Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample

Subrogation Specialists are responsible for identifying legal liabilities and pursues, negotiates and settles subrogation collections. Their duties include investigating claims, negotiating settlements, initiating requests for reimbursement, meeting or exceeding team recovery performance goals, complying with departmental policies and providing recommendations for next steps.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Subrogation Specialist Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Subrogation Specialist resumes for your reference.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 1

  • Restored and collected $5.6 million for client companies and victims of wrongful acts by researching complex third-party insurance claims data.
  • Developed a tenfold increase in collections to company average through targeted lead generation from property casualty, healthcare, and employee benefits industries.
  • Achieved the Subrogation Manager’s Award for high-quality production standards during eight consecutive years.
  • Proven track record of efficient customer service as a liaison between insured people, legal professionals, insurance companies, law enforcement officers, and medical providers.
  • Secured complete satisfaction from clients through excellence in quality assurance standards for all assigned tasks to ensure effective solutions at top work performance levels.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 2

  • Successfully mediated complex claims against local physician’s offices for health insurance companies based on federal regulation mandates.
  • Collected over $500,000 in debts resulting from lawsuits filed against collection agencies.
  • Effectively pursued debtors for outstanding hospital bills by tactfully appealing to their consciences, negotiating with creditors, and threatening legal action.
  • Received the “Award of Excellence” for turning an average performance into a model performance after 2 weeks or training in district office procedures.
  • Obtained successful financial restitution for all clients referred to me by my supervisor.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 3

  • Submitted subrogation requests within established guidelines.
  • Negotiated settlements with third party claimants resulting in savings of over $55,000 to company.
  • Supervised the daily activity for 12 claims adjusters and 15 clerical staff members.
  • Oversaw grievance hearings by telephonic or personal appearance before judges, juries, arbitrators, mediators, or administrative law judges.
  • Investigated complex property damage claims to establish liability and assess damages; assisted management in evaluating the effectiveness of claim handling methods including settlement offers negotiations.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 4

  • Submitted an average of 60% of assigned claims within company guidelines and timeframes.
  • Received a performance award for submitting the highest percentage of assigned claims within company guidelines and timeframes.
  • Resolved 80% of assigned inquiries by researching pertinent information, identifying coverage under different policies, recommending next steps, or drafting correspondence to insurance carriers.
  • Awarded a customer service certificate from an internal committee for establishing positive rapport with claimants and vendors through clear communication abilities; received three letters of appreciation regarding business development skills.
  • Collaborated with internal services providers in order to reduce cycle times on assignments; submitted files containing verifiable information within agreed-upon guidelines.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 5

  • Verified, expedited, and evaluated data concerning subrogation rights for accident claims.
  • Collected payments on behalf of insurance companies with outstanding subrogation cases.
  • Prepared court orders to seize assets for defaulting judgment-debtors who had not made payments within the specified time period.
  • Investigated accidents to verify fault by collecting evidence from parties involved in vehicle accidents or incidents involving property damage or bodily harm.
  • Negotiated with debtors whose liability was questionable by offering monetary settlement agreements instead of referring liabilities to courts for litigation proceedings.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 6

  • Captured incalculable premiums for company by developing expertise in subrogation, negotiating claims against insurance companies.
  • Reduced company’s outstanding receivables by 20% through efforts to recover money due from bad debt accounts.
  • Periodically briefed executives on the status of underwriting, collection, and recovery practices within assigned units.
  • Recovered millions of dollars for the state’s compensation fund by analyzing claim data and implementing auditing procedures to ensure that all cases are processed according to governing laws.
  • Negotiated with attorneys representing claimants to reach settlements without litigation; realized direct savings to clients through reduced expenditures on legal fees.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 7

  • Enforce and track third party recoveries.
  • Resolved over $8 million in insurance claims for varying policy types, including automobile, home owner’s, and umbrella policies.
  • Compiled and analyzed the outstanding balance on each account to assure collection was maximized.
  • Directly interacted with diverse individuals to develop working relationships for an excellent customer service experience; obtained necessary information from accounts to complete subrogation aspect of claim.
  • Interpreted complex contractual agreements as well as legal statutes as related to multiple state laws so as to efficiently resolve discrepancies; effectively negotiated with financial institutions and other entities who owed money for insurance claims.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 8

