemented a new Internet connection for a Federal agency using an ISP that featured a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) certification.
  • Ensured that any issues identified were resolved within 24 hours of identification by performing root-cause analysis and verifying resolution with a formal system test.
  • Wrote a summary report highlighting key findings from the study.
  • Dug into the root cause of performance issues, correlated subsequent impacts, and drafted a solution to solve it. Key findings were presented in project meetings with executive leadership.
  • Investigated and tracked a high-volume issue associated with a critical log-in functionality upgrade. The root cause was an incorrect syslog configuration, which was resolved within 24 hours.

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 3

  • Worked with management to develop an eCommerce buying strategy.
  • Consolidated the purchasing of goods for all internal customers.
  • Instituted a plan to reduce overseas lead time.
  • Reduced costs by over $500,000 annually through the use of Internet tools for inventory procurement.
  • Achieved award for excellence in business analysis; developed a comprehensive performance rating application tool used by all managers in the organization to ensure consistency in rating performance appraisal results per employee.

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 4

  • Discovered problem areas, particularly in shipping and customer service processes, which had significant negative financial impacts.
  • Identified opportunities to improve the customer experience by analyzing the use of available resources to integrate functionality.
  • Reviewed project plans with customers to ensure that they were on track for completion on time and that costs were reasonable.
  • Identified weaknesses in existing systems for customers, exposed opportunities for innovation within our organization, and provided direction for improving system control over costs of product development.
  • Analyzed website metrics including traffic, revenue, leads generated through our website.

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 5

  • Spearheaded creation of eCommerce B2B portal through analysis of business needs, performance standards, and technology requirements.
  • Analyzed business requirements for new business opportunities by using forecasting software to identify stock levels required to support forecasted demand.
  • Accurately project expenses associated with proposed changes in business practices by recognizing costs that may result from the change.
  • Facilitated organizational efficiency by recommending organizational changes based on the presentment of analyses results.
  • Effectively led new product development team through feasibility analysis conducted to determine the financial viability of proposed product(s).

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 6

  • Worked with cross-functional teams to plan and implement a global eCommerce strategy. Created buy vs. build matrix and prioritize initiatives based on project risk, business value, and cost efficiencies.
  • Facilitated the development of Service Level Agreements for improving customer support through more efficient use of technology.
  • Identified improvement opportunities in call center performance metrics via monthly review meetings, then worked with management to develop a monitoring program that identified areas for process improvements, resulting in a 50% increase in call resolution rate.
  • Implemented a web analytics solution to monitor website performance including site traffic volume, browsing behavior, and conversion rates by product category.
  • Developed a service level agreement for hosting the site on a self-service platform, resulting in a significant increase in page views for the website.

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 7

  • Verified business requirements to determine which existing company websites required updates to their existing content.
  • Outlined the website’s purpose in the business; presented the current layout in terms of usability and presentation.
  • Recommended enhancements necessary in order to construct a feature-driven website that would fit seamlessly into the customer’s environment.
  • Created strategic solutions through analysis of performance charts and statistics that would lead to increased revenue within 3 months after implementation; gathered information from key stakeholders in the management team; proposed incorporation of new features which would allow for advancement of technologies, increased security, faster application times, and more efficient fulfillment of orders.
  • Was responsible for the production of online forecasts for the company, which included trend analysis and the creation of data-driven forecast models.

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 8

  • Worked on the development of the company’s eCommerce platform. Provided analysis and recommendations for the improvement of existing features and development of new features.
  • Analyze and resolve issues on Web, Mobile, and desktop applications; completed various user interface designs; maintained current knowledge of Microsoft products.
  • Created user tutorials and self-help Web pages; trained end-users regarding navigation procedures for various applications, including PC Client Connection (CashNet Advisor), CashNet Advisor (PayAnywhere), and online banking; provided end-user support email responses to customer inquiries; educated end-users regarding use of PC Client Connection.
  • Analysed customer data for online banking; created reports using PC Client connection (CashNet Advisor) and SQL.
  • Worked on the development of technology solutions for the company to expedite the processing of loan applications efficiently and effectively; built and maintained web-based business systems.

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 9

  • Achieved award for contributing to the development of the business plan; successfully implemented process to create analytical models studying current business processes.
  • Increased market share by developing enhanced solutions for delivering products to customers; providing technical expertise in maintaining financial, manufacturing, and logistical processes.
  • Developed framework for enabling e-business enhancements across multiple enterprise systems; participated in other projects including sales force automation, customer relationship management, and product development.
  • Recognized as an expert in analyst tools based on expanded responsibilities for other projects within multiple departments.
  • Presented findings before executives at monthly meetings; contributed to studies that contributed revenue net income upward of $5 million.

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 10

  • Achieved a target of 33% increase in conversion rates by analyzing and implementing a new email campaign.
  • Managed a cross-functional project team to create an enterprise-wide solution for managing bids, requests for proposals, and RFPs.
  • Led a team of analysts to implement the business requirements set forth by senior management.
  • In charge of reporting as it pertained to the company’s KPIs, as well as conducting research to create reports that align with the company’s goal.
  • Used data visualization tools and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to deliver easy-to-understand dashboards for my peers and stakeholders.

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 11

  • Assessed a variety of business issues in a complex, challenging environment.
  • Developed a comprehensive understanding of “best practices” for strategic planning, marketing strategy, and operations/operations-led change implementation.
  • Measured the effectiveness of key business initiatives by analyzing various metrics.
  • Recognized as one of the top 20% underpaid employees in the company by their peers based on cost-benefit analysis model.
  • Earned award for completing 5 projects within an 8 month period under minimal supervision.

Ecommerce Business Analyst Resume Sample 12

  • Achieved next level within the company; hired by the company to manage new development team.
  • Contributed to business process flow chart; helped create process efficiencies across the business.
  • Received high scores for top performance on Post Implementation Review (PIR) measures; led the team in achieving corporate strategic goals.
  • Increased productivity within the department by over 80%; streamlined processes and improved customer satisfaction scores.
  • Facilitated training for new hires with clear expectations and realistic timelines; enabled the department to hit deadlines every month.

Wrap Up

To become an e-commerce business analyst you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or business subjects or experience of a reporting / BI tool such as: Looker, Data Studio, Clickstream, Tableau, etc. A business analyst must demonstrate detail-orientation, analytical mindset, communication skills, teamwork, documentation skills, Microsoft Office skills and presentation skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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