Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample

A real estate appraiser trainee works in the real estate industry learning property appraisal. Duties include learning property appraisal, making valuation recommendations, investigating complaints by customers, information gathering, providing customer service, updating assessment information, generating reports, and taking pictures of properties.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Real Estate Appraiser Trainee resumes for your reference.

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample 1

  • Certified by the state of _______ as a real estate appraiser trainee.
  • Successfully completed undergraduate course-work for an MBA in real estate with a concentration in appraisal.
  • Managed over $200 million in commercial and residential property as chief operating officer of a large company.
  • Identified, located, and qualified prospective properties on behalf of U.S.-based developers and international clients on four continents within target markets.
  • Achieved certification as one of the first real estate specialists to meet revised guidelines for secondary mortgage market investments under Dodd-Frank Act of 2010.

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample 2

  • Implemented a Distressed Property Unit to identify and resolve distressed real estate assets in an expedited manner.
  • Recognized by the company for outstanding performance; wrote 30 reports under deadline pressure within one month.
  • Successfully completed training course with excellence rating; skilled at appraising residential, commercial, industrial, multifamily, and resort properties.
  • Presented research paper (with PowerPoint) on best practices for aerial imagery analysis during 2012 American Society of Appraisers Conference.
  • Earned appreciation as an intelligent agent after providing exceptional service to clients; stood apart from other agents by consistently achieving high levels of sales volume and client satisfaction.

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample 3

  • In the real estate industry, assessed land and home values for purposes of sale or insurance.
  • Depicted by regional manager as “one of the most valuable members of our appraisal team.”
  • Ranked among list of top ten trainees in a company performance ranking system.
  • Recognized by company president for outstanding customer service and continuous demonstrated growth.
  • Revised real estate sales training manual development by incorporating modern valuation techniques to improve sales pitch preparation and presentation skills.

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample 4

  • Conducted property inspections, performed research, and examined property records to validate data provided by the client.
  • Recognized for exceptional performance in all aspects of appraisal services.
  • Received high marks on appraisals, including 5’s on 3 consecutive reports with special recognition from Home Depot as a top report writer.
  • Successful in mentoring less experienced appraisers during training period; recognized by manager who praised me as “One of the best trainers I have ever worked with.”
  • Developed study skills that enabled me to master advanced course work while concurrently supporting family needs; achieved both college degree (Business Administration) and promotion within 1 year of application.

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample 5

  • Became proficient in all phases of real estate appraisal through on-the-job training with experienced appraiser.
  • Received highest proficiency score of the class during state certification examination.
  • Receive consistent positive feedback for performance regarding ethics, standards, and procedures; recognized by lead underwriter for exceptional customer service.
  • Managed inventory of three million dollars’ worth of properties across 27 states while maintaining 100% accuracy rate over $160 million in purchase transactions.
  • Promoted to position of Senior Appraiser Trainee after demonstrating strong knowledge of price trends, market values, policies and procedural compliance with state laws/regulations.

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample 6

  • Competent in appraisal software, including automated market data extractions.
  • Cut 5 to 10 minutes off the turn-around time for appraisals by completing forms properly before review.
  • Trained co-workers on new procedures to increase workflow efficiencies and productivity.
  • Led receiving team during a busy season for inventory deliveries while maintaining quality work standards.
  • Improved company image by generating higher numbers of completed appraisals with same staffing level while ensuring quality was not compromised.

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample 7

  • Handled all aspects of appraisal production, including research, data analysis, field inspections, report preparation and presentation.
  • Entered complex data into multiple valuation models to ensure accuracy of analysis.
  • Provided training for new real estate appraisers on company policies and procedures. Developed tutorials on how to complete common tasks in the appraisal software system.
  • Identified training needs among staff members; presented findings at regional monthly meeting;developed improved methodologies to improve appraisal production rates .
  • Acted as an integral part of the management team during high volume periods (underwriting) by maintaining office supplies and equipment inventories; conducted inventory audits; produced weekly work load reports; implemented new methods to reduce backlog.

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample 8

  • Acquired thorough knowledge of the valuation process through assigned study and responsibility for performing research.
  • Familiarized with appraisal business management procedures after working at reception, filing, typing reports, closing files, developing client contacts.
  • Learned about tax law changes through participation in weekly teleconference updates to senior managers.
  • Developed writing skills by completing complex report forms under strict deadlines following heavy workloads.
  • Grew experience within real estate industry by interviewing clients and conducting site inspections necessary to prepare appraisals. Learned professional codes of ethics associated with the profession during seminars on ethical conduct required by state licensing board.

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample 9

  • Conducted research in preparation of sales comps and trend reports; familiarized with products and services in the industry.
  • Determined market conditions in both urban and rural areas in order to develop valuation opinions in a range of real estate types; recorded observations for inclusion on final appraisal report.
  • Developed communication skills through public speaking engagements with REALTOR associations, learning groups, and private audiences.
  • Grew knowledge of industry standards during three months training under supervision of licensed appraiser; demonstrated abilities to produce high-quality work within state required time frame.
  • Consistently garnered “A” ratings from customers for exceptional service that exceeded expectations; earned appreciation from management team for quick learning abilities.

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample 10

  • Prepared accurate, detailed reports of value utilizing various software applications within the stipulated deadlines.
  • Ranked in the top 5% of appraisers nationwide for highest appraisal submissions.
  • Increased revenues by over 25% through superior customer service, reaching customer satisfaction levels above 98%.
  • Recognized as a Top Performer at company awards ceremony after achieving only second year eligibility to compete.
  • Trained new hires on proper procedures of documentation, data collection, and report preparation while mentoring them to reach full proficiency in required tasks.

Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Resume Sample 11

  • Completed ten hours of classroom instruction and two hours on-the-job training to prepare for the state licensing examination.
  • Successfully passed the state licensing exam, scoring above 90% in all sections.
  • Earned certification as an advanced level appraiser by completing twelve additional hours of advanced level coursework approved by the Appraisal Institute.
  • Managed a team of fifteen professionals across four states to close over $57 million dollars in real estate transactions within a one year time frame.
  • Collaborated with internal sales staff to sell services and maximize revenue potentials through competency in pricing, value analysis, and market trends.

Wrap Up

Education requirements include completing 75 hours of basic appraisal education, and various certifications and licensures according to state laws. Skills to succeed as a real estate appraiser trainee include strong technical skills, strong analytical skills, knowledge of how to spot building issues, good communication skills, knowledge of appraisal documentation, knowledge of state laws and regulations, good telephone etiquette, proficient with basic office software, and the ability to follow directions.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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