  • Negotiated $70,000 in recoveries for the company form just one claim; recovered $165,000 total for my company.
  • Detected fraudulent claim activity at an insurance agency causing my supervisor to terminate the relationship. This termination led to a mini-suit that was settled out of court with outside legal counsel retained by the opposing firm’s CEO.
  • Trained survey team to review medical records and identify potential subrogation targets amongst unreported injuries exceeding $500,000 in value.
  • Mentored trainees towards success on Case Studies requiring coding knowledge, clinical expertise, general health practices, device maintenance protocols, and coding guidelines from physician offices.
  • Successfully supervised the subrogation of $50,000 for one physician alone; successfully subrogated another $200,000 after training finalized.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 9

  • Protected a global customer’s interests from approximately $16,000 of losses sustained during Hurricane Katrina by working with Risk Control to review procedures and policies that were in place prior the hurricane.
  • Acted as liaison between auditors and colleagues after forming an interdepartmental team to conduct a damage assessment relating to water intrusion caused by a faulty drain line at a business property.
  • Collaborated with legal department for the enforcement of rights under insurance policies totaling over $150,000 in claims payments.
  • Helped deliver phenomenal cost savings through thorough examination of commercial operations including fire safety systems, cleaning services, and utilities resulting in a decrease of expenses exceeding $15,000 annually.
  • Fostered a positive working environment by resolving conflicts between attorneys and employees relating to the processing of subrogation claims.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 10

  • Assisted insurance agents and policyholders to find the best settlement possible for various types of claims.
  • Composed letters to claimants, lawyers, and doctors, offering fair settlement options within specific guidelines.
  • Closed cases in most efficient manner by communicating with all parties involved and carefully following up on all aspects of the case.
  • Recover millions of dollars for my agency by maximizing subrogation opportunities and resolving disputed situations quickly.
  • Streamlined procedures by preparing files using computer software; finished work early or covered for others during absences.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 11

  • Contributed to the recovery of over 1.5 million dollars in subrogation claims after research, negotiation, and preparedness for litigation
  • Identified trends toward risk management by recognizing opportunities for company expansion within managed markets.
  • Discovered an error in policy maintenance that allowed the company to receive a refund of over 15 thousand dollars on premiums paid.
  • Provided potential clients with relevant information about covered risks during their initial contact at trade exhibitions.
  • Tripled database records after highly developed record keeping systems were implemented.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 12

  • Utilized MS Office programs to compile, revise, and verify over 1,000 subrogation files.
  • Refined insurance policies through evaluation of coverage options for clients whose property was damaged homogeneous goods stolen by the insured.
  • Ethically collected damages according to state regulations; researched legal precedents to clarify ambiguities in judicial decisions affecting cases presented to judges.
  • Accurately executed insurance settlement terms negotiated with legal representatives of opposing parties while adhering to company regulations.
  • Exceeded sales goals by securing accounts receivable in excess of $1,000,000 per month; recognized by District Manager for outstanding performance.

Subrogation Specialist Resume Sample 13

  • Convinced lawyers and clients to settle cases earlier in the process; decreased case retention costs by 20% over 6 months.
  • Negotiated 50% premium refunds on 2 claims, saving $15,000 for my company; reduced litigation expenses by 25%.
  • Won a judgment to recover over $135,000 from a third party insurance company for a client who had been injured in an accident.
  • Restructured an automobile claim after advising the client on policy exclusion errors; eliminated entire claim debt eliminating all future liability.
  • Resolved complex case involving injury of five victims to zero dollars out-of-pocket expense for one corporation with underfunded workers compensation benefits.

Wrap Up

To work as a Subrogation Specialist you’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree and experience in the field. Subrogation Specialists must demonstrate organization, teamwork, clear communication, excellent customer service, investigative skills, self motivation and efficiency to be successful.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.

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