Sr. Business Analyst Resume Sample

Senior Business Analysts identify areas for improvement within a company and determine solutions to these issues. Their duties include identifying risks, managing relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, identifying areas for improvement, analyzing the organization, communicating issues and solutions to senior leadership, and executing change plans.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Sr. Business Analyst Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Sr. Business Analyst resumes for your reference.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 1

  • Successfully created, managed and maintained an enterprise-wide financial data warehouse for the customer service division at First Bank.
  • Chaired a team that reorganized business units and created an executive reporting structure for Widget Corporation.
  • Initiated organization-wide utilization of a weekly status report, which in turn enhanced communication among all departments.
  • Rewrote entire operational manual, resulting in a more streamlined approach to quality control procedures and streamlining of resources.
  • Implemented performance tracking and analysis methodology into the manufacturing process, achieving the highest production rates ever recorded.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 2

  • Formulated, designed, and executed an analysis of the dynamic of decentralized power; cumulated data to predict and measure change in present company operations and identify new opportunities.
  • Developed new business opportunities for the company based on in-depth analysis of five separate companies.
  • Attained a Master’s Degree (MBA) Degree from the University at Buffalo, SUNY School of Management; decided to pursue a career in Finance after taking classes in Finance.
  • Received awards and commends from clients and colleagues for outstanding performance; demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities through mentoring others on new approaches to problem-solving.
  • Received an award for demonstrating innovation during a job interview.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 3

  • Provided assistance in the development of business strategies, processes, and procedures; designed new software systems.
  • Developed value-added business strategies, including a comprehensive rebranding, which resulted in a boost of revenue by 16% over one year.
  • Directed over 150 employees in statistical analysis and strategic planning through weekly meetings; oversaw analysts’ work throughout entire project.
  • Achieved an improvement in cost savings by 35% through introduction of a new system.
  • Streamlined operations by implementing a real-time reporting process; decreased errors by 92%.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 4

  • Provided financial and management data for the establishment of a new bank’s back office.
  • Assisted in the analysis, planning, and monitoring of internal systems and information technologies from start to finish.
  • Recognized as an ISO champion by his peers; developed new strategies to improve quality, achieve desired outcomes, minimize costs, and set productivity goals.
  • Achieved recognition for modernizing data storage systems. Received a certificate of excellence on performance management system development. Associations included “best practices” in large company management strategy.
  • Achieved recognition for setting standards in strategic planning and business process improvement projects during internships at “best practices” companies.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 5

  • Analyzed, applied, and implemented best practices in Business Strategy and Analysis.
  • Developed and implemented best practices for procedures related to standard business processes.
  • Analysed data to determine the effects of business process changes on customers/end users/consumers.
  • Gathered and analyzed different types of data throughout the organization in order to provide an insight into the workings of the firm.
  • Delivered presentations based upon analysis using figures, charts, tables, illustrations, etc.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 6

  • Analyzed and summarized data to support provider of business services.
  • Solicited input from different community members throughout the course of study, in order to improve quality of service.
  • Assisted in development and implementation of project management plan for future growth.
  • Designed and implemented plan to decrease staff turnover rate by 65% while reducing re-administration time by 50%.
  • Coordinated a team effort involving several departments, the Department Chair, and the Department Vice-Chair in order to increase enrollment numbers.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 7

  • Segmented and analyzed data to assist in the successful sales of over $2 million in new equipment, software, and services through a multi-tiered process for prospecting, education, and consultation.
  • Provided valuable information to customers on business management issues relative to finance, taxation, technology, manufacturing, staffing/hiring/firing personnel.
  • Conducted major studies on potential markets and revenue streams through the use of the statistical methodology.
  • Streamlined corporate strategies and implemented cost containment measures; developed proposals for increased margins.
  • Monitored company information systems; gathered data on database efficiency and processing speed; tested proposed upgrades and enhancements.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 8

  • Provided leadership and coordination in the development of a training curriculum for new hires (21 employees) to increase productivity.
  • Mentored and coached new hires to complete training requirements within specified time frame; effectively addressed employee development needs.
  • Introduced change control process to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the production workflow procedure; reduced errors committed by workers by 31%.
  • Reconciled financial statement discrepancies for accuracy in accordance with company policy and federal guidelines; averted potential loss of $200,000 in revenue.
  • Played instrumental role in fostering growth within business unit as indicated by increased sales figures met or exceeded five operating years.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 9

  • Synthesized and analyzed data in various reports.
  • Analyzed new technologies and information to understand business processes and plans.
  • Trained and coached coworkers in the use of Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Visio.
  • Participated in team meetings to come up with strategies for obtaining products within project time.
  • Equipped the Strategic Planning Team with analysis tools to ensure that the team could quantify the value of its product offerings.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 10

  • Established my analytical foundation while working as a Business Consultant, a Business Analyst, and an Activity-Based Cost Analyst; effectively consolidated financials, verified accuracy of data and calculations, designed multi-year business plans.
  • Described how I developed the capability to use advanced spreadsheet concepts and techniques – macros, scenarios, pivot tables, data alerts – for financial modeling for accounting.
  • Showed my ability to prepare status reports by providing a sample management dashboard that included key performance indicators (KPIs) using various types of graphs such as pie charts.
  • Detail my leadership development and demonstrated my ability to transfer skills and knowledge when I was a Senior Business Analyst, a Process Consultant within a Fortune 500 Company.
  • Showcased my experience in building positive team relationships when I was a Project Manager within an IT Consulting firm.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 11

  • Created performance reports on the back-end of a client’s database systems and managed multi-million database problems.
  • Researched and identified the best practices across many database systems.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of several database design tools to achieve optimal results.
  • Leads by example in both personal and professional lives; solid work ethic, attentive, and cooperative with clients and colleagues.
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills; recognized co-worker for developing an effective business plan; successfully managed multiple projects simultaneously utilizing constant communication between parties while anticipating potential issues before they become a problem.

Senior Business Analyst Resume Sample 12

  • Successfully identified and implemented Total Quality Control (TQC) improvement efforts in manufacturing and supply chain departments, resulting in an increase of overall productivity by 5.3%.
  • Recipient of Achiever Award, for the development and implementation of a series of metrics that quantified revenue growth, quality improvements, operating efficiencies, and productivity.
  • Restructured departmental business operations from complex manual to computerized information-management system.
  • Developed successful working relationships with previously antagonistic managers as a new team member with competing interests.
  • Proactively worked with other company employees to overcome problems relating to conflicting corporate goals that affected employee morale.

Wrap Up

To work as a Senior Business Analyst, you need a bachelor’s degree in a Business-related field of study. Senior Business Analysts must demonstrate strong communication skills, analytical thinking, familiarity with enterprise software, teamwork skills, leadership skills, problem-solving ability, and decision-making ability.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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