15 Background Investigator Cover Letters That Will Get Hired (NOW)

Are you are looking to write a cover letter for Background Investigator jobs that will impress recruiters and get you noticed by hiring managers? You need one to apply for a job, but you don’t know what to say.

Cover letters are important for a job in two different ways: they provide an opportunity for an applicant to explain why they would be a perfect fit for the position, and they also provide the company with the ability to judge the applicant’s writing style. Writing a cover letter is an opportunity to explain specific elements of your resume that make you a good candidate for the position.

Here are 15 amazing Background Investigator cover letters that are professionally written and will help you stand out and get that job!

Background Investigator Cover Letters

Each cover letter is written with a different focus. Review all of them and pick the ones that apply to your situation. Take inspiration from multiple samples and combine them to craft your unique cover letter.

Background Investigator Sample 1

I am writing to apply for the Background Investigator position with your company. I have over 10 years of experience in criminal justice and am passionate about helping people by providing them with peace of mind. In my role, I conduct background investigations for companies to ensure that they are hiring the right person, saving employers time and money in investigating potential hires that don’t work out.

My passion for this industry has allowed me to build contacts at various law enforcement agencies around the country which will allow me to be successful when working towards your needs in identifying qualified candidates without wasting unnecessary time or resources.

I would love the opportunity to speak about my qualifications in person so please feel free contact me at (phone number). Thank you very much

Background Investigator Sample 2

I am a former law enforcement professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and an MBA. This background qualifies me as a Background Investigator, someone who can search for information on potential employees of the company. I am highly experienced with criminal records, employment history, education history, financial records and other necessary background data.

In my time as a law enforcement professional I have been routinely tasked with locating individuals of interest. As such, I’ve gained extensive experience utilizing online search engines to locate information on people – often very short notice – including social media account names and addresses. In addition to being skilled at locating information about people through search engines, I have knowledge of law enforcement databases that could be helpful in locating others that

Background Investigator Sample 3

I am a professional investigator who is experienced in conducting investigations for the background screening industry. I have extensive knowledge of how to conduct thorough, efficient, and discreet personal investigations with attention to detail. I possess an excellent command of the English language and am well versed in social media investigation techniques. I have experience working in a fast-paced environment where timeliness is key in completing my tasks, which include detailed reports for my clients on time every time.

Background Investigator Sample 4

Dear Human Resources:

I am writing to express my interest in the Background Investigator position. As a veteran, I have extensive experience with customer service and document management which will be of great benefit to your company. If you need any more information about my background, please feel free to contact me at (111) 111-1111. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Background Investigator Sample 5

Dear Hiring Manager,
I am writing to express my interest in the Background Investigator position. I am a background investigator with four years of experience investigating applicants for security clearances. My thoroughness and attention to detail are my strongest assets. I look forward to discussing this role with you further.

Background Investigator Sample 6

Dear ________, I am applying for the Background Investigator position at your company with a lot of enthusiasm. I would like to expand my experience and knowledge in this field through learning new techniques and best practices. I am trained in detecting fraud and detecting identity theft, which will help me deliver high-quality results for your company’s needs. As a Background Investigator, my responsibilities will be seeking and gathering evidence to identify dishonest activity by applicants for employment who have been cleared of all criminal charges or convictions. As an investigator, you must be able to work with people from all backgrounds and cultures while honoring their privacy rights. Working in security is challenging but rewarding because every day brings new situations that require quick thinking on your feet as well as accountability when necessary

Background Investigator Sample 7

Dear _________,

I am a highly motivated and skilled Background Investigator who would be a valuable asset to your team. I have spent the last five years developing my skills in Conducting Background Investigations with thoroughness and accuracy, building relationships with sources, and implementing best practices when dealing with sensitive information. My ability to work independently while meeting deadlines is what sets me apart from other candidates. I am confident that I could exceed your expectations by providing you with excellent service at all times.


Background Investigator Sample 8

I am a recent college graduate with a degree in psychology and experience as a Research Assistant on a social media project where I learned to navigate social media platforms and provide research on the impacts of social media. I have been enrolled in an online course for Law Enforcement Officers and am looking to gain exposure to this field.

Background Investigator Sample 9

I am a recent graduate at a top law school, with a degree in criminal justice. I have extensive experience in conducting interviews and writing reports about people’s backgrounds. I would be an excellent candidate for your Background Investigator position because of my skills in this area.

Background Investigator Sample 10

I am a committed and detail-oriented individual with more than 10 years of experience as a Background Investigator. I excel at completing background checks and criminal searches, and I am very experienced with conducting investigations on former military personnel. My attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and years of experience make me the perfect candidate for your position.

Background Investigator Sample 11

I am writing to apply for the Background Investigator position with your company. I have a degree in Criminal Justice and 2 years of experience as an investigator. My experience includes working at a small business where I was tasked with searching social media profiles, applying investigative techniques to track down leads, and conducting interviews. In addition to my education and work experience, I have been trained in investigative methods by both the FBI and state law enforcement. If you would like more information about me or my qualifications, please don’t hesitate to contact me at ____________ or ____________

Thank you for your time,
Wanted Background Investigator

Background Investigator Sample 12

Dear Job Seeker,

I am a professional Background Investigator providing services to the investigative community for over 18 years including fraud prevention and criminal investigations. I have experience conducting thorough background checks on both individuals and organizations, which includes verifying educational and professional credentials, employment history and previous residences. I also possess a vast knowledge of personal information that can be found in the court system such as civil cases, judgements, bankruptcies and felony convictions. I have an excellent record for timely delivery of documentation while maintaining confidentiality. If you’re looking for someone with extensive knowledge of all aspects pertaining to background investigations to add to your team please consider me.

Thank you for your consideration!

Background Investigator Sample 13

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express my interest in the Background Investigator position with your organization. I am skilled in conducting thorough investigations, which would make me a valuable asset to your company. From interviewing subjects to reviewing documents for inconsistencies, I would be an asset in this role. I have excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively independently or as part of a team. I am highly motivated and know that this opportunity will open up new avenues for me professionally. Thank you for your consideration!

Background Investigator Sample 14

I am a trained Background Investigator with 4 years of experience who has an expertise in social media investigations. I excel in public records, internet investigations, and providing detailed reports to show the results of my investigation. Sincerely, ______________

Background Investigator Sample 15

Dear Sir or Madam, I am a professional investigator with a background in law enforcement and a master’s degree in criminology. I have experience working with federal agencies as well as at the state level. My qualifications would be an asset to your company, and I would enjoy exploring this opportunity further. Please contact me by email or phone to schedule an interview if you are interested. Thank you for considering me for the Background Investigator position.

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Use the above professionally written Background Investigator cover letter samples to learn how to write a cover letter that will catch their attention and customize it for your specific situation.


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