Art Educator Resume Sample

Art Educators guide students in developing their knowledge and skill in fine arts. Their work includes developing or following a curriculum, carrying out daily lesson plans, managing their classroom, administering projects, incorporating history of their specific art, communicating and interacting with students at their various levels, and responding to student and parent needs and feedback.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Art Educator Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Art Educator resumes for your reference.

Art Educator Resume Sample 1

  • Cared for the development of an independent, respectful, and compassionate human being through progressive art instruction.
  • Dedicated 25 years to faculty development of students preparing them to be future leaders of the arts in their communities.
  • Achieved career goal of teaching full-time after three years of part-time experience while raising a family.
  • Respected by peers for dedication to excellence; recognized with professional awards and grants that supported the growth and development of new artists.
  • Earned salary raise of more than 20% for the second consecutive year after receiving the highest rating on an annual evaluation.

Art Educator Resume Sample 2

  • Conducted art classes after school, taught basic techniques in drawing to over 100 students in grades K-6.
  • Presented art workshops for Education majors, including critiques on student work.
  • Promoted community awareness by designing and producing the posters for the county’s annual art festival.
  • Created original art work that exemplified the essence of humanity through the use of life size portraits in oil pastels.
  • Prepared curriculum integration materials for Art majors by collecting current periodicals in the field of fine art.

Art Educator Resume Sample 3

  • Exhibited work across the United States and in one foreign country: offering personal and professional vision through two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and theatrical presentations.
  • Acted as production assistant on six motion pictures; worked with technical crew to ensure successful filming of action scenes.
  • Authored articles on art as a freelance writer to five newspapers; attained enthusiasm for the written word as a major influence on my art expression.
  • Advised three artists throughout the creative process; assisted in conceptualization, development, and completion of artwork.
  • Demonstrated art techniques at craft fairs, juried shows, schools, and private events.

Art Educator Resume Sample 4

  • Gave over 7,000 students a glimpse of beauty through art appreciation and creative expression.
  • Compiled a collection of works by international artists from across the world to offer students a chance to recognize beauty in nature, in man, and in his own being.
  • Inspired others who have shared his interest in art through the presentation of exhibits and workshops which were attended by over 350 students.
  • Spent one-and-a-half years carefully selecting the best works from over 1,500 prints to compile this volume on contemporary printmaking worldwide.
  • Transferred lifelong love of art and appreciation of beauty to others through teaching and mentoring.

Art Educator Resume Sample 5

  • Established a youth art program that became a model nationally. Evaluated students in all areas of art and applied appropriate lesson plans, reinforcing students’ artistic concepts while encouraging individual expression.
  • Trained to the full completion from Black Belt to 4th Dan in the Chinese system of “Five Elements” Astrology, applying principles to explain why people act and react to situations they cannot control.
  • Emulated the learning style of the great educator William Glasser, who taught by examples rather than lectures. Qualified challenger at novice Black Belt level by demonstrating attitude towards the instructors’ standards, focus on mastery of each technique, and high quality of presentation.
  • Learned a great deal from a variety of outstanding instructors. Recognized by the School Board for being a role model to all students, and by the college as being a model for all instructors.
  • Achieved over 100 awards as an instructor and performer, including first place in many sparring competitions.

Art Educator Resume Sample 6

  • Fostered students’ self-expression through creative art, drama, and poetry.
  • Regularly mentored struggling students with disabilities in art and theater.
  • Achieved award for painting two “Sister’s” Journey (a talk show segment on KXEL-TV).
  • Developed project of “Beat the Streets” by collaborating with local artists, including one who was a contestant on the reality TV show America’s Got Talent, to create a mural sponsored by a local bank.
  • Added creativity to classroom lessons while designing a temporary art display for a community event.

Art Educator Resume Sample 7

  • Individualized instruction for all students to foster learning, creativity, and success.
  • Balanced curriculum between state standards and creative innovation; created an environment where children could be exposed to both art theory and practice.
  • Assessed methods of developing artistic expression in an effort to apply them to each child’s unique creative abilities.
  • Created a community of artists through the student art show; fostered the importance of individual expression while encouraging teamwork.
  • Engaged children in collaborative efforts by creating joint projects with parents involved as additional artists, audience members, and supporters.

Art Educator Resume Sample 8

  • Designed lesson plans for children, teenagers, and adults using 10-tons of LEGO to coordinate art skills.
  • Observed the development of facial muscle structure in young children, ages nine to twelve, through book illustration.
  • Re-evaluated six-year old child’s motor skills with abstract works on paper.
  • Created multiple themes for art installations with 2-2-4 blocks for an elementary school fair.
  • Founded an independent artist collective which encompassed four groups of artists ranging from elementary aged to adult.

Art Educator Resume Sample 9

  • Organized and delivered elementary and middle school art classes for over nine years.
  • Fostered skills of visualization, visual organization, and improved productivity in all students by utilizing high-interest lessons and assignments.
  • Evaluated 500 free-hand drawings of children during the five years of class instruction; confident in their abilities and encouraged each child to excel.
  • Demonstrated masterful skills in conducting creative arts classes for middle school students by blending fun, experimentation, wellness, motivation, self-examination into a sequence of creative thought progression.
  • Furnished informational sessions to parents on the importance of early education during the four years of instructing art classes.

Art Educator Resume Sample 10

  • Increased student interest in visual arts as a teacher at a middle school.
  • Encouraged students to pursue careers in the Arts as a speech and drama instructor at a large city high school.
  • Earned award for increasing enrollment by 20% as a teacher of drawing, painting, and ceramics at a large city community college.
  • Recommended by supervisors to participate in national demonstration project as an advanced level sculptor at an art college.
  • Researched and applied new techniques to metal sculpture as an apprentice to an internationally known artist.

Art Educator Resume Sample 11

  • Developed Media/Computer Center into a thriving, creative environment for art exhibits and activities.
  • Improved average test scores 8 points per grading period with teacher-led project classes through helpful classroom lessons, individualized tutoring, and encouragement.
  • Presented workshops for parents to foster positive involvement with school programs.
  • Founded after-school arts program for children in grades K-8 featuring creative movement dance, visual arts, drama & musical performance.
  • Increased number of academic honors 7% during first year of classroom instruction, while improving subjects of reading/English language arts (reading/writing), math (arithmetic computation), and social studies (geography).

Art Educator Resume Sample 12

  • Spent six years as an art educator; exhibiting passion for creative expression.
  • Assigned to the Marching Band (Director); produced artistic shows which earned State and National titles.
  • Assigned to the Art Department (Academic Advisor); created unique art programs; co-wrote curriculum; served on State board.
  • Taught Life Drawing (Drawing Class): produced over one hundred paintings; earned National award for Best Work of Art.
  • Assigned to the Performing Arts (Choreographer); choreographed dance routines; earned State title; earned recognition for outstanding work for annual talent show.

Wrap Up

To work as an Art Educator you must have a Bachelor’s degree in an art field and may need internship/volunteer experience and certification depending on state requirements. You must demonstrate knowledge and skill of your art, patience, interpersonal skills, communication skills, professionalism, passion, flexibility in teaching style, and the ability to lead and motivate a diverse group of individuals.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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