Executive Manager Resume Sample

Executive Managers provide complete oversight over their department or organization. Their duties include setting goals for their department, implementing guidance for processes, finalizing a budget, supervising all employees, overseeing personnel decisions, and providing data analysis.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Executive Manager Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Executive Manager resumes for your reference.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 1

  • Achieved excellent service quality as a receptionist, developing a rapport with clients.
  • Initiated and/or participated in all phases of implementing computerized systems for processing communications, including creating and maintaining mailing lists, performing data entry/billing, and completing data-entry forms.
  • Achieved an average of more than 90% accuracy on all paperwork thus creating a positive image with customers.
  • Effectively completed one initial training session.
  • Delegated work to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 2

  • Handled the daily operations of an Equal Employment Opportunity program; supervised approximately 40 Equal Employment Opportunity Programmers.
  • Initiated, organized, and scheduled monthly employee meetings; set employee goals and reviewed that company’s performance summary.
  • Developed an automatic process to process all benefits claims (birthdays, holidays, etc.). Coordinated with the regional office for reviews and approvals of benefits claims.
  • Directed a 10 person telephone assistance team to handle any technical assistance telephone requests related to basic skills training. Assist people in developing job search skills by conducting individualized vocational counseling.
  • Mandated utilization of EEO Programmer to assist in processing all employment forms for new hires.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 3

  • Served as an Executive Manager during the recruitment, placement, and training of staff.
  • Developed income statement to monitor the unit cost of operations.
  • Managed projects effectively including the introduction, adoption, and expansion of new accounting systems into our group.
  • Achieved excellent performance in executing tasks and duties; maintained positive employee relations.
  • Developed production schedule tracking schedule and cost of materials required to complete work.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 4

  • Researched and implemented a new sales incentive package that was approved by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
  • Accurately completed transaction completion forms for all guaranteed loans, i.e. loans that guarantee payment of principal and interest for 30 years.
  • Accurately completed loan closing documents for all loan transactions, i.e., defaulted, non-performing, discharged and closed-out loans; accurately documented the disposition of each loan to include the appraisal adjudication fee amount involved in each loan disposition and assessed fees to customer accounts in accordance with bank policies and procedures.
  • Efficiently processed loan transaction settlements, i.e., disbursement of loan proceeds to borrowers and collection of loan fees.
  • Effectively handled customer inquiry calls.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 5

  • Effectively assembled, organized, and prioritized a variety of office administrative duties and responsibilities.
  • Managed a team of five executives with a focus on mortgage processing time, customer service, and accuracy of paperwork.
  • Achieved outstanding performance rating from the Regional Manager for the same department for three years in a row.
  • Motivated team members to exceed goals resulting in a high employee turnover rate.
  • Became effective at providing on-the-job training to new employees.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 6

  • Managed an office of 1 supervisor and 12 clerical personnel; achieved award as Office Manager of the Year.
  • Maintained a filing system that facilitated finding files; assisted in the implementation of a database management system to track time and expenses as well as other activities.
  • Began working on an archiving project, which has resulted in the complete destruction and disposal of all paper records previously used by the college; saved money by eliminating filing cabinets and implementing a paperless fax system.
  • Solved budget problem resulting from over-expenditures; implemented cost-cutting measures resulting in a $5,000 surplus at end of the fiscal year.
  • Earned Outstanding Service Award for maintaining operating efficiency during Y2K computer conversion.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 7

  • Handled a 60 percent increase in calls and a 43 percent increase in walk-ins with a positive attitude and an efficient work ethic.
  • Increased department productivity from 65 to 80 percent from the previous year by instituting procedures for dealing with dissatisfied customers.
  • Redesigned training program for employees based on the needs of each employee following a study of various customer service philosophies.
  • Created incentives for top-performing employees to be recognized throughout the company through monthly newsletters, recognitions during staff meetings, and a plaque on their desk.
  • Increased revenue by 35 percent in one year by coordinating efforts with marketing and sales team members who identified company opportunities to refer to the call center.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 8

  • Managed an office of 11 personnel.
  • Increased sales by 60 percent.
  • Resolved employee conflicts, performance, and attendance issues.
  • Developed and implemented a new computer system and training curriculum for office staff and branch personnel; recognized for effectiveness by supervisor.
  • Recognized for supporting office operations; implemented systems to support customer needs at Hertz Rent A Car; received outstanding employee review from a supervisor.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 9

  • Recognized for leadership in developing a new-hire orientation program.
  • Acknowledged for instituting new time management strategies resulting in improved customer service, decreased absenteeism and saved hours per month.
  • Rewarded for the outstanding closing record; closed more loans than any other manager within the region during 2003.
  • Awarded “Manager of the Quarter” for highest processing volume with fewest errors; met or exceeded quota 3 quarters in a row.
  • Received recognition as “Supervisor of the Month”; assigned staff achieved highest quality scores on customer surveys completed during 3 consecutive months.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 10

  • Performed a wide spectrum of administrative and clerical responsibilities in support of the Executive Management Team.
  • Served as an example to other employees on how to effectively interact with customers.
  • Transformed the copy paper inventory system into an automated computer-based system, resulting in a more efficient paper management system.
  • Proficiently prepared, formatted, and filed documents for clients, clients’ representatives, attorneys, banks, insurance companies.
  • Participated in disaster planning activities with FEMA officials within the banking industry’s FEMA response area ensuring continuity of services during crisis situations.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 11

  • Handled 50% of office administrative duties while assuming 20% of supervisory responsibilities.
  • Provided emergency coverage for the workforce while enhancing the department’s performance and improving departmental morale.
  • Actively participated in reaching goals and objectives by setting priorities and meeting deadlines.
  • Consistently exceeded sales quotas by providing customers with superior customer service and satisfaction, which resulted in repeat business and referrals to other companies within the organization.
  • Worked closely with management to set supervisory goals that were inclusive of employee suggestions, which ultimately provided an outstanding working environment for both employees and customers alike.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 12

  • Recognized as an outstanding performer by the Regional Manager for outstanding performance over a period of over one year.
  • Adjudicated and resolved disputes with internal and external customers.
  • Demonstrated accuracy and attention to detail; product knowledge; outstanding customer service; attendance; and productivity.
  • Assembled and managed team members; communicated objectives to team members; provided leadership through delegation.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 13

  • Created and implemented performance standards for Executive Assistant Supervisors; established an environment of respect, teamwork, and accountability.
  • Effectively provided superior customer service to all residential customers with a minimum of 8 hours per week of on-call service on a 24/7 basis.
  • Met critical business deadlines despite critical business task interruptions.

Executive Manager Resume Sample 14

  • Supervised a staff of ten clerical and administrative personnel, efficiently coordinated their efforts, and achieved a zero error rate.
  • Accomplished the feat of serving the public without a single complaint from a customer.
  • Received award for reducing costs by carefully analyzing expenditures and implementing cost-effective strategies.
  • Having been assigned to work on a project monitoring quality performance as part of an effort to improve overall quality standards, trained employees to recognize quality deficiencies and take corrective action.
  • Received award for monitoring products from suppliers to ensure that products meet customer expectations.

Wrap Up

In order to work as an Executive Manager you will need a bachelor’s degree in a business related field, but some employers may require a graduate’s degree. Executive Managers must demonstrate excellent leadership skills, administrative skills, mathematical skills, verbal and written communication skills, organizational skills, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking skills in order to be successful.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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