Accounting Specialist Resume Sample

Accounting Specialists handle and maintain financial accounts in a company. Their responsibilities include recording financial transactions, inputting information, reviewing receipts, paying vendors, keeping records, handling payroll functions, and providing solutions for payment schedules.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Accounting Specialist Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Accounting Specialist resumes for your reference.

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 1

  • Effectively reconciled income statement accounts, avoiding customer complaints and fines for inaccurate bills.
  • Reconciled general ledger accounts; recognized for accuracy by the Business Manager.
  • Assisted with processing financially sensitive documents such as invoices and bills ensuring their timeliness and completeness to achieve an A+ score on internal audits.
  • Automated line-item budgeting; successfully introduced new accounting system following training from Accounting Director.
  • Improved departmental communication between finance and other business departments; created monthly metrics reports allowing managers to make more strategic decisions.

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 2

  • Provided prompt, accurate, and friendly support for customers in the areas of accounts payable, general ledger reconciliations, inventory management.
  • Acted as primary contact for assigned customers; maintaining open lines of communication to ensure prompt resolution of all customer requests.
  • Maintained complete understanding of filing deadlines; generated proper documentation to meet compliance standards stipulated by Federal Regulatory Agencies.
  • Assisted with Federal tax examinations; identified discrepancies in taxation filings.
  • Implemented agency billing software; streamlined entire accounting cycle process through electronic data transfer system.

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 3

  • Reviewed, evaluated, and reconciled accounts payable, fixed assets ledgers; prepared journal entries; organized files.
  • Prepared 1099 MISC forms for distribution to all field offices in the United States while adhering to deadlines established by National Office.
  • Troubleshot data entry errors related to invoice application system while determining reasons behind misapplication.
  • Managed payroll records for 20 employees while staying within budget guidelines.
  • Tracked down erroneous billing of credit card transactions with American Express resulting in potential savings of $30,000 monthly on account maintenance fees.

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 4

  • Reduced tax rate by 7.5% from previous year, resulting in a savings of over $2 million for company; recognized as “Rookie of the Year.”
  • In charge of making entries to General Ledger and ensuring its accuracy. Ensured journal entries were posted daily along with online bank reconciliations and other monthly reports.
  • Received Merit Award for compiling data relating to client transactions, which led to a valuation adjustment on property assets.
  • Achieved award for successfully completing first-time Federal Government audits after being relocated from New York City office to Miami location.
  • Recorded depreciable figures upon renewal of lease property resulting in an accurate entry into Company Master file.

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 5

  • Increased accuracy of accounts receivable over four weeks by 40% while decreasing the number of extensions by 50%.
  • Reduced backlogs in accounts payable, reconciling all items within 7 days.
  • Acted as mentor to interns by developing relatedness with students, improving their presentation skills through group projects, and supporting individual growth with administrative tasks.
  • Developed objectives for office efficiency; installed software programs to enhance productivity and raised computer literacy of staff members.
  • Controlled material expenditures; found ways to reduce postage expenses during heavy mail season with same level of customer service.

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 6

  • Achieved 19% increase in billing rate for organization by addressing customers’ billing inquiries and resolving their concerns.
  • Provided accounting solutions to an overseas division to help reconcile discrepancies between general ledgers, trial balances, monthly reports, and sales invoices.
  • Exceeded quota of $125k by obtaining $180k in new business; recognized for outstanding performance by Investment Officer.
  • Assisted regional vice president with annual budget preparation; created spreadsheet models utilizing Microsoft Excel skills.
  • Presented findings on debt collection methods which were adopted company-wide; implemented procedures that reestablished nearly $400k unrecoverable debt as collectible accounts receivable within six months.

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 7

  • Effectively and efficiently maintained debtor aging and account receivable records; able to process up to 200 errors per day.
  • Proficient in the following accounting software: Resource Central; Complete; F15 (income statement, balance sheet, trial balance); Lacerte (journal entries).
  • Formulated new procedures for data entry and accounts payable payment processing.
  • Initiated daily cash management reports which identified abnormal account activity for expedited review by supervisors.
  • Managed a team of 5 accounting clerks performing accounts payable functions including check runs, duplicate deposit reporting, invoicing, general ledger postings, and book balancing.

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 8

  • Organized, re-organized, and updated over 150 client files according to professional accounting records management guidelines.
  • Implemented a streamlined process that reduced billing errors from 2% of revenue to .35%. As a result, yearly billing increased by 25%.
  • Identified critical payment issues with a national oil company involving financial data inaccuracies. This resulted in the recovery of $2 million for one year’s worth of past due billings.
  • Promoted as a result of my commitment to work efficiently and enthusiastically under stressful deadlines despite having partial deafness since youth.
  • Achieved new levels of customer satisfaction as an Accounting Team Lead; empowered employees through delegating tasks, training employees on new responsibilities, and ensuring that goals are met.

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 9

  • Managed the day-to-day activities of a successful law firm by performing all tasks with exceptional attention to detail in an accurate, efficient, and friendly manner.
  • Interviewed in Japanese for international manufacturing company.
  • Trained staff members on new accounting software applications.
  • Improved productivity through streamlining internal processes by developing customized standard forms, generated new reports to monitor departmental performance against budget projections.
  • Prepared financial statements for banking institutions in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 10

  • Tracked and updated computer reports for department budget reports.
  • Recalculated budgets to remedy misinformation in course-correcting course of action.
  • Implemented “staff shrinkage” cost saving policy, resulting in $18,000 savings in one year.
  • Readied ten audits for review by Supervisor; discovered and yielded additional $30,000 monthly revenue stream.
  • Completed financial audit training and allowed access to sensitive data and information to prevent exposure to risk.

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 11

  • Tracked, reconciled, prepared journal entries, and reviewed accounts payable/receivable for ten branch locations.
  • Prepared personal income tax for eleven years using 1040-EZ forms with all schedules.
  • Double checked entry of 30 page financial statement after assisting management in preparation.
  • Paired down to four pages an editing instructions document from 37 pages. This manual allowed all new employees to complete tasks according to established procedures within first week of hire.
  • Wrote current asset inventory policy that included monthly status reports, guidelines for computer access and backup procedures.

Accounting Specialist Resume Sample 12

  • Detected and investigated fraudulent activity by finding significant disparities between financial statements and bank reconciliations.
  • Investigated property valuation discrepancies for a major corporation.
  • Reconciled accounts payable to verify that all transactions were classified correctly, paid on time, and accounted for accurately.
  • Prepared consolidated financial statements from the group’s general ledger in a timely manner.
  • Resolved client inquiries regarding transactions within a client-fiscal quarter, saving client expenses and avoiding delayed reporting deadlines.

Wrap Up

To work as an Accounting Specialist, an Associate’s degree, or a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or equivalent is required. Also, prior work experience is preferred. To succeed as an Accounting Specialist, it is essential to have excellent written skills, communication skills, attention to detail, research skills, math skills, integrity, and interpersonal skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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