Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample

An Ecommerce analyst manages and assesses a company’s online sales. An Ecommerce analyst’s duties include gathering pertinent information, reviewing customer feedback, analyzing competition strategies, collaborating with software developers, advising to make business decisions, and meeting with managerial staff.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Ecommerce Analyst Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Ecommerce Analyst resumes for your reference.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 1

  • Generated e-commerce reports for a $6.4 billion company.
  • Accurately analyzed and presented data relating to the company’s industry, competitors, customers, online sales, and marketing.
  • Received recognition from the CEO for contributing to increasing online sales by over 4% in a single quarter.
  • Achieved award as an outstanding performer-team member; worked as part of a team developing and compiling web statistics.
  • Received honor as one of the most helpful employees of the year; received recognition for 25% of our website’s growth in current Web site traffic in 2009.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 2

  • Prepared statements and documented activities associated with the Ecommerce Strategy & Analysis project.
  • Integrative analysis of Ecommerce product lines; presented findings in a concise, clear manner.
  • Presented concise analysis of the Ecommerce strategy; effectively presented findings to senior management.
  • Co-created a template for product research; expanded upon ideas, along with the rest of the team.
  • Successfully participated in project review meetings regarding eCommerce strategy and presentation materials.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 3

  • Developed online pricing calculator for a fictitious online retailer and sold it to the CEO.
  • Grew website traffic approximately 90% by forecasting real-time sales and implementing positive marketing policies.
  • Researched competitors and identified niche markets, including the over-65’s and Hispanic consumers.
  • Designed online programs for retailers to create websites which could compete with
  • Brought in revenue of $15,000 in six months; performed analysis of company’s margin planning, investment allocation and cash flow forecasting. http://www.mckinseyquarterly.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 4

  • Successfully accomplished assigned task of inserting analytics code on the website; providing valuable information to merchants.
  • Played key role in developing new process for website to provide better user experience.
  • Analyzed data and developed sales projections by industry; published report that identified opportunities for marketing campaign growth.
  • Monitored sales activity based on the industry report; identified specific target markets that would result in increased sales.
  • Recognized as an innovative leader with a passion for success, I thrive on challenges and constant change, striving for excellence in everything I do because my drive for results is what gets me up in the morning.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 5

  • analyzed web analytics in order to support business development, optimize web site performance, and improve cost and revenue management;
  • analyzed purchase data in order to provide accurate trend analysis throughout the year as well as support the budgeting process;
  • acted as a liaison between the ecommerce department and Sales; identified trends within the business based on purchases;
  • conducted research on industry reports including Gartner Webmetrics, Nielsen Net Ratings,, Qype, and;
  • identified competitive trends based on web traffic aggregators such as and Alexa.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 6

  • Researched ecommerce industry trends to develop and revise business strategies.
  • Collaborated with the President, COO, regional managers, and supervisors to set goals for ecommerce sales performance.
  • Playbooked customer service and sales tactics in support of sales targets.
  • Developed a sales recovery initiative by creating a template that tracked phone calls and email correspondence with customers to identify and resolve problems.
  • Wrote documentation on B2B procurement methodologies; implemented process improvements that increased the effectiveness of procurement by 15 percent within three months of implementation behind schedule; averted penalties by resolving delinquent contracts within 30 days of delinquency.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 7

  • Analyzed and documented company websites to determine strategies for increasing on-site conversion. Assisted in constructing new website features from web analytics, user experience principles, and HTML coding.
  • Constructed reports using Excel; applied Archimedes Principle for organization of data.
  • Developed research plans for analyzing keywords and driving sales through SEO. Conducted research on competitors’ use of social media tools in order to identify weaknesses in their online strategy, as well as areas that require improvement.
  • Reviewed departmental inventory; determined appropriate quantities based on vendor price lists.
  • Developed a marketing plan for new product lines; identified and identified target customer needs, as well as predicted the results that the new product line would bring to the market.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 8

  • Compiled and analyzed data on sales to determine opportunities for growth.
  • Analyzed site traffic both as a percentage of total visitors and as a percentage of new visitors; recognized for improvements in both areas.
  • Identified conversion rates and tracked visitor trends in order to identify the reasons for deficiencies, such as changes in preferred browsers.
  • Discussed ways in which other online companies approach search engines, assisting with resolving problems with links on external domains.
  • Utilized advanced analytical tools to appraise new web sites with the goal of promoting their use.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 9

  • Assisted in the development of a new marketing plan; helped to increase overall market share.
  • Wrote a business recommendation for productivity improvements and cost savings; implemented recommendations saving the company $5 million, winning our division “Best Team” award.
  • Ran a successful test campaign for a client; discovered an additional $4 million in revenue after delivering results to management.
  • Increased sales by 10% through an online content driven marketing strategy that targeted business leaders and professionals; added over 500 new commercial accounts, resulting in $1,600,000 of annualized revenue.
  • Successfully managed existing clients through major market changes.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 10

  • Worked with the ecommerce team to develop strategic plans on how to improve customer experience, increase conversion rates, and retain existing customers.
  • Participated in meetings with management and executives to review data and formulate solutions for satisfying the needs of customers.
  • Suggested an analysis of customer profitability by using regression models; led to increased sales and new products offerings.
  • Developed a model for the development of a consumer base for the long term future; helped turn around the company’s growth rate.
  • Researched and developed a business case for using a marketing automation software to improve customer responsiveness and satisfaction.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 11

  • Reduced invoice processing time by 90% while improving accuracy by 100% and maximizing department revenues by 30%. Earned recognition as Ecommerce Analyst of the Year.
  • Redesigned order entry system to facilitate easier search and retrieval functions; streamlined processes to ensure consistent accuracy and time-to-market.
  • Redefined company-wide pricing policy for materials; identified opportunities to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Conducted analysis that resulted in a $500,000 annual savings for the company.
  • Identified an error that cost the company $2 million in lost sales, resulting in a 100% success rate on quality control audits.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 12

  • Reviewed and analyzed data to identify cost savings opportunities for businesses seeking to expand their product lines and services.
  • Created custom reports that helped determine our business’ financial position, including costs and expenses, revenue growth projections, capital expenditures, and balance sheet ratios.
  • Assist in the development of strategic business plans; provide quantitative analysis on issues facing the company and provide recommendations to improve our financial performance.
  • Developed a resource dashboard which enabled team members to view easily-comprehensible investment reports on a daily basis.
  • Evaluate trends in the marketplace, including data related to competitors, by organizing and analyzing vast amounts of data.

Ecommerce Analyst Resume Sample 13

  • Gained a clear understanding of company’s current business model, policies and procedures. Incorporated recommendations into daily business operations, which increased the number of orders and online revenues by 18%.
  • Implemented new order management software to encourage proactive customer service; developed process to reduce checkout abandonment rate.
  • Expedited turnaround times by using technology to digitize office processes; cut average processing time in half.
  • Generated comprehensive reports based on market research and sales data; used this information to reassign tasks among marketing team members.
  • Compiled data for executive-level presentations and reports; recommendations resulted in a 37% increase in capital investment by the executive team.

Wrap Up

To become an ecommerce analyst, a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field is required. An Ecommerce analyst must be analytical, must have excellent time management skills, must be a problem-solver, must keep current with business trends, must work well in a team, must have excellent communication skills, and must have excellent business acumen.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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