Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample

Accounting Coordinators provide Account Executives with administrative and communications support. Their duties include preparing financial reports, supporting marketing teams, doing research, writing budget reports, filing sales contracts, and acting as liaisons between accounting departments.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Accounting Coordinator Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Accounting Coordinator resumes for your reference.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 1

  • Assisted with preparation of financial statements and related reports.
  • Designed and implemented an automated clearing house reconciliation program for 5 banks.
  • Prepared statements and tax returns.
  • Created and updated accounts receivable records for 9 churches.
  • Co-authored a book on grant writing; co-authored a book on grant management for non profits; co-authored a book on accounting for non profits; co-authored a book on accounting for corporations; assisted with preparing financial summaries for the Board of Directors.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 2

  • Provided ongoing support of the complete month-end close process, including preparation of journal entries; recognized by senior management for achieving highest accounting automation overall.
  • Supported weekly financial reporting and analysis of key metrics including monthly collections and check printing activities; selected as a “rising star” by immediate supervisor.
  • Coordinated an effort to establish a new process to track revenue by customer; directly contributed to revenue increase and reduction in cost throughout the department.
  • Received award for outstanding performance during Company’s annual audit that resulted in zero discrepancies; recognized by auditors as a “star performer” with a promising future at Company.
  • Received award for consistently exceeding goal for customer satisfaction rating; recognized by management for high-impact contribution to overall customer satisfaction rating.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 3

  • Handled local and state income tax issues; managed complex processing for S corporations and small business entities.
  • Achieved over 25% reduction in amortization by processing the change requests within 48 hours.
  • Facilitated a smooth financial close on a $17 million project by guiding the user departments through the implementation of automated data sources.
  • Managed an increase in revenue with no increase in staff; received award from the corporate office as “The Most Improved Function”.
  • Maintained high level of accuracy while handling complex audits involving insurance, employee benefits, intellectual property, and other costly issues.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 4

  • Enrolled in FITM program and passed all courses to obtain Certified Public Accountant licensure before graduation.
  • Achieved high marks in intermediate accounting I and II; placed second in the national accounting competition.
  • Developed innovative solutions for companies; saved large corporation $50,000 by streamlining payroll transactions.
  • Worked with senior staff to perform year-end audit of clients; awarded $2 million in tax deductions for small business clients.
  • Took lead role in change management initiative after major merger; reduced expenses by 10 percent while increasing sales by 30 percent over one year period.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 5

  • Created effective systems for managing bank’s accounting and financial reporting procedures.
  • Submitted monthly reports.
  • Achieved top-10 financier in quarterly revenue recognition; tied for highest revenue increases in the company.
  • Received award of merit for recognition fo outstanding performance while achieving company goals; recognized by the supervisor as an exceptionally well-rounded performer.
  • Received award of merit for increasing the bank’s operating results and stock value; tied for highest increases in financial results and stock value among peers.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 6

  • Recognized as the accounting team’s budget coordinator; streamlined budgeting process by creating efficient spreadsheet templates.
  • Accounted for funds of $200,000+ during my tenure as a monetary funds manager; prevented bank from incurring losses due to outside theft.
  • Performed audit of $1,000,000+ for T. Rump & Sons Inc.; identified overcharges and undercharges in an adequate time period without impeding any other accounting duties..
  • Recognized for maintaining the best inventory and database management team within the accounting department.
  • Showcased an exciting innovation by using effective database management strategies to standardize payments between multiple organizations with divergent platforms.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 7

  • Trained and managed three interns, one staff accountant, and three supervisors; assisted in preparing the firm’s review schedule.
  • Coordinated with the auditing firm to ensure that all audit tests were scheduled prior to each client review.
  • Worked directly with attorneys, CPAs, and auditors on all accounting issues including revenue recognition and tests of controls.
  • Provided support to over 2 dozen attorneys in preparation for depositions. Identified deficiencies in discovery requests as a result of audits of corporate records.
  • Organized and ran monthly training seminars for 4 supervisors and 20 staff members on business development strategies, client service tips, team building skills, and advanced audit procedures.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 8

  • Supervised all assignments for assigned departments; successfully solved unusual problems to maintain efficiency of staff with extensive technical accounting knowledge.
  • Maintained excel file for tracking of all special projects; processed financial transactions within tight deadlines to avoid any finance charges.
  • Coordinated activities for the department’s monthly internal audit and prepared reports for the Regional Manager.
  • Resolved complex exceptions in UDFAS; effectively used both computer and communication skills to provide superior customer service to all clients.
  • Submitted quarterly reports of budget performance using standard accounting procedures.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 9

  • Accomplished the completion of all audit, internal control, and independent audits in accordance with all generally accepted standards.
  • Managed account and time management to meet deadlines while addressing payments/credits.
  • Created a client relationship through proactive telephone calls and service to customers. Performed all duties agreed upon prior to the initiation of contract; provided QuickBooks training to new hires and clients.
  • Disbursed funds accurately, on time and in full accordance with all bank policies and procedures; processed payrolls; coordinated paper work for loans or collections during summer months.
  • Accomplished the completion of all new account services and renewal of services in accordance with departmental, company and federal guidelines.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 10

  • Assisted in setting up the accounting department for a brand new contract with the government. Established the necessary accounting and auditing procedures for a successful operation.
  • Managed accounts payable, receivable, payroll, and travel expenses. Provided detailed reports to management regarding all expenses by production costs and personnel wages.
  • Resolved several high-value audits; developed an audit response process that shortened the turnaround time while maintaining compliance in all areas.
  • Completed a cost review of all proposals submitted by outside contractors; tracked procurement costs on an ongoing basis with recommendations to improve productivity and decrease costs.
  • Prepared a variety of reports; created and maintained accounting reports for the management team.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 11

  • Prepared and submitted monthly financial statements.
  • Received an award for exceeding the auditors “a” on the annual revenue sheet.
  • Packed and shipped a large number of orders for hardware, software, hardware software and services; awarded with service award.
  • Maintained open communications with accountants in other departments regarding the company’s financial situation and operations.
  • Oversaw responsibilities of several commissioned accountants, including their efficiency in performing tasks according to corporate standards while adhering to accounting standards and guidelines.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample 12

  • Achieved a cost-effective and highly productive database.
  • Streamlined the company’s accounting and payroll system.
  • Redesigned payroll to increase efficiency by 59%.
  • Improved the accuracy of general ledger account balances by 29%.
  • Reduced errors in posting monthly bank statements from 72% to 0%.

Wrap Up

To work as one, education requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, or a related field, and CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification. Accounting Coordinators must demonstrate a strong understanding of accounting principles and legislation, know how to use accounting and bookkeeping software, and have strong math, time management, communication, and organizational skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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