ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample

ER Registration Clerks manage registration and administrative tasks at medical institutions. Their work includes welcoming patients and guests, verifying and processing identification and medical records, relaying messages to appropriate departments and staff, handling lab results, maintaining awareness of proper terminology, proofreading transcriptions, managing phone calls, and monitoring inventory.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best ER Registration Clerk Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real ER Registration Clerk resumes for your reference.

ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample 1

  • Registered 30,000 patients to the ER in a year with 99.85% accuracy rate.
  • Awarded “Patient Registration Superstar” for achieving 100% on all required patient registration competency tests within three months of hiring.
  • Achieved top production status by promoting positive teamwork atmosphere and increasing productivity by 20%.
  • Certified as CPR / BLS instructor for adults, children, and infants; able to conduct classes per American Heart Association guidelines.
  • Sought after authority on medical billing practices due to expertise with policy interpretation and billing process automation.

ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample 2

  • Established a new departmental record for the number of daily patient admissions, 74.
  • Produced quality work within a few months by applying medical terminology skills to facilitate quick and effective cross-referencing.
  • Realized personal potentials by organizing multi-disciplinary approach to patient care during four years in triage setting.
  • Gained exceptional knowledge about interdepartmental coordination while working under pressure from various treatment options and insurance coverage levels during six months as charge nurse on weekends.
  • Redefined front desk procedures while training temporary employees by researching computer software, preparing written procedures, and writing employee handbook.

ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample 3

  • Achieved and maintained a 100% record of accurate registration recording with the Emergency Room for over five months.
  • Resolved customer concerns in a timely manner; was responsible for directing the Public Relations Department’s inbox during an eight-week internship.
  • Provided excellent customer service by resolving inquiries pertaining to patient claims, billing, and referrals in a professional manner.
  • Managed accounts payable activities; maintained department budget and purchasing records for office building purchase and renovation project totaling $20 million.
  • Presented results in an understandable format during presentations; provided managerial assistance in public speaking appearances where company competencies were highlighted and press releases were distributed publicly via print media.

ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample 4

  • Acknowledged patient arrival in Emergency Room, closely monitored the flow of patients to meet departmental guidelines.
  • Completed medical insurance forms with 98% accuracy, averaged 38 claims per hour.
  • Entered patient information into computer databases and updated patients’ accounts accurately, according to hospital/insurance guidelines.
  • Recognized for effectively dealing with difficult customers while enforcing compliance of established hotel policies and procedures; highly ranked by third party survey.
  • Demonstrated critical thinking skills during quarter 3 after receiving a record number of incoming walk-in guests without prior notice from front desk staff; provided clear direction to guest on how they could be assisted while maintaining a professional attitude throughout shift.

ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample 5

  • Participated in the implementation of a new patient registration system.
  • Provided exemplary customer service through telephone and face-to-face communication with patients, insurance companies, and medical personnel.
  • Reduced costs by successfully searching for ways to consolidate work tasks and maximize resources.
  • Received accolades for providing 40 hours of community service at a local food bank; widely recognized for adaptability in fulfilling volunteer responsibilities in various non-profit organization settings.
  • Supervised volunteers who independently processed an average daily volume of 150 requests for services including employment information, housing, shelter referrals, transportation assistance, financial counseling/information, support groups, veterans’ benefits information health fairs.

ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample 6

  • Maintained clinic files, entered patient information into the computer, received insurance payments for patients.
  • Completed required training courses to become registered as a CPR/First Aid provider through American Red Cross.
  • Recognized by supervisor for completing pre-opening procedures three days ahead of schedule ensuring opening without incident.
  • Developed skill set preparing reports revealing areas needing improvement after 100% recordability achieved in one month.
  • Exhibited excellent teamwork skills during emergency situation involving hazardous waste spill; recognized by other employees for commitment and dedication.

ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample 7

  • Provided courteous, efficient, and accurate registration service to patient’s families, insurance companies, hospital departments, outside agencies.
  • Assisted patients with questions or problems by referring them to appropriate personnel.
  • Recognized for strong interpersonal skills in dealing with all levels of hospital staff including inter-department transfers.
  • Efficiently maintained departmental database by recording accurately the number of emergency room visits each day; achieved 100% job accuracy daily.
  • Enriched individual knowledge through attendance at various continuing education workshops during 2001-2003.

ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample 8

  • Registered patients promptly and accurately by assigning identification numbers to follow up on compensation, billing, or referral issues.
  • Eliminated errors by adhering to new registration policies including using the Resource Navigator (RN) Program for patient files.
  • Transferred data entry of Emergency Room registrations into computerized Patient Tracking System within two weeks; OIG recognized superior performance.
  • Composed correspondence with local agencies about incorrect coding or incorrectly assigned records; ensured proper reimbursement procedures were followed.
  • Exceeded departmental standards in member recruitment for an external quality review team; included referrals from other departments, current members who referred friends and neighbors, and community events where I’ve met potential new members.

ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample 9

  • Processed customer payments and orders within a timely manner.
  • Accurately read the applicator to verify that medication was given in accordance with doctor’s orders.
  • Entered patient demographic information into software to ensure accuracy and correctness of records.
  • Provided care for pediatric patients both in emergency room and on general medical floors.
  • Presented himself/herself in a professional, friendly, and helpful manner when providing service to customers at all times; provided extraordinary customer service consistently during peak periods. (Customers included staff members from other departments, physicians and contestants).

ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample 10

  • Mastered the registration process for patients, visitors, and medical staff.
  • Professional phone etiquette with appropriate telephone etiquette to communicate effectively with patients, doctors, outside agencies, etc.
  • Enhanced patient care through timely access to physicians by coding emergencies through proper documentation of responses using critical thinking capabilities.
  • Provided internal support for physician office operations including data analysis & organizing medical records & departmental files.
  • Identified key areas of focus within department operations which contributed positively to organization’s profitability by improving system flow, accountability & resource management practices.

ER Registration Clerk Resume Sample 11

  • Screened telephone inquiries while simultaneously processing insurance verification requests.
  • Tracked down incoming patients’ records within minutes, by checking through multiple medical charts of various specialists.
  • Managed daily work flow in ensuring patient safety and satisfaction amidst staff shortages due to illness and vacation.
  • Accomplishments recognized with Employee of the Month award after registering 500 consecutive patients without error.
  • Identified opportunities for reallocation of resources for greater efficiency; received praise from managers with recognition for suggestions leading to cost savings with one million dollars saved per year.

Wrap Up

To be an ER Registration Clerk, you must have at least a high school diploma, at least a year of experience, and you may need a Basic Life Support (BLS) or Certified Professional Programmer (CPP) certificate. You must demonstrate organization, teamwork, attention to detail, written and verbal communication skills, computer skills, telephone etiquette, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and ability to work without supervision.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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