Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample

Sales Tax Accountants provide tax-related services, such as ensuring that businesses pay the correct amount of sales tax to the government. Their duties include revising company tax statements, reconciling sales to the tax rate, preparing payments, analyzing state and federal tax laws, filing the company’s taxes, implementing tax accounting policies, and analyzing tax-related issues.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Sales Tax Accountant Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Sales Tax Accountant resumes for your reference.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 1

  • Facilitated the preparation, completion and retention of individual income tax returns for clients.
  • Created statistical analysis reports for new businesses.
  • Portrayed a positive outlook for expansion of current account in order to expand profit margins.
  • Determined favorable opportunities for expenses reduction on account to offset losses of revenue.
  • Recognized opportunity to improve profitability by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and streamlining the process.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 2

  • Provided on-site visitations for clients to ensure accuracy of sales tax filing.
  • Assessed and implemented accountantship skills from junior to senior accountant.
  • Adhered to strict deadlines and directives while maintaining smooth office relations with diverse staff.
  • Implemented process improvements by revising financial forms, capitalizing on new software, and mentoring junior staff to advance career goals.
  • Refute fraudulent claims through critical analysis of customer claims, vendors’ invoices, taxes, schedules A & C returns; efficiently completed case for Internal Revenue Service audit.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 3

  • Managed and maintained accurate, timely financial accounting records for one of the largest local government agencies in the state.
  • Fostered and maintained staff teamwork, self-motivation and productivity through motivational, educational, and competitive contests.
  • Advised and contributed to management decisions through data analysis of financial statements, payroll reports and other business operations data.
  • Participated in national tax seminars to educate on the latest IRS regulations. Preparing accurate tax returns for clients.
  • Developed a web site for potential clients using information found by referencing old tax forms.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 4

  • Adeptly provided superior tax support to home owners, businesses, and government offices.
  • Richly contributed to the success of sales tax audits through timely, accurate analysis wherein positive results became evident.
  • Selflessly educated and assisted customers on the diverse nature of state sales tax laws.
  • Privately crafted and distributed manuals to assist in accounting for state and federal excise taxes on items such as fuel, tobacco, and liquor.
  • Helped an organization amass over $100 million annually in sales tax revenue; recognized for superior performance by the organization’s CEO.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 5

  • Processed over 140,000 tax transactions.
  • Audited a small business in order to ascertain appropriate use of sales tax exemptions.
  • Enforced compliance with reporting laws by sending notices and setting up payment plans for vendors who had not filed their sales tax returns on time.
  • Formulated and revised policies and procedures to reflect new guidelines in the field of sales tax accounting.
  • Collaborated with state auditors to collect over $25,000 in unpaid sales taxes from businesses in the same industry.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 6

  • Voted “Top Sales Representative” in a local wholesale distributor’s annual sales award program.
  • Took pride in working at a young and growing firm that has experienced more than $120mm in merger and acquisition activity over the past year.
  • Demonstrated “Customer Excellence” by receiving the firm’s 3rd consecutive client referral award.
  • Reviewed, prepared, and filed over 200 referential service tax returns for clients with gross receipts of over $2mm per year.
  • Assisted the firm with preparation of three IRS reports annually and successfully settled one audit return at an adjusted tax of less than $6000.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 7

  • Designed and implemented system which reduced compliance costs by 10% while remaining within the guidelines of state tax authorities.
  • Coordinated departmental responsibilities among six agencies to ensure consistency, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • Performed cost analysis with respect to pricing strategies in a highly competitive environment.
  • Effectively managed department budgets in order to ensure financial health for the company.
  • Analyzed data across multiple departments to understand company operation, identify problems, recommend solutions, and develop recommendations for improvement.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 8

  • Effectively prepared and provided sales tax reports to clients and managers.
  • Achieved an audit rate of less than 1 percent by maximizing my knowledge of clients’ operations and needs.
  • Effectively met deadlines; completed assigned jobs on time by meeting with client representatives, staying late, and working weekends to meet project due dates.
  • Received appreciation award for outstanding performance; recognized for my efforts in preparing clients’ sales tax reports with complete accuracy.
  • Met operating budgets when tasked with analyzing client’s quarterly taxes by completing projects early and under budget.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 9

  • an advanced tax system for a company with over $5 million in sales; audited, coded and posted accounts.
  • Achieved a breakthrough in the evolution of client billing by reducing fees from $85 per ticket to $15.
  • Upheld standard in corporate earnings by having all receipts totaled accurately each night after meetings, trainings and while commuting.
  • Met monthly quotas consistently; averaged 60 tickets daily; targeted average of 10 tickets per hour.
  • Affirmed exemplary loyalty with workers by extending extra effort to cover one’s shift while taking only 1 hour lunch break daily.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 10

  • Developed internal system of classification and installation-tree report preparation for potential tax audit settlements; developed specific procedures to provide accurate computerized invoice, account receivable, and sales tax reports.
  • Supervised special projects as necessary to maintain accurate records and documentation.
  • Won award for exceeding industry standard for filing tax returns on time & in an accurate manner; worked with technical staff to ensure complete & correct administration of E&O insurance.
  • Determined source of income discrepancies by reviewing year’s business activity records.
  • Cleared earnings for possible tax liabilities during review of x amount of checks unaccounted for by Risk Management Division.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 11

  • Reconciled original cost, repair and maintenance, mileage, and depreciation schedules.
  • Performed the audit duties on a client’s accounting system to verify accounting information and generate reports.
  • Collaborated with a client’s external auditor to determine appropriate audit procedures for the client’s environment.
  • Established effective working relationship with a client’s senior auditors in an effort to improve their understanding of the clients accounting functions.
  • Drafted quarterly checks to ensure proper handling of accounts receivable transactions.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 12

  • Created accounts with a high degree of accuracy and detail by use of computerized data bases.
  • Analyzed statistics, performed journal entries/checks/balances, and prepared financial statements for ad valorem taxes.
  • Enacted techniques to improve sales tax compliance during eight years of employment at different locations.
  • Accomplished training requirements and achieved new goals, both personal and professional, while traveling extensively on business.
  • Established relationships with people in public positions of authority, resulting in lifelong friendships that continue to the present day.

Sales Tax Accountant Resume Sample 13

  • Calculated and tracked 50,000 income tax exemptions for families and individuals.
  • Averaged an accurate $9.7 million daily discharge of sales tax liabilities.
  • Maintained a record of sales tax compliance through the effortless process of data retrieval and compiling information from multiple sources; maintained the efficiency of accounts payable procedures.
  • Accurately matched orders to invoices, resulting in a monthly average of $1 million sales taxes paid in timely fashion.
  • Attained on-time weekly disbursement percentages within 98% accuracy; effectively processed payments in a timely manner, thus preventing overpayments or underpayments.

Wrap Up

To work as one, a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is required. Sales Tax Accountants must demonstrate knowledge on how to use Excel, have strong math and communication skills, and must be analytical, team players, critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and detail-oriented.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